Train2Game News WeWanaPlay Game Jam


Gaming industry professionals and students from across the West Midlands will be heading to Birmingham City University on 23 January to make new computer games – in just one weekend.

Hosted by the University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment and co-organised with Birmingham gaming app-makers WewanaPlay, the event forms part of the Global Game Jam (GGJ) – the world’s largest game jam event which last year saw almost 3000 games created.

Taking place at Birmingham City University’s City Centre Campus, participants from the West Midlands will join more than 7,000 people worldwide as they compete to make the best computer games in 48 hours.

“Computer games are of growing importance to our regional economy and we are very fortunate to have so many great innovative indie game studios so close to our City Centre Campus. Our highly respected computer games technology course is leading the way in providing exceptional young talent to these companies”, said Andrew Wilson, Programme Leader for Computer Games Technology at Birmingham City University.

“This event will emphasize both the regional and global importance that computer games play and it’s an amazing opportunity to network with industry professionals, learn new skills and share best practice.”

On arrival at the event, a secret theme will be announced which must form part of all of the games created. Attendees will be invited to explore new technology tools, take on new roles in games development and test their skills as they design, develop, create and test new games over two days.

To find out more visit

Train2Game News GEEK 2015


Multiplay, hosts of the UK’s biggest gaming festival Insomnia, is delighted to announce a new partnership with GEEK, a festival that is the place to Meet, Make and Play.

GEEK is a growing festival of play and games, held each year in the seaside town of Margate, Kent. A place for families and friends to come together to help create and play whilst having large amounts of fun, GEEK offers digital and analogue activities for both casual and dedicated gamers.

As a result of the partnership, Multiplay will be curating multiple parts of GEEK2015 which takes place from 20th – 22nd February next year.

GEEK has something for all the family. So whether you want to play and compete, relax, learn new skills or get an idea of how to get your dream job using games and technology, GEEK is the place to be.

“We have big plans for GEEK so it is really exciting to be working with Multiplay on GEEK2015. Multiplay has an unrivalled reputation, and their success on a national and international scale with global partners is a result of their outstanding passion for gaming and commitment to excellence,” said Kate Kneale, Director Marine Studios. “Together we can create a really innovative showcase for games, old and new, popular and obscure, innovative and just plain crazy.”

“The undertaking with GEEK is one we are ecstatic to be part of, showcasing the continually rising popularity of gaming events.  We are delighted to once again be working with GEEK for the second consecutive year, and this is just the start of an array of fantastic projects we will be involved with throughout 2015,” said Craig Fletcher, CEO & Founder of Multiplay.  “It’s been yet another fantastic year and we are delighted to now be actively involved with almost every single show in the gaming events calendar, with GEEK2015 at the forefront.”

More information on GEEK2015 will be revealed on the GEEK website

Train2Game News Student film maker creating student team


London based Train2Game student who directed one minute version of Bladerunner is now creating a student team.

Copy Editor, Film Director and Train2Game student; Richard Cosgrove is searching for students to socialise, start a development group and work on portfolio projects.

Experienced storyteller and games enthusiast Richard Cosgrove is reaching out to London based and online Train2Gamers to work on exciting projects and portfolio pieces.  Richard has experience in writing, having worked as a Copy Editor. He is also an experienced story teller, having created his own film and theatre projects. Some of these exciting narrative ideas must have come from his interesting childhood; in the cadets, training in jujitsu and also being an active member of the dramatics society.

New to Train2Game, Richard spent  15 years in magazine production. Richard wants a fresh start in a creative career. He has always played videogames – gradually having less time to do so, and getting pickier with every year. He’s decided game design seems a good way to mix his professional skills, with his creative skills. Richard has a Degree in media production from the University of Luton and has completed numerous training courses related to filmmaking and magazine production.

Interestingly Richard remade the film Bladerunner for a short-film competition, where the entire film is edited to one minute long. If you’d like to take a look, there’s a links to the one-minute version for the competition

Richard Cosgrove, Train2Game Student, said of creating a team and working in games development: “Games design offers a great scope to be creative, tell long-running immersive stories – something I’d enjoy very much – without being limited in scope by the practicalities of reality. Game design is a growth industry worldwide, which seems to have plenty of opportunity for employment across the world. I would prefer to stick to the development and design of games, rather than run my own company. If I did own my own company, I’d need someone doing the business side..”

If you are interested in getting in touch with Richard, please contact the T2G blog or message Mark on the Train2Game forum.

Train2Game News Student in BAFTA programme


Indie Developer taught by Train2Game selected for BAFTA programme

Nicola Valcasara amongst the elite of the UK games industry accepted to join BAFTA Crew Games 2014

Professional video games creator who learnt his craft with Train2Game, joins experienced UK games developers in exclusive BAFTA scheme. Nicola Valcasara has taken one of 100 places available for Game Practitioners requiring at least two years professional experience in the games industry in the UK. The programme provides exclusive access to: Games Industry mentors, live QAs and podcasts, networking opportunities and scientific research in Game Design. 

Nicola has an outstanding reputation in the Train2Game community, having won a previous design competition with Rapid2D. He now works with another previous TrainGame student, Darroch McNaught, at Indie studio DeuXality Games. He’s set to learn a tremendous amount from  the course, masterclasses and online livestreams cover; Story & Narrative, Games Design, Music & Sound Design, and Game Art. BAFTA Crew Games 2014 is an interactive programme – working with selected participants to tailor the content to their interests and needs.

Working with partners Creative Skillset and Wellcome Trust, BAFTA Crew Games 2014 will shine the spotlight on the collaboration between the games industry and research in medical humanities. Masterclasses will offer the opportunity to access insight from Scientists and researchers from the Wellcome Trust with a specific focus on how research in Biomedical Science can inform Game Design.

Nicola Valcasara, “I applied at the BAFTA Crew games 2014 in September, thanks to a research on the net about funding and game developing events. Now I have been accepted, this is a very nice way to show my face around and I hope it will move me one step further inside the Games Industry. This is a great opportunity to be involved in an interactive programme focused on making wonderful products and allowing me to meet important people in the game industry. I’ll also get to meet the other 99 people like me and share ideas and future projects.”

Train2Game News Roll7 require testers for OlliOlli 2

roll7Roll7 are looking for some people to test the sequel to the hit game OlliOlli.

Roll7 require someone who would be available to test the game at their offices in New Cross in London over the next couple of weeks from 10am to 5pm. They are willing to pay up to £30 travel expenses with food and drink provided for the day.

This is an excellent opportunity to get some experience at an established studio. You also never know what will happen as Train2Game student who previously tested games for the studio is still working for the company to this day and has had his contract extended in to next year.

If you want to get some hands on experience with some very talented lovely people then drop an email to Tom to book a time in at

Good luck to all those that attend.

Train2Game News Steam Dev Tools Sale


Steam’s big Autumn sale includes a number of deals for its library of game development tools.

Those interested in the recently release App Game Kit 2 can pick it up at 33 per cent off for £50.91. 2D game animation software Spriter is also available at 50 per cent off for £22.49, while Mixamo’s character creation toolset Fuse is currently discounted by 55 per cent and costs £34.19.

Other tools on sale include the Axis Game Factory Pro and Premium, texturing tools Substance Designer and the Substance Indie Pack, 3D modelling application Silo 2, RPG Maker and game engine Leadwerks, plus a number of others.

Offers end on December 2nd.

You can find the full list of software on Steam here.

Train2Game News GirlsGotGame Design contest


One Small Step Games and Ares Magazine are holding a GirlsGotGame Design Contest, a competition that focuses on game designs by women.

“Since we launched the contest last month, we’ve received a lot of support and encouragement from people in the industry,” says OSS Games owner Michael Anderson, who decided to increase the grand prize to $200 and extend the contest through the holidays and to the end of January in order to give more women a chance to enter.

The Ares team hopes to publish a game from the contest in the fourth issue of the magazine. “Our plan is to highlight a number of science fiction and fantasy fiction stories written by women in the fiction line up for that issue,” says Executive Editor Carmen Andres. “Wrapping the magazine around a challenging and exciting game designed by a woman would strengthen the package.”

Designers receive $1000 if a game is chosen for publication.

Designers are free to use any format and components they choose, but Anderson notes that the purpose of the contests is to find games to publish in Ares.  Extra credit will be given to designs that use the components of games that run in the magazine.

The contest runs until midnight January 31, 2015. If more than eight designs are received, a runner up will be selected to receive $25. Entrants are limited to women.

Contest information, component guidelines, and the online entry form are on the website of Ares Magazine at

To enter the contest, select Game Design Contest #2: Girls Got Game under the Ares Online menu. To subscribe to Ares, go to

Train2Game News Babcock Job Vacancies

Babcock-logoBabcock have a numerous amount of jobs available for several different levels and areas of development.

Babcock is the UK’s leading engineering support services organisation with revenue of over £3.5bn in 2014 and an order book of circa £12 billion. They manage critically important assets that help to bring power to homes and businesses, keep trains running safely, ensure mobile phone networks stay operational and help our armed forces defend national interests.

Based in Milton Keynes they have jobs available for Developers and 3D Artists among others. What better way to end this year and begin 2015 with an exciting new career that will give you great experience readying you for heading into games development.

If this sounds like the right move for you then you can view a list of the jobs available here.

For all of those who apply I wish the very best of luck!

Train2Game News App Game Kit 2 released on STEAM

App Game KitThe Game Creators today released App Game Kit (AGK) version 2 on STEAM, which means that the easy to use, instant coding tool for beginners, hobbyists and indies alike is now available on the largest digital store in the world.

Now anyone can easily and quickly code and build apps for cross platforms using AGKs BASIC scripting system. With just a few commands users can have demos or games up and running on mobile devices. AGK also caters for more seasoned developers, allowing them to use the AGK C++ libraries and benefit from all the features of AGKs core game engine.

AGK is available for both Windows and Mac platforms and apps can be deployed cross platform including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Mac – all at the very affordable price of just $99.

Bob Duffy, Developer Relations Intel Corporation, said “ AGK is a great cross platform development tool. It allows developers to quickly optimise and compile apps for Intels x86 powered Android devices.”

The Game Creators Development Director, Rick Vanner, said “We’ve significantly improved AGK by making the IDE cross platform, speeding up the Compiler and adding new and powerful commands. Games can be developed and instantly deployed to their chosen mobile devices for rapid prototyping.

AGK2 was funded by Kickstarter backers and many of them are already using this game maker to create and publish their own apps. Developing apps for multiple stores is still a big issue for app developers. AGK does all the heavy lifting for you – making it easy to code, compile and then export apps to each platform. All you need to focus on is your game/app idea.

Bundled with AGK2 is a retro style shooter game called Echoes+. Chris Jeffels, the author of Echoes+, coded the game once and deployed it for both Windows and Mac platforms. When asked why he chose AGK2 for his game engine he commented “AGK2 is multi-platform, powerful, feature rich and continuing to grow, it was an easy and affordable choice.”

AGK2 was used to develop Driving Test Success Theory, Hazard Perception and Highway Code apps for UK publisher Focus Multimedia. Once developed the apps were immediately deployed onto the IOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Mac Store and Blackberry World and quickly became the UK’s #1 ‘Learning to Drive’ apps.

The App Game Kit official website:

Train2Game News LxB Games hiring

LxB GamesIndependent studio created by Train2Game student offering paid contract work to Train2Game students

In yet another Train2Game success story, a student has setup her own professional studio and is now looking to the Train2Game community to service the studio. Students are invited to apply for paid contract work creating games. At this time LXBGAMES are looking for a Programmer but have many more projects planned in the future.

Laurece Brown, CEO & Founder, LxBGAMES, is on the hunt in the Train2Game community to find suitable people to work with her independent studio. Laurece, who is set to complete the Train2Game course in January 2015, is looking for support for students who will complete work on projects for a fixed fee. The games planned are not going to be huge and each project won’t take long to complete.

LxBGAMES is currently working on Sweet Life, details can be found on the team’s website ( and social media. The team has a lead programmer and lots of artists available. They are now looking to compliment the team with a hard working programmer, who has skills in: Animation, Action Script and Flash. Budgets are not huge at this time but students will be paid to complete the work. LxBGAMES are currently looking for support on Sweet Life but any applicants interested in contract work will be kept on file for future projects.

If you are interested, contact:

Laurece Brown