Train2Game News Universally Speaking hiring


One of the UK’s leading names in QA is working with Train2Game to find its latest group of QA professionals.

This latest request for applicants is part of the ongoing business relationship between Universally Speaking and Train2Game, two Train2Game students are working at Universally Speaking. The company are after strong applicants and Train2Game are providing trained individuals to fill the roles.

Universally Speaking require six Functionality and twenty Language Testers. Language QA testers at the company use their language skills to localise games also test Functionality as part of their role.

Train2Game are the ideal providers of applicants with its rich pool of international students from all over the world who speak different languages. Universally Speaking is a TIGA Award Winning company with previous clients that are a who’s who of the games industry, amongst others; Codemasters, Sega, Microsoft, Amazon, Mind Candy and EA.

This new request for QA applicants is a testament to the positive working relationship between the companies and an endorsement of the previously successful Train2Game students working at Universally Speaking. The initiative is part of Train2Game’s wider goal of getting students into jobs, helping students get in to games related companies with opportunities of career progression.

Patrick Lambert, Vendor Manager at Universally Speaking: “We’re looking for applications from across the Train2Game courses, not just limited to those studying QA. We think the positons are the ideal entrance to the Games Industry and a great way to experience making games professionally. The types of game we work on can vary wildly, at the moment for example we have quite a few casual games in. We’ve built a great reputation in gaming and the company also works on non-gaming projects, including educational software, applications and websites.

“At this time Universally Speaking are working on a major push for new recruits having landed a number of great contracts. We’re looking to get new staff in to service our clients and work for us on these exciting projects. We’re always looking for native-level speakers of French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese (all variants) . At this time we are also looking specifically for applicants able to speak Dutch, Thai, Korean, Malay, Russian, Polish , Turkish or one of the Scandinavian languages.

“Functionality Testers are responsible for testing, identifying, recording and suggesting fixes to potential bugs in video game programs relating to any technical and functional issues.

For language QA Testers, successful candidates will be tasked to find and report linguistic and implementation issues found in video games. They will then provide suitable fixes/alternative translations to errors found and undertake the role of a Functionality Tester where required.
In both roles we are looking for excellent written and spoken English, outstanding attention to detail, motivation, focus on project completion and excellent communications skills. A passion for Video Games is of course also a huge plus!”

To receive more details and apply for a position, contact:

Train2Game News Deco Digital recruiting QA Tester

Deco DigitalDeco Digital are an independent video game developer based in Derby and they are looking for a QA Tester to join their team.

Deco Digital was founded in 2013 at the University of Derby by Joe Brammer and Howard Philpott. The studio has since gone on to become an ID@Xbox developer, designing games for Xbox One and PC.

They have previously worked on Pneuma: Breath of Life for the Xbox One which is an enthralling first person puzzler putting gamers’ minds to the test in a visually stunning world using Unreal Engine 4 and Physically Based Rendering. They are currently working on an, as yet, unannounced IP.

The Studio are looking for a full time QA Tester to help develop their current title. You will be required to work out of the Derby studio. Previous testing experience is preferred but not required and they are looking for somebody who is passionate about video games and wants to help develop something special.

Everyone who currently works at Deco Digital has done free work on indie games and mods to reach their goals, they believe its a great way to train yourself to be disciplined, self motivated, and to improve your overall skills. Most of all, having video game credits is almost essential to getting a full time job in the games industry.

If you are interested in applying for the position go to and fill out the form.

Good luck to all those who apply!

News from #Train2Game Sega advertising again

Capture Sega Logo_59068Job Type:Permanent
Areas of Expertise:QA and Localisation
Company: SEGA Europe Ltd

Position Overview
SEGA’s Development Services team is looking for bright and motivated people to join us as Functionality Testers (or Games Testers as they’re more commonly known).
Getting the chance to work on SEGA titles before they hit the shops, you’ll be responsible for testing our titles to ensure they play as the developers intended them to and that they’re free from any ‘bugs’.
These positions are an excellent opportunity for people wanting to start a career in an industry which is fast paced, dynamic and above all fun!
Based at our offices in West London, positions are currently available on our Early Shift (7.30am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday) and our Late Shift (3.00pm to 10.30pm, Monday to Friday).

– Follow a test script in a thorough and consistent manner
– Use test scripts and testing skills to finds bugs and identify the severity and risk to the business
– Enter professional, clear, accurate and complete bug descriptions (e.g. using the correct naming conventions, what the bug is, steps to reproduce etc)
– Follows instructions accurately and in a timely manner
– Honestly and effectively communicate important issues and actively work with colleagues when needed
– Assist with coordination of group-based testing

– If required, the job holder may be expected to work outside normal office hours, including weekends and/or bank holidays, when necessary. The job holder may also be required to work offsite if necessary.
– The job holder may be expected to execute any additional requests or instructions issued by senior staff or other members of the management team that are suitable to your job remit.

– Experienced games player with the ability to familiarise with game-play elements rapidly
– High standards of work and willingness to meet and exceed expectations
– Adaptability and willingness to improve processes and own development
– Proactively help and assist colleagues and maintain a ‘can do’ attitude when under pressure
– Clear and concise communicator both written and verbally
– Technical proficiency with Microsoft Office applications
– Ability to work unsupervised and maintain focus and commitment
– Maintain an adaptable approach to testing
– Flexibility to work additional hours if necessary
– Passion and enthusiasm for the role and the company.

If you’re interested in this opportunity then apply now by sending your completed application form and CV across to
To download an application form please follow this link:
Please note, only applications with completed application forms and CV’s attached will be considered.

Train2Game News More Roll7 Testing opportunities

roll7Our friends at Roll7 have asked for Train2Game students to visit them and test their port of their hit PSVita game OlliOlli.

The studio are currently porting OlliOlli to PC, Mac, PS3 and PS4. They are interested in finding students at Train2Game to attend and give feedback regarding how it plays on the new platforms.

The details for the testing are as follows:

Location: New Cross, London
Dates: Between June 9th and June 20th , Monday to Friday
Duration: 2-3 hours
Times: Slots of: 9:30am-12:30pm or 2pm to 5pm

We are ideally looking for students who are relatively close to New Cross, London
Any students coming in to test from London can claim their travel expenses back from us
Anybody who wishes to travel further is welcome to but travel cost will not be provided.

Anyone who has an interest in signing up with us should email: with the Subject: OlliOlli testing. Leaving their name, location, current college course, preferred gaming platform and contact number so we can get back to them on available days/slots.

Train2Game News Testing opportunity at Roll 7

roll7Roll7 have an opportunity for some Train2Game student’s to play test one of their up and coming projects. If you are chosen you would be one of the first in the world to lay eyes on it.

On March 19 Roll7 are inviting a few select Train2Game students to there studio to test their next game. The game is a side scrolling 2D shoot-em-up with a cover system that needs fine balancing before the game is shown at Rezzed this year.

This is a voluntary, unpaid position but it would be fantastic to put on to your CV, you would get to visit Roll7 studios to talk with the developers and you may also be considered for future, paid, testing rolls at the studio.

Roll7 studio is based in London on Arklow Road. You would need to be able to get to the studio under your own intiative on March 19.

If you are interested in testing the game for Roll7 you can email Tom at

To find out more about the studio visit

Train2Game News: Xbox One update beta testers

Xbox OneSome lucky Xbox One users may have the chance to beta test future updates. This would be incredibly helpful for Train2Game students on the QA Course.

The Xbox NewsWire states “Beginning today, Xbox is inviting select Xbox Live members to preview new features coming to Xbox One in a March system update and future system updates as they become available, asking them to provide valuable feedback before the updates are implemented worldwide. Selected participants will receive an Xbox Live message with a token to register. The next system update will begin rolling out next week to those who will preview the new features.

Once registered, participants will be able to test the early features included in the update and provide feedback on a private forum and can opt out of future waves.””

The next Xbox one update will improve multiplayer and party features ready for the release of the highly anticipated Titanfall.

So if you own an Xbox One keep an eye on your Xbox Live messages as you might just be lucky enough to be a part of the Xbox One’s future!

Train2Game News: New Android testing software

Intel SoftwareAppthwack is the new software to make testing Android games easier!

You’ve spent hours designing and coding your application and things are looking pretty good. But now you have another hurdle: ensuring your app is bug-free and operational. After all, a good user experience is central to having happy, content and engaged users.

Proper testing can be a challenge, however. There are testing services out there that can take care of this for you, but they usually charge by the minute incurring further development costs (and those costs are further dependent on how many devices you want to test on).

This is where the service AppThwack can be a lifesaver. Thanks to a partnership with Intel Developer Zone, the AppThwack service is provided completely free of charge for testing on Intel-based Android smartphones and tablets.

These tests are run on real, non-emulated devices and mean you can test your app on a wide range of devices you don’t have to own yourself. AppThwack will run a number different test processes including launch, stress tests and uninstalls and then outputs low-level logs, screenshots and performance data to show how well your app has performed on the corresponding devices.

As part of the partnership, the Intel Atom-based Android devices you can test for free on include:

Asus MeMO Pad FHD 10
Dell Venue 7
Dell Venue 8
Lenovo IdeaPhone K900
Motorola Droid RAZR i
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10

On the Intel Developer Zone there is a handy How-To Guide for AppThwack to get you started, which runs you through how to upload your application’s APK to the cloud service and schedule in your tests, as well as giving you a look at what sort of performance results you can expect.

Now there’s no excuse not to thoroughly test your APKs and ensure they run optimally on Intel hardware!

Source: Softalkblog sponsored by the Intel Developer Zone

Train2Game News: Train2Game Winners

Train2GameThe Train2Game team are creating a new web page highlighting the positive achievements of the students.

We think it’s important that we show what can be achieved by taking a Train2Game course and also heap some praise on the deserving students that have made those brave steps to become professionals.

The site will be used as inspiration for all students to see what they are working towards and what they can achieve with a lot of hard work. This is a great chance to put something back into the Train2Game community, show off your work, gain interest in products you’re working on for your employer show your achievements to potential future employers.

It would be great to hear from all the students who have made that step to become professionals; be it in a company, in an independent studio or another area of employment in or outside the games industry that your Train2Game course has helped you to obtain.

This is a great opportunity for students to start shouting about the courses and their success stories. Please do get in touch by emailing Harry Cole at

Train2Game News: Another Roll7 position available

roll7I get to share some wonderful news with you all this morning! A Train2Game Student named Sam has been employed at Roll7.

Sam obtained his job at the company after reading about the position on the Train2Game blog and we recently received an email from Roll7 detailing how very happy with Sam they are! They reported that he is now basically head of QA.

Roll7 now have another small time position available and have sent this message:

Hi there!

If you haven’t already done testing with us -

Any chance you can make a Testing Session on Friday this week?

We can pay expenses of £15, we only need you in for an hour



This would be a great opportunity for a London based student to meet a well organised team and get to work with them, gaining valuable experience.

If you are interested in the position and you haven’t tested for Roll7 before email Simon at with your CV.

Train2Game News: Train2Game radio talks to Mark Silvester

Mark SilvesterI had the pleasure of talking to Train2Game student, Mark Silvester recently who is currently doing some QA work for Icey Monty. Mark talked to me about his gaming history, how he got involved with Icey Monty and where he hopes to go.

You can listen to the interview here:

OR read the transcript below:

I’m Mark Silvester, a Train2Game Student doing the QA and Level Design course which I started in October of last year.

How you doing Mark?

I’m fine thank you, yes.

Excellent. So tell me a bit about what you’ve been up too?

Recently I’ve been doing some QA testing for Icey Monty for a little game they’ve been developing at the moment. I passed the first section of the course at the beginning of August, noticed a post from John Esslemont of Icey Monty that they were looking for QA testers, contacted him and it went on from there.

How have you been finding working with the guys?

It’s been very enjoyable. I’ve been enjoying doing the testing work, I try to put in a couple of hours each day, send off a report, we’ve got a control spread sheet going and we sort of bounce bugs and solutions back and forth with each other on that.

Very nice. How did you come to be a tester then or want to be a tester?

I’ve been playing computer games for many many years. I recall playing things like Star Trek and a Flight Path simulator back on the old green screen IBM machines, back at school. Moved on to consoles, Spectrums and even had a NASCOM II computer at one stage and programmed a space invaders game on that in old Z80 hex code. I’ve been playing games and role playing games for a long, long time and unfortunately I was made redundant from my place of work last year, saw the Train2Game advert, had a chat with the representative and opted for the QA and level design course as part of my previous job had been application development, testing system support for an application. So my experience from my previous job gave me some good skills to go in to the QA course.

Very nice. So are you happy about the course you chose and the way you’ve taken?

Yes it’s going along quite nicely. The bug hunting assignment at the end of section one was quite interesting to do so yeah I’m very happy with the course at the moment.

Perfect. So with Icey Monty, is it a paid position you’ve got?

It’s voluntary, part time work. Hopefully in the future there may be some free lance work, put out my way which they will give me some payment for. I’ll then have to investigate setting up my own company or finding out how to declare it properly or the Tax Man will get upset with me, so I’ve got to investigate that when that bridge comes along but John seems quite happy with what I’m doing so I’m hoping something firm will come along from that.

Yeah you never want to upset the Tax Man!

No, definitely not a good thing to do.

So what are your plans for the future?

Plans for the future is to carry on progressing through the course and get myself involved in other bits of QA testing.

So, it sounds like you’re having a good time then?

Yes moving along quite nicely. Trying to get the next TMA in but there’s some exercises to be done and the online link isn’t there today so I’ve mailed the tutor team and hoping to get a reply soon.

So with you being made redundant, what’s your main source of income at the minute?

I’m on job seekers at the moment. Occasionally I’ll get some odd part time work doing some IT support work. Yesterday I was actually putting some servers in and out for a retail company but it’s been very hap hazard, the IT support work, that was the first days work since the start of April. So basically I’ve got plenty of time to do the studying and move on with things.

Perfect. It looks like the Train2Game course came at just about the right time for you then?

Well I noticed it whilst I was looking around for jobs and I’ve always said my ideal job would be testing games, playing games, and it’s almost a bit of a dream come true!

Perfect! Well I think that’s all we’ve got time for today Mark so thank you very much!

Thank you very much for that Mark, cheerio for now!