Train2Game News LxB Games hiring

LxB GamesIndependent studio created by Train2Game student offering paid contract work to Train2Game students

In yet another Train2Game success story, a student has setup her own professional studio and is now looking to the Train2Game community to service the studio. Students are invited to apply for paid contract work creating games. At this time LXBGAMES are looking for a Programmer but have many more projects planned in the future.

Laurece Brown, CEO & Founder, LxBGAMES, is on the hunt in the Train2Game community to find suitable people to work with her independent studio. Laurece, who is set to complete the Train2Game course in January 2015, is looking for support for students who will complete work on projects for a fixed fee. The games planned are not going to be huge and each project won’t take long to complete.

LxBGAMES is currently working on Sweet Life, details can be found on the team’s website ( and social media. The team has a lead programmer and lots of artists available. They are now looking to compliment the team with a hard working programmer, who has skills in: Animation, Action Script and Flash. Budgets are not huge at this time but students will be paid to complete the work. LxBGAMES are currently looking for support on Sweet Life but any applicants interested in contract work will be kept on file for future projects.

If you are interested, contact:

Laurece Brown

Train2Game News Flawless Studios recruiting


New Train2Game student studio on the hunt for team members

Flawless Studios looking for Train2Game students to join existing young team and work on The Damned One

The Flawless Studios team are working on a British set survival horror game called: The Damned One. It is about a village where people are mysteriously going missing, after the lead character summons a demon through a Ouija board. The hero then goes through the game searching for his family, closely pursued by the demon.

Flawless Studios is made up of three members: Lead Designer and CEO: Aaron Miles, Ashley Miles: Audio engineer and composer and Artist: Mike Cahill. The team is looking for dedicated artists and developers. The successful applicant will be someone who can commit time to a project all the way to its completion. The team are currently looking for Artists and Developers. But they are open to interest from all Developers, if you are skilled, they want you in the team. It’s an unpaid opportunity but the experience will be great for students portfolios.

The team are relatively early into the course but they have the enthusiasm and dedication to get making games. Long term they plan to launch a successful games on to the Playstation Store and Xbox Live, they want to create a dedicated fan base of gamers following the work they create.

To apply all you need to do is get in touch with the team and be able to dedicate your time to a project. Apply by emailing

Train2Game News TIGA plans for Autumn Statement


TIGA, the network for developers and digital publishers, said today that its agenda for the 2014 Autumn Statement would strengthen firms, industry and the UK economy.

TIGA made the comments to coincide with the publication of its submission for the 2014 Autumn Statement. The Rt Hon George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, will make his Autumn Statement on December 3rd 2014. TIGA’s submission makes five key proposals:

    A Prototype Fund should be made available to enable start-up studios to access finance and develop playable prototypes.

    A Creative Content Fund (CCF) should be established in order to encourage new studio formation, stimulate creativity, new content development and IP generation. The CCF could make loans available to games businesses on a pound for pound, matched funding basis. Both the Prototype Fund and the CCF could be financed via the National Lottery.

    An Export Tax Relief should be introduced to incentivise more small firms to export, thereby promoting export-led economic growth. The Export Tax Relief should be based on the existing Patent Box scheme and would entail a competitive tax rate (e.g. 15 or 10 per cent) on the profits generated from exports.

    Regional/National Games Development Incubators should be established at a university or at a consortium of universities in each of the English regions and in each of the nations within the UK to enable more successful start-ups.

    A pilot Training Tax Relief (TTR) should be introduced for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). TTR would operate in a similar way to the existing R&D tax credits and would enable SMEs to offset expenditure on training, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for staff and education outreach activities against corporation tax.

TIGA envisages that both the Export Tax Relief and the SME Training Tax Relief would be cross sectoral in application in order to give the maximum boost to the UK economy.

Dr Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO, said:

“TIGA’s proposals will build up the strength, stamina, and sustainability of games businesses. Our programme also supports other sectors by incentivising training, enhancing higher education and stimulating exports. TIGA’s policy agenda will strengthen firms, industries and the UK economy.”

Train2Game News Winter Gaming Knitwear!

GAME-store-logoThe nights are growing longer, and the shops on every High Street have begun to play Noddy Holder, it’s nature’s way of telling you it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas attire before the Tinsilitis kicks in.

There’s nothing like a new item of clothing to bring up the elf-esteem and this Christmas, GAME is offering customers the chance to pull a cracker as it brings a touch of retro with a new range of gaming-themed jumpers and socks for those who want to indulge in a little festive geekery.

The range includes jumpers that even your Grandmother’s knitting skills couldn’t match with a span of iconic gaming themes; Playstation, Sonic & Robotnik, and Street Fighter are all available for £29.99 in store and online at The socks will please even the most ungrateful uncle at only £9.99, and with the same range of gaming themes and unique designs.

Charlotte Knight, Category Director at GAME says: “We know gamers eat, sleep, dream games and now they can wear them too… every stocking needs socks and these are the perfect gift for the gamer in your life.”

Train2Game News TopLoaded Rewards Skilled Gamers

image,,  is an innovative online community that rewards video game enthusiasts for playing their favorite video games. is the first website, built from the ground up for gamers by gamers that is designed to showcase the skills of its members. allows gamers to show they indeed have game by rising to the top of the leaderboard in their game of choice – from FIFA 15 to World of Warcraft to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Games are played on any platform, then gamers upload a photograph of their best score to receive points. If they post a score and earn one of the top three places for a given competition, points are added to their profile, as well as a cool custom badge showing their skill level – recognizing gamers at the top of their game.
Once gamers have enough points, through competitions or through a variety of means to earn points, they can unlock challenges, the next level of achievement, with eight new challenges released each week. After completing the challenge, gamers upload a photo proving it has been completed, with the first person completing the challenge winning prizes such as gift cards, gaming gear, games, and entertainment packages. is mobile friendly, allowing gamers to upload a picture of their score pics using cell phones, tablets, as well as desktop and laptops. has no ads and is fully integrated with social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, allowing members to share in even more gamer glory.

Unlike other websites that host tournaments, there is no waiting period to play any of the weekly competitions and challenges. The entire experience encourages gaming skill enhancement.  Competitions and challenges are designed so that they’re hard enough that not everyone can accomplish them. They provide gamers incentive to keep improving in their chosen game.

“We live and breathe games, and we wanted a site to challenge our members and to give them an opportunity to be recognized for their skill through badges, prizes and other incentives because no such site existed,” said CEO John Phillippe. “We wanted to create a community for gamers by gamers that, had an easy barrier of entry, and provided them a chance to have fun through a community of like-minded people.”

Gamers have the option of using the site for free or by paying for an Elite membership. Free and Elite members can earn points for customizing their profile, as well as by completing competitions, posting comments to the forum, submitting game play videos, winning special forum contests and winning special Twitter contests. Points can also be added to a gamer profile by purchasing Top Paks.  Top Paks allow free and Elite members to add points to their profile without having to do the competitions. is community-driven, meaning Elite members vote on the competitions and challenges for the next week. At the end of each week, highlights from the different competitions, gamer interaction, and site news are seen in the Weekly Wrap Up video on the Elite page, providing additional exposure for gamers.

In only a few weeks of operation, already has distributed thousands of dollars in gift cards and rewards.

Train2Game News Great British Winter Game Jam

Great British Winter Game JamLondon games studio Space Ape Games, have announced the Great British Winter Game Jam.

Held on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November 2014, the Game Jam is a team-based event taking place at Space Ape’s studio’s in Soho Square, London. The competition is open to anyone, and teams of up to 5 participants can enter via There are a maximum of 50 tickets up for grabs, which means that 10 teams can get through to the weekend session.

Space Ape Games are very excited to confirm the judging panel for the Jam, industry veterans David Gardner OBE and Miles Jacobson OBE, along with award winning scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett. The theme for the Game Jam will be revealed on the first day of the competition, and judging will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 30th November.

The winning team will take home Unity 5 Pro licenses for each member of the team, with additional prizes being announced over the coming weeks. More importantly, everyone that takes part will get to spend time with the judges and have their games showcased to the London Indie community. Teams will need to bring their own equipment such as laptops, mobile devices and phones.

London is host to an impressive game dev community. Space Ape is pleased to bring them together for a weekend of fun, collaboration and healthy competition in the spirit of previous Game Jams such as The Great British Summer Game Jam earlier this year
For more information about The Great British Winter Game Jam, check out the Facebook page – Information about Space Ape Games as well as career opportunities at the studio are available at

Train2Game News Games Developers on Twitch

Twitch Games DevTwitch has added a new category that focuses on games development, offering an insight into the game creation process.

The new category – simply titled Game Development – allows studios to stream footage of their developers working on the game, whether its creating artwork, designing levels or tweaking gameplay mechanics.

The category actually launched on October 16th, according to Polygon, and so far has a few devs showing off their work-in-progress.

“We conducted a Twitch Town Hall session at PAX Prime, which is when we let our community share ideas they would like to see implemented on the platform,” said Twitch’s director of community and education Marcus Graham, aka djWHEAT.

“The idea of having a section for game developers was suggested and it resonated with the audience, so that inspired us to add it as a category.”

Source: Develop

Train2Game News The Cinema Suite

unity-logoCinema Suite ( today announced a special limited-time bundle price on The Cinema Suite, a high quality cinematic toolkit for the Unity Game Engine (

The Cinema Suite bundles four editor tools – Cinema Director, Cinema Mo Cap, Cinema Pro Cams and Cinema Themes – that can deliver outstanding visuals for professionals and amateurs alike easily and affordably. The Cinema Suite is available for a special introductory price of $100 through the end of November.

“Cinematic tools were one of the most requested features at Unity Unite this summer,” said Dan Gamsby, co-founder and CTO at Cinema Suite. “We have an easy to use collection of tools that streamline the process for creating quality video content within Unity, whether you want to create cutscenes and promotional video content for your game, or need a full-featured pre-visualization tool for your film project.”

Cinema Director, a tightly integrated, fully-featured timeline editor, saves users days and even weeks of work. Users can easily sequence in-game events for their Unity project and create captivating cutscenes in a fraction of the time that it would take by writing manual scripts or programming. Setting up camera shots, controlling events, adding multi-track audio and transitions make these projects come to life in much less time.

Cinematography in Unity has never been easier. An industry-standard lens tool kit, Cinema Pro Cams lets users create cinematics in Unity using cameras that act just how they would in the real world. Select film lens size, aperture, aspect-ratio, stereoscopic 3D settings and more, all accurate to industry standards. Cinema Director and Cinema Pro Cams can be used together as a very powerful real-time previz tool in Unity, leveraging Unity’s real-time graphics rendering engine.

Users looking for a way to quickly create their own animations can use a Microsoft Kinect with Cinema Mo Cap, the first motion capture solution native to the Unity environment. Users can quickly put their project in motion, by capturing animations from the comfort of their studio or home. Simple animations can now be achieved without laborious manual key-framing, or renting a professional Mo-Cap studio at a huge expense. Models are automatically rigged and generated inside the Unity project, and are 100% compatible with Unity’s animation system.

Finally, users can fine-tune the overall atmosphere of their project with Cinema Themes, a vast collection of Look Up Textures (LUTs) for Unity Pro. Scenes can be made to look dark and horrific, happy and bright, or even out of this world in minutes. Users can choose from over 50 themes to help find that perfect mood.

Train2Game News Eurogamer 2014 Video

Train2GameTrain2Game was at Eurogamer last month and we have put together a video from some of our students who were in attendance about there thoughts on the Train2Game course. Enjoy the video below

Train2Game News Commando Kiwi Update

Commando KiwiTrain2Game Student Studio, Commando Kiwi, the winners of the 2012 Make Something Unreal Live competition are back and under new management!

Train2Game Student Adam Sherratt is now the head of Commando Kiwi and they have been working hard since we last heard from them.

After deciding that the project they had started following the Make Something Unreal Live contest was slightly more ambitious than they first anticipated they made the executive decision to start a new IP using the framework they had already created for there winning game at MSUL.

However, with life getting in the way, a few of the original Commando Kiwi members left on to new ventures which left the team struggling until Adam came up with a plan to revitalise the studio. Several of the team volunteered to be mentors at the recent Train2Game Game Jam which put them in excellent position to scout for new team members.

The studio was back up to eight members and ready to get to work on their next game.

When asked about the studios new project Adam said “The game is a 3rd person action adventure RPG style game with cinematic combat sequences that play very similarly to battles in final fantasy 7, 8 and 10. Our aim is to bring a console quality gaming experience to mobile. By using the unreal engine 3 we will be able to offer incredible visuals, a strong sound track and a great story to produce a truly immersive game world on mobile. Initially the game would be released on iOS for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch but if things go well we will port it over to Android too. If you follow Commando Kiwi on Facebook you will see we have just started to leak information and concept art and we have a new company logo.”

Now the next stage for Commando Kiwi is they will be displaying their game at Appsworld and Platform Expo this year to spread the word and receive feedback from the public to make the game as best as it can be. So if you are attending either event go and say hello and give them your support!

The studio is intending to start a Kickstarter campaign in the future as currently everything they are doing is having to come out of their own pockets and they want this game to be the best that it can be.

You can follow Commando Kiwi on Facebook at