Train2Game news: Peter Molyneux and others on how to be a successful indie developer

Train2Game students can get some great advice on how to be a successful indie developer by listening to the latest GamesIndustry International podcast.

The podcast features four industry professionals, including Peter Molyneuxa man who has recently returned to indie development after leaving Lionhead and Microsoft to found 22 Cans. The Fable creator was among the Train2Game student mentors at last month’s Make Something Unreal Live contest.

Head of Hello Games and creator of Joe Danger, Sean Murray also provides advice on how to be successful as an indie, while co-founder of Facebook game developer Bossa Studios, Henrique Olifiers, also offers insights.

Tom Page, founder of new studio PLA is also on-hand to give tips on how to be a successful indie. There’s more about PLA here on The Train2Game Blog.

The GamesIndustry International podcast can be downloaded from iTunes here, and is sure to be worth a listen for Train2Game students.  Also worth a listen, is this recent Irrational Interview in which Bioshock Creative Director Ken Levine talks game design with Uncharted writer Amy Hennig.

As usual, leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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