Train2Game News: Darksiders II development influenced by fan feedback

Darksiders II development has been influenced by community feedback of the original game. That’s according to Vigil Games creative manager Jeremy Greiner, who says fan reaction to Darksiders has played an important role.

“As a creative manager, my primary role is to bring community feedback and sentiment into the design process, and speaking about improvements, that’s a pretty easy one to tackle.” he told Shadowlocked.

“ The first would be that a lot of gamers were disappointed they didn’t get to use Ruin – the horse – from the outset of Darksiders I, you pretty much got him halfway through the game. So, in Darksiders II you start the game on Despair, it plays a big role in a lot of missions and quests.”

“Another thing we heard about Darksiders I was that there was a fair amount of backtracking.” Greiner continued.

“So we put systems in place just to mitigate that issue, so a lot of dungeon design has you finishing where you started so you don’t have to backtrack through the whole dungeon. A lot of zones have different places you can port from so you can get around.” said the Relic creative manager.

Relic use a number of methods to get feedback from players, including reading comments on both their own forums and the comment sections of websites

“It’s all about data-gathering and getting those opinions in. We go to the forums, our own forums, we go to websites out there and check through comment threads. There’s all different ways to find it and typically things bubble up that should bubble up and it isn’t hard for us to spot them.” said Greiner.

Community creations will actually appear in Darksiders II, thanks to a design a weapon contest. Meanwhile, Jeremy Greiner recently offered advice on getting into the industry.

There’s more Darksiders II news here on The Train2Game Blog.

What are your thoughts on Vigil Games taking onboard community feedback for Darksiders II? Do you think it’s something all game developers need to actively do?

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