Train2Game News Stand Up For GamesAid success

Imran YusufFor the second year running, Stand Up for GamesAid has played host to a completely sold out house at London’s Comedy Store.

GamesAid Patron and emcee for the Monday night event, Imran Yusuf, pulled together a stellar line up of comic talent, all of whom donated their time and talent for free. Although the evening is all about laughs, Stand Up for GamesAid has now become a serious event on the GamesAid calendar  – selling out for two years running, and raising over £9000 this year.

“On behalf of GamesAid and all the charities we support I’d like to offer our heartfelt thanks the amazing performers who made the night so successful” said Imran. “To Susan Calman, Kev Orkian, Ola, Paul Thorne, Holly Walsh, Jarred Christmas, Paul Tonkinson I take my hat off to you all for a top evening’s entertainment!” He went on to add: “Kudos should go to Ellie Gibson, Eurogamer’s Associate Features Editor, who made her debut at the Comedy Store to a fantastic reception from the packed crowd.”

Fundraising efforts were greatly supported by the event’s sponsors – PlayStation UK who signed up to take the role of Premium Event and Exclusive Bar Partner and Bossa Studios who were Event Partner.

Imran Yusuf, thanked both sponsors and added “it’s important to remember that GamesAid is manned wholly by volunteers with all monies raised ploughed back into the charities for the benefit of the kids and young people that they support. As a result, sponsorship is a serious matter on a night of comedy, as it hugely helps GamesAid’s ability to raise more funds.”

GamesAid is a UK-based video games charity which acts as an umbrella to support a number of smaller charities who help disadvantaged and disabled children and young people. It is wholly run by volunteers.

Imran Yusuf and the GamesAid volunteers are now planning a similar event in Manchester’s Comedy Store this autumn, taking the Stand Up tour to a brand new audience.  Further details and line-up will be confirmed closer to the time.

Train2Game News the BBC reports UK games developers get cash boost

Great news for Train2Game students and studios as the UK’s game industry could get a £188m boost as the European Commission approves tax relief measures for developers.

The price tag was drawn up by games industry body TIGA, one of the awarding bodies of Train2Game, which has helped lobby for the relief scheme.

Under the policy, games makers will be able to claim discounts on up to 25% of a game’s production costs.

The full story as published by the BBC via:


Train2Game News Stand Up For Games Aid 2014

Imran YusufStand Up For Games Aid, the live comedy night attended by games industry professionals and fans, will return to London this April following a successful launch last year.

The show, hosted by comedian and former Eidos man Imran Yusuf, features a string of established acts and rising talent including Eurogamer journalist Ellie Gibson. The debut event last year mixed games humour with routine acts in front of a packed crowd of about 400 people.

Tickets cost £12.50 and proceeds go to GamesAid – a charity that helps disadvantaged and disabled children in numerous ways, often by creating more accessible game technologies for those who cannot use conventional control inputs.

Stand Up For Games Aid takes place on Monday, April 14. Additional acts include Paul Tonkinson, Jarred Christmas, Holly Walsh, Paul Thorne, Ola, Susan Calman and Kev Orkian.

Tickets can be bought on The Comedy Story Store website.

Train2Game News SpecialEffect nominated for awards

SpecialEffectThe games charity, SpecialEffect, are up for a couple of awards at the GamesIndustry International Innovation Awards.

The awards are being held by and there are numerous categories to vote in. SpecialEffect are up for the award in Innovation in Technology for their work constantly breaking new technological ground with one-off machines to bring the joy of gaming back into their lives.

They are also up for the award of Innovation in Social Responsibility. This prize celebrates those companies who choose to give something back to their communities and society at large. SpecialEffect is a prime example of giving back to the gaming community as they are always working on new ways of helping those in need.

Those who win will be presented with a trophy at an award ceremony at GameHorizon in Newcastle, England on May 7, 2014.

To see a full list of the nominations and to cast your vote visit

Train2Game News Game to help cope with ADHD


The holy grail of educational gaming is to make a game that educates yet also is as fun as an entertainment game. AdapTac Games believes they have achieved the holy grail of educational gaming with their Intergalactic Aetherial Hurtle: ADHD Skills Booster Game.

This action/strategy single player racing game iPad app is based on standard executive skills function and behavioral therapy strategies built into a game designed like an entertainment game, surpassing basic mind puzzles or mini-math challenges.  In the game, players study specs on available car parts and characters, plan which parts and characters to select, compete for car parts, build and race their car (players control acceleration and braking). Players compete against 3 NPC teams while sticking to their time limit and avoiding distractors like the Trickster. Skill in key areas like attention and strategy is shown on the dashboard, which displays both per game scores and overall averages so players can see how they are improving.

Why though is this game needed? CEO and Founder, Candice M. Hughes, PhD, MBA, neuroscientist, mom and serial entrepreneur struggled to find ways to help her family cope with ADHD. Shockingly, she discovered that while medications are available for the condition, up to 64% of kids with ADHD either discontinued or would not take them due to high cost, side effects and other concerns. (AdapTac does not endorse changing medications without consulting a physician.) After surveying other families living with ADHD and finding that all wanted a different solution, she developed her own non-medical solution by founding AdapTac Games, which has already completed nearly half of the first game to improve attention and planning through skills training in teens with ADHD. An Indiegogo campaign, which has consistently been in the “Most Popular” under gaming since launch continues through April 4 to build remaining portion of the game as well as to improve the graphics and gameplay on the initial portion of the game at

AdapTac Games takes pride in working with women programmers through a collaboration with Mount Holyoke College, Dr. Hughes’ alma mater. The firm is also proud to be part of the growing games for good movement, which encourages social improvement through games. In 2013, AdapTac Games was named a 2013 Tech Company to Watch by Connecticut Innovations, received and Entrepreneur Innovation Award in 2014 and Dr. Hughes is a Women of Innovation Entrepreneur finalist.

For more information and campaign updates visit AdapTac’s website

Train2Game News Future T Gaming looking for staff

Train2GameTrain2Game student, Ed Turrall, is looking for other Train2Game students to join his student studio, Future T Gaming, to work on an interesting idea.

Ed is looking for voluntary Students who have a year or two experience on the course in their respective field. He has a big idea and wants students who would be committed and skilled enough to bring the idea to fruition.

The main objective of the game is to conquer and occupy a new and uninhabited planet in a solar system far away from Earth. The plan once you reach this planet is to make sure you have the necessary resources for your crew and passengers. You start by building Greenhouse buildings where you can then plant food and start working on the atmosphere of the planet.

The way you build and plant objects will depend on what level you are which basically means you can do as much as you want as things will be cheap and sell for a lot. For example, you plant and harvest Oranges or Apples, these will cost you around 5cc (colony coins) to plant but will sell for 20cc and also give you 50exp.

Ed said, “The game idea I have is to make a game like all of these farming games, which are nice, but seem too boring after a certain level is reached. What I want to do is change this way of gaming and bring a new kick into the era of farming games.”

There are a number of positions available for all areas of games development.

If you are interested in joining Ed and Future T Gaming, visit to find out more about the game and to get in touch with him.

You can email Ed with your CV and Portfolio at

Train2Game News: Student taking part in GameBlast

Ritchie DemicolSpecialEffect’s GameBlast charity event launches tomorrow and Train2Game student, Ritchie Demicol is taking part.

Ritchie, who has been a Train2Game student since February last year, will be playing the infamously difficult Dark Souls for 24 hours straight. This will be no easy task with the games frustrating difficulty level.

When asked why Ritchie decided to take part in the event he said “I decided to take part because I know it’s going to a great cause who design games and hardware for young children and adults who struggle to play video games due to certain disabilities. It will be a great help to those who can’t use move their body and have to use their eyes to control the game”

Ritchie begins his 24 hour marathon tomorrow and if you would like to support him and SpecialEffect you can donate by visiting

Good luck Ritchie, you are supporting a fantastic charity!

Train2Game News: Student featured in Bristol Post

Bristol PostTrain2Game student Sara Thornhill has been featured in the Bristol Post about what it’s like being a female in the games industry.

Congratulations Sara.

You can read the post below

Train2Game News: Train2Game Winners spreading

T2G WinnersFollowing the announcement of the Train2Game Winners website, the story was then picked up by Gamasutra and Develop.

The news of how great our students are doing is spreading around the internet which is fantastic news! The more recognition our students get the better.

If you would like to view the captures of the articles you can do below:

Train2Game Winners Launched

The links for the articles are below:

If you would like to be featured on the website you can email your achievements and story to

Train2Game News: Train2Game Winners Launched

T2G WinnersTrain2Game is supporting its students with new website which shows of the achievements of its student body.

The website is a chance to celebrate the achievements of Train2Game students, highlighting the positive work of the people that make up the student community and showing off some of the work it has done. It’s an opportunity for students to describe their achievements in their own words and for Train2Game to show off some of the projects students have been a part of. It’s also a portal for the wider gaming community to see what some of the best and brightest students studying with Train2Game are working on in the games industry.

Follow this link to visit the site