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Train2Game News Betmedia eSports portal


The world of eSport and gaming is growing as Betmedia have got in on the action.

Betmedia, the supplier of online services based on sports information, announced today that it is launching Gaming eSports, a new portal devoted to the world of electronic sports.

This website will operate as an information platform focusing on the new digital pastime that has become a veritable craze amongst young people. Users will be able to discover all of the latest news regarding national and international eSports, as well as gaining access to up-to-date information regarding tournaments, not to mention feature articles and debates. They will also be able to view recorded broadcasts of their favorite games.

In the words of Daniel Fernández, the CEO and co-founder of Betmedia, “the creation of Gaming eSports is the company’s strategic initiative within the eSports sector and our first step in this line of business, which we hope will be highly prolific given the strong projection of this business in the Spanish-speaking world”.

Electronic sports constitute a mass phenomenon that encompasses some nine million people. eSports are currently witnessing an unprecedented degree of growth and development.

Based on new technologies, the potential of the social media and online broadcasting platforms such as Twitch, these sports have already achieved record audience figures that surpass those of the leading TV channels in the United States. According to recent studies, the World Finals of the “League of Legends” achieved an audience figure of 27 million viewers, whilst the DotA2 International achieved 20 million, far surpassing the Finals of the NBA and the Baseball World Series.

According to the specialized consultant, Newzoo, in 2014 there were a total of 205 million online players throughout the world in the different games and competitions that currently exist, featuring audiences that accounted for 3.7 billion viewing hours.

Train2Game News Autodesk Stingray


A new games engine was announced from the creators of Maya and 3DS Max.

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Europe 2015, Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK) announced that its new Stingray game engine will be available to game developers worldwide beginning August 19, 2015. Later this summer, Autodesk will also offer Autodesk Maya LT Desktop Subscription customers access to Autodesk Stingray as part of their subscription.

Built on the powerful, data-driven architecture of the Bitsquid engine, which Autodesk acquired in 2014, Stingray is a comprehensive new platform for making 3D games. The engine supports a host of industry-standard game development workflows and includes powerful connectivity to Autodesk 3D animation software that simplifies game development across a wide range of platforms.

“Between Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the proliferation of mobile platforms, the games industry is undergoing a major transition, which poses new complexities for both AAA and indie game developers. Autodesk developed Stingray with these challenges in mind, and we’re excited to share its debut with the game developer community,” said Autodesk senior vice president, Media & Entertainment, Chris Bradshaw. “Stingray makes it easy and intuitive for artists with varying skill sets and programming expertise to create the next generation of 3D blockbuster games, entertainment and even architecture.”

Stingray feature highlights include:

– Seamless Art-to-Engine Workflow: Import, create, iterate, test and review 3D assets and gameplay faster with a one-click workflow and live link between Stingray and Autodesk 3D animation software.

– Modern Data-Driven Architecture: A lightweight code base gives game developers the freedom to make significant changes to the engine and renderer without requiring source code access.

– Advanced Visuals and Rendering: Produce visually stunning games with a powerful rendering pipeline, physically-based shading, advanced particle effects, post processed visual effects, lightmap baking and a high-performance reflection system

– Proven Creative Toolset: Stingray includes proven solutions like Beast, HumanIK, Navigation, Scaleform Studio (UI technology built on Scaleform), FBX, Audiokinetic Wwise and NVIDIA PhysX.

– Versatile Game Logic Creation: Stingray includes a wide range of development tools, making game creation more accessible for game makers with varying levels of experience – including visual node-based-scripting and Lua scripting. C++ source code will also be available as an additional purchase upon request.

– Multiplatform Deployment and Testing: Quickly make and apply changes to gameplay and visuals across supported platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8, Oculus Rift DevKit 2, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

Autodesk previewed Stingray at GDC 2015 earlier this year in San Francisco. Since then, game developers around the world have signed up for Autodesk’s beta program, shipped games using this technology and provided feedback including:

“Stingray’s data-driven architecture and flexibility have helped us build a broad portfolio of games, and quick iteration times for both code and content creators has boosted our productivity significantly. The engine has been a key success factor for us because we’re able to produce high quality games in a shortened timeframe. We’re excited to see how Autodesk will continue to evolve the engine,” shared Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark.

“We never know what kind of games we’re going to create, and the engine is good for that. It really allows us to just make anything. We can make an FPS or an RTS, or a top-down shooter, or a role-playing game, or whatever. It’s not tied to a specific genre,” explained Johan Pilestedt, CEO, Arrowhead Game Studios.

The Stingray engine can also be used in design environments and is an informative next step to further understand design data before anything is physically built. The engine’s real-time digital environment, on a powerful, data-driven architecture, is programmed to look and feel like the physical world. Through the high-end development tools and visual scripting system, customers can program objects, light effects, environmental elements, materials, and entourage elements to behave and react as they would in the physical world.

Connected to Autodesk 3ds Max, architecture, engineering and construction customers can import Autodesk Revit data into 3ds Max, add content to the 3ds Max scene and then place that scene in the Stingray engine to explore, animate, and interact in the designed space.

Autodesk Stingray runs on Windows and will be available via Autodesk Subscription starting August 19, 2015 for $30 US MSRP per month.

Later this summer, Autodesk plans to offer Maya LT Desktop Subscription customers access to the engine as part of Maya LT. For more details about Stingray, visit: www.autodesk.com/stingrayengine

Train2Game News UK Top 20 Games – 03.08.15

Lego Jurrasic WorldLEGO Dinosaurs have taken over… the charts number one spot as LEGO Jurassic World is back at number one with the caped crusader is second with Batman: Arkham Knight. No new games have entered the charts this week again.

All formats

Week ending 1 August 2015

13 WWE 2K15 2K SPORTS 14
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Train2Game News Derp Studios developing for Games Workshop


Train2Game student studio Derp Studios has teamed up with Games Workshop to create a companion app for the popular tabletop game, Warhammer 40k.

Derp Studios Ltd is proud to announce the signing of an agreement with THE revolutionary fantasy and sci-fi tabletop wargaming pioneers, Games Workshop, to develop and launch the Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App for Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8 mobile devices.

The Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App app is a must have for all fans of ‘Warhammer 40,000’ (7th Edition) and is based upon the tactical objective cards used in the ‘Maelstrom of War Missions’. The app will feature all 36 tactical objective cards, as well as providing support for each of the 6 Maelstrom of War Missions. In addition, users will be offered in-app purchases allowing players to add the faction deck of their choice.

As an added bonus, the new ‘Cities of Death’ tactical objectives and missions that were revealed in issues 47 and 48 of the Warhammer magazine, White Dwarf, will also be included in the App Store price!

The Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App will be available for purchase via Apple, Android and Windows 8 mobile app stores in Q3 2015, with an initial SRP of GBP £4.99/EUR €5.99/USD $6.99/CAD $6.99. Additional In-app purchases for faction specific tactical objectives will have an SRP of GBP £2.49/EUR €3.59/ USD $3.99/CAD $3.99 each.

“We are truly thrilled to be an officially licensed Games Workshop developer. We’re a small team with a real passion for Warhammer 40,000. We designed the app so all players can have the chance to own a tactical objectives deck for their faction, without the worry and frustration of them selling out, due to high demand” commented Chris Ledger, CEO and Lead Designer, Derp Studios Ltd.

“We are very excited to have developed the first official Warhammer 40,000 hobby support app!”

To request more information on the Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App , please contact Chris Ledger at Derp Studios Ltd (contact@derpstudios.com )

    Website: www.derpstudios.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/derpstudios
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/derpstudios
    Tumblr: http://derpstudios.tumblr.com

Train2Game News Mobilize your games


iQU Group today announced the launch of its new outfit, Mobilize, focused exclusively on the mobile games market to help developers self-publish successful mobile titles, engage players and operate profitable games.

In a crowded, confusing market, Mobilize gets involved in the development process early to offer a holistic, bespoke go-to-market and growth strategy with scalable products and solutions. Led by mobile games guru, Oliver Kern, the Mobilize team is already working with established developers such as Hutch Games, Mind Candy and more… and will be rolling out additional services in the coming weeks.

“In today’s saturated mobile games market it’s very important for developers to not only make a great game but to also create a viable strategy to soft-launch, launch, run and monetize their game properly”, said Oliver Kern, the group’s VP and Chief Mobilizer. He continued “There is a lot of noise with too many companies claiming to provide the silver bullet in terms of player acquisition or analytics or some other such service. However, a game is successful when many factors work in harmony. In a nutshell, our goal with Mobilize is to help developers understand all the levers of launching a successful game and maximizing their opportunity when self-publishing their titles. We want to start working with them early on in a project to help create a cohesive strategy for launch, promotion and live operation that will benefit the life and commercial viability of the game”.

iQU Group’s founder and board member, Reinout te Brake, said, “We are very proud to announce the launch of Mobilize as a new addition to the group. For over 5 years, iQU has been helping games developers and publishers increase the value of their games by providing solutions that extend and maximize the player life-time and value of their marketing spend. The current games landscape is extremely complex, with small teams having to master technical, creative, analytical, tactical, marketing and industry knowledge to be successful. With Mobilize we have brought together an experienced, world-class team to help clients navigate this landscape and increase their probability of success.”      
Mobilize services include campaign management, soft-launch management and data analysis, channel expansion to help mobile developers reach every relevant channel, regardless of studio size, and country management to execute international marketing campaigns in French, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and English.

For further information on Mobilize, please visit: www.mobilizemygame.com

Train2Game News PLAY Margate 2015


Margate is hosting a gaming event for lovers of the virtual worlds. Featuring retro games, competitive gaming and an attempt at perfect Pac-man.

Introducing PLAY Margate, a brand new summer event celebrating all aspects of gaming. Held in partnership with leading gaming specialists Replay Events who are responsible for staging some of the UK’s biggest video gaming shows, PLAY Margate will feature a whole host of video gaming-related treats.

From retro gaming and classic arcade cabinets to indie games and some of the most modern PC and console games, PLAY Margate is a true celebration of gaming both old and new. Lifelong gamers and newcomers alike can enjoy a show that goes beyond traditional games with tournaments, cosplay contests, merchandise traders and two awesome after parties (adults only) run by GamerDisco that will mix gaming, music and live entertainment to inevitably exciting effect.

Other highlights of the event include ‘The Ring’ a 16 screen gaming carousel hosting both casual and competitive head-to-head LAN gaming on some of the best ‘FPS’ and driving games of recent times. As well as this, the Video Game Carnival will bring the quirkier side of gaming to PLAY Margate with sideshows such as Lazer Pong, first person Scalextric and giant Gameboys to enjoy.

Also world champion Jon Stoodley will be attempting a perfect game of Pac-Man live at the show. Having only been achieved by one other person, the infamous Billy Mitchell, this will be a monumental effort and he is dedicating his attempt in aid of the charity Bright Red and you can find his donation page here: www.justgiving.com/Jon-Stoodley/

Finally, the cornerstone of the show is the Replay Ages and Celebrations Zone where there will be over 100 computers and consoles showcasing some of the very best games and genres from the past 40 years including Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, Star Wars and Lego.

PLAY Margate runs from Friday August 21st –August 23rd at The Winter Gardens, Margate
For more information please go to the following links.
Tickets on sale here: www.playmargate.com/tickets/
Website: www.playmargate.com

Train2Game News Peterborough hosts CityLAN event


Peterborough is set to be transformed into a mecca for UK gamers this August as 20,000 people descend on the inaugural  CityLAN event in the city, featuring some of the biggest stars in European gaming.

Held at the ABAX Stadium (home to Peterborough Football club) and Future Business Centre the event will feature key players in the European Gaming League (EGL) and UbiSoft Lead Game Designer Tim Browne (currently developing the new Assassin’s Creed Syndicate), who will join via video link from France to deliver a keynote address.

Other attendees include renowned Peterborough e-Gamer Ash Dubh who has close to 500,000 YouTube subscribers and Dr Mata Haggis, Professor of Creative and Entertainment Games at Breda University of Applies Sciences in The Netherlands.

There will also be a strong focus on careers in technology, with an active push to engage with students and younger people. Local organisation Digital People in Peterborough (DPiP) will be using hardware from robotics firm Arduino to teach visitors how to build a robot as part of this section of the event. There will be further talks and Q&As on computing, app design and development and wearable technology.

With a exhibitors, gamers and attendees alike expected to gobble through terabytes of data between August 20th and 23rd, CityLAN is being powered by four dedicated, pure fibre gigabit speed network connections provided by  CityFibre. The connections are part of CityFibre’s recently completed 90km network installation in Peterborough called the Peterborough CORE.

Along with hundreds of gaming demos, live play sessions and high profile exhibits, all reliant on a strong network connection, live gaming sessions, streamed speaker slots and demonstrations will be live-streamed to a big screen in Cathedral Square in Peterborough city centre and around the world.

Both CityLAN and CityFibre have worked in close partnership and consultation to ensure the network is able to support all the demands of running an event that is amongst the most data hungry in the world. An experienced team of engineers will closely monitor the connections throughout the event.

Terry Harris, Director at CityLAN said: “Bringing an event of this size to Peterborough is massively exciting. Some of the names attending are superstars in their own right and there is a huge appetite from the British gaming community to attend.

“Having CityFibre as a partner is something we are most thankful for – as many gamers know exceptional Internet and ultra-low latency is a must and with so many people in attendance a robust connection is one of  the most important ingredient to CityLANs success. We’re confident all our attendees – from gamers to those watching key note addresses from overseas will enjoy a high quality experience throughout.”

CityFibre City Development Manager, Andrew Starnes added: “ We’ve been turning Peterborough into a ‘Gigabit City’ and the response we’ve had from local businesses shows just how digitally focused this region is. We’re very proud to be able to bring these dedicated lines, which will provide some of the fastest speeds in the world, to the CityLAN event to ensure it’s a true Gigabit Games.”

To find out more and book tickets go to http://www.citylan.co.uk/live/

Train2Game News GameSessions teams with SEGA


The GameSessions service has teamed up with SEGA to bring you some of the biggest games to try before you buy.

SEGA Europe Ltd., a leading video games publisher, today announced that it is partnering with GameSessions, the service which allows users to download full games quickly and play for free before purchasing, by making key titles available for a free trial and for renting.

Critically acclaimed titles, representing a cross-section of SEGA’s diverse portfolio will be eligible, starting with Football Manager 2015, Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault, Sonic Generation and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. Giving users the opportunity to try for free will allow new players and audiences the opportunity to play these titles first before committing to buy.

As part of the agreement, each title will also be available for rental. Users will be able to utilise an in-game option at any point during their free trial to rent the game, offering more time to try before deciding whether to purchase.

“Partnering with GameSessions gives us access to a delivery mechanism we’ve not previously had access to and allows players the unique opportunity to try SEGA products before purchasing,” said Peter Chan, Business Development Director – Technology and Services at SEGA Europe Ltd. “The partnership will allow SEGA to reach more players in emerging markets such as Brazil and Mexico, where there are a large number of committed PC gamers and this represents a fantastic opportunity to reach new players and audiences.”

“We are delighted to have SEGA on board with such high quality games,” said Ed French, CEO of GameSessions. “GameSessions’ unique technologies let you start playing sooner, benchmark your hardware against available releases, and then let you purchase instantly whilst keeping your saved progress right through to receiving the final Steam copy. Our experience is that quality content like SEGA’s will encourage many trials and subsequently, monetize strongly.”

For more information about GameSessions, visit www.gamesessions.com

Train2Game News Legends of Gaming Live


Legends of gaming live is being held in London in September giving gamers a chance to meet some of the biggest YouTube stars.

Visitors to Legends of the Gaming Live, London’s biggest gaming event taking place at Alexandra Palace on 4-6 September, will have the chance become Guinness World Records title holders in the newly-announced Syndicate and Ali-A Zones.

The Syndicate Guinness World Records Zone will give visitors the chance to attempt a new world record (title to be announced). Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Syndicate will attempt to achieve the minimum score and over the course of the weekend gamers can try and beat this.

Those at the top of the leader board will be invited back at the end of the session to be officially adjudicated by Guinness World Records and possibly walk away as the new world record holder.

Specialising in Call of Duty and Minecraft, Syndicate has 8.5 million subscribers and has racked up over 1.5 billion views to his channel.

The Ali-A Guinness World Records Zone is also offering gamers the chance to take on Ali-A’s new Minecraft record which is one of the ten new and exclusive Minecraft challenges that appear in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2016 (out September 10).

Visitors can attempt ‘Most wood collected in one minute’ and those who find themselves at the top of the leaderboard will be invited back at the end of each session for an official attempt.

Also specialising in Call of Duty and Minecraft, Ali-A has 5.5 million subscribers and over 1 billion views.

Event organisers will release more details about the challenges ahead closer to the show giving gamers plenty of time to hone their skills. Keep up to date by signing up to the mailing list or keep an eye on the event website: www.legendsofgaming.co.uk

Guinness World Records will also have a stand at the show, letting lucky gamers have a sneak preview of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2016 and enjoy an exclusive pre-order offer. The world-leading record experts will be on stage at the event, supervising gameplay between YouTube stars to make sure no potential new world records go missed.

“We’re thrilled to be part of a show involving so much awesome talent,” said Stephen Daultrey, Editor of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition. “On top of that we’re really looking forward to gamers being able to take on their favourite YouTubers and become part of gaming history – anyone can get involved, we welcome all comers to try and claim their place in the next edition of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition!”

At the inaugural show, top gaming personalities from YouTube including Syndicate, Wroetoshaw, Calfreezy, Dan TDM, AshleyMarieeGaming and Ali-A will be taking each other on in epic head-to-head matchups as well as meeting and greeting fans, all alongside a number of exclusive first plays and special event discounts.

A range of amazing titles will be playable on the show floor, with exhibitors so far including Nintendo, 2K Games, Konami, GAME, Razer, ASUS, YoYo Tech, GT Omega and Turtle Beach. A whole host of awesome giveaways, competitions and tournaments will also be taking place throughout the weekend.

For their chance to be part of gaming history and meet their ultimate YouTube stars, gamers can buy tickets at http://www.legendsofgaming.co.uk/

Train2Game News Fallout Shelter coming to Android


One of the most popular iOS games is coming to Android in August. Get ready to build your vault.

Bethesda are pleased to announce that Fallout Shelter™, the first-ever mobile game set in the celebrated Fallout® universe, will be available worldwide for FREE on Google Play for Android devices on 13th August.

The game will also include all-new updates including the introduction of Mr. Handy – the ultimate robotic companion – as a premium reward. Use him to collect resources inside your Vault, send him into the wasteland to collect loot, or defend your Vault from creatures and disasters, including new threats like Deathclaw invasions and Molerat infestations. This update will also be available on iOS on the same day.

Fallout Shelter is a post-nuclear strategy and simulation experience that puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault. Build the perfect Vault from a variety of rooms, oversee your very own thriving community of Vault Dwellers, and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland.

Following its release in June on the Apple App Store, Fallout Shelter achieved global success as the top downloaded game in 48 countries and the top downloaded app of any kind in 25 countries following its release. During E3 2015 Fallout Shelter received praise from some of the industry’s leading outlets, earning ‘Game of the Week’ from Touch Arcade and nominations for ‘Biggest Surprise’ from IGN and ‘Best Handled/Mobile Game’ from the official Game Critics Awards.

To learn more about Fallout Shelter, visit the game’s official website: www.FalloutShelter.com