Train2Game News UKIE on Spending Review


Chancellor George Osborne published the Comprehensive Spending Review today, setting out the government’s spending plans for the next three years.

Several announcements were made which are important for the UK games industry:

Apprenticeship Levy – a 0.5% levy will be applied to the payroll of all businesses with a wage bill above £3 million, and the money raised used to fund apprenticeships

Arts Council funding – the Arts Council will receive an increase in its budget. Ukie are already in discussion with the Arts Council about how they can give further support to games projects, and we will continue this conversation. Details on the additional funding are still forthcoming.

Innovate UK funding – overall funding provided to businesses by Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board) will be kept at the same level. However, many of the grants currently offered will instead be offered as loans, reducing the cost to government.

DCMS budget – the operational budget of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport will be reduced by 20%.

Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie, responded to the CSR, saying:

“This spending review has many important announcements for the UK games industry. Getting the Apprenticeship Levy right in particular is crucial, and Ukie will continue to work closely with government and our partners across the creative industries to ensure it provides real benefits for the games industry. There have also been significant changes announced to the way that UKTI and Innovate UK will work, and additional funding for the Arts Council. We have a great relationship with these organisations and will continue to help them reach games sector companies who would benefit from their support. Our goal is to make sure the support government gives the games industry works for all parts of the industry, and our suggested actions are laid out in our Blueprint for Growth report.”

Train2Game News PLAY Expo Glasgow


Replay Events, the team behind PLAY Expo Manchester and PLAY Expo Blackpool, are bringing their fan favourite gaming show to Scotland next year.

PLAY Expo Glasgow will be a celebration of gaming across the ages designed to unite the game community across Scotland in one huge event that will feature a whole host of video gaming related treats.

From hundreds of retro gaming consoles and computers, classic arcade and pinball machines through to some of the best indie and current generation games, PLAY Expo will bring veteran gamers and newcomers together like never before.

One partnership at next year’s show that reflects this idea perfectly is with ‘Versus Scotland’ the Scottish fighting game specialists who will host a number of prize tournaments over the weekend, challenging the very best fighting game competitors in Scotland.

Versus Scotland’s Russell Williamson said “Versus Scotland are delighted to hear that Replay Events will be bringing their fantastic Play Expo event to Scotland. We look forward to working with Replay Events in bringing together our experience, expertise, and passion, to ensure that the first Scottish PLAY Expo becomes a standout event in 2016.”

For more information visit the website here:

Tickets are now on sale at the following location:

Train2Game News Cocos2d-x Engine


Chukong USA today revealed several of the top grossing games rocketing up the 2015 charts in the App Store and Google Play have been developed with the award winning Cocos2d-x game engine.

Cocos2d-x is the world’s largest open source mobile game engine with over 490,000 registered developers and 50,000 published titles. According to research firm AppAnnie’s game index, Cocos developers from indie to enterprise alike have recently achieved the prestigious top 10 ranking with games including: Clash of Kings, Puzzle & Dragons, Monster Strike, Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile, Big Fish Casino, The Legend of Mir 2, The King of Fighters’ 98, and the new indie title Floors.

Ricardo Quesada, the main author of Cocos2d, said: “We’re focused on providing a powerful, yet lightweight game engine with easy-to-use APIs, intuitive tools, and an enthusiastic community. Additionally, with the availability of Cocos SDKBOX, we can further offer mobile game developers a comprehensive solution for building and marketing highly polished, well-performing games, as exemplified by these top performing games in the app stores.”

Hiroshi Sugiyama, Chief Engineer of Alim, a subsidiary of gumi Inc., said: “We chose Cocos2d-x for its excellent multi-platform support and open source code; no part of Cocos2d-x is a black box. Its potential as a great game development tool helped us right from the beginning. When we began production on Brave Frontier, Cocos2d-x had just been released; tools and information was scarce at the time. Thanks to the platform, we were able to deliver a high quality game.”

Yuri Sanachev, developer with Ketchapp, said: “Floors was my first mobile project, and it only took about a week to learn Cocos2d-x basics for designing the core gameplay. The Cocos engine is very flexible and developer-friendly, while the resources, memory management, particle engine and actions model made my life a lot easier. I also leveraged the Cocos SDKBOX IAP, and I’m looking forward to the roadmap of future integrations and updates that will be invaluable for my games.”

Additionally, today’s news falls on the heels of a recent update to Cocos SDKBOX, where thousands of developers are already leveraging the framework for managing game data SDKs used for analytics, attribution, user acquisition, social, IAP, mediation and other live operations services to grow their player base and rise to the top of the app store charts. Since the release of SDKBOX version 1.3 in September, the number of games with the service installed has grown to over 4,500 titles.

For more information on Cocos2d-x and SDKBOX, please visit us at

Train2Game News Train2Game welcomes Ombudsman Decision

12 November 2015 – It is widely known, in the public domain, that Train2Game is leading the way bringing City & Guilds to the gaming sector.

This decision was not taken lightly and followed an extensive period of consultation with our students who persuaded us to go the City and Guilds route.

Subsequently, a tiny number of students, for reasons unknown, claimed this was a retrograde step, one deciding to raise the issue with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The Ombudsman service stated in their findings, “I think that in this case the alternative offered is a better quality product…..”

Adding, “……the new qualification is more widely recognised internationally and is more prestigious so likely to lead to better opportunities for students”.

The Ombudsman service also stated, “I am persuaded that the new qualification offered is better than Mr S signed up for. If he had completed the course I think it is likely he would have been in a better position to get a job”.

Train2Game welcomes the final decision and endorsement of the Ombudsman that the complaint was unfounded and that City and Guilds exam (qualification) is superior to TIGA exam (qualification).

In view of this decision Train2Game will continue to lead the way bringing the “more prestigious” qualification(s) to its students and to the gaming sector via City & Guilds.

Train2Game News Rumpus Animation hit Kickstarter goal


Studio with working Train2Game student get last minute surge of investment to reach target

Train2Game student Leah Panigada and her team successfully raise funding for comedy point-and-click sequel Bertram Fiddle. Rumpus Animation is based in Bristol and Leah is a full time employee at the company alongside studying with Train2Game. The Kickstarter went down to the wire, achieving its £25,000 target with one day to spare, the total now sits at over £28,000.

Train2Game spoke to Leah to find out more about her studies, Rumpus Animation and what’s next now the Kickstarter is complete.

Leah Panigada, Rumpus Animation and Train2Game: ‘I am currently a Train2Game student. I have been for a year and a half. It can be quite difficult as I am currently on the design course. I’m a 2D digital artist so find the 3D things quite different to what I’m used to! I most defiantly feel my experience with Train2Game has been positive. Although it’s a struggle to learn a new art form I feel like it’s all worth knowing. The Train2Game courses are very thorough and are very good at keeping you up to date on the latest changes to the industry. I’m the only person on my team at work that is studying Train2Game although my best friend is also taking a Train2Game course. She is taking the coding side and we hope to make some small app games in the future.’

‘Rumpus animation is owned by Joe Wood and Seb Burnett. They founded it in 2011 and have been creating animation for the BBC, CBBC, GOOGLE JAPAN, AARDMAN, as well as plenty of one off projects from loads of different clients. About two years ago Seb and Joe decided to pitch Bertram Fiddle as a point and click adventure game. Safe to say that the whole studio is VERY excited to make the turn from an animation company to a game and animation company!’

‘The Bristol development scene is thriving! The Bristol Games Hub is a community of gamers, game developers and game publishers all under one roof! They really support each other and have regular meet ups for other game developers in the area. It’s refreshing to see so many unique and interesting new games and ideas being made. Link to their site is here:

‘Our team is actually very young. Our producer, Elise Townsend  – Who is newest on our team is the youngest at 22. Dan Emmerson and I are 23 to 24. Seb and Joe are in their 30s. I was only just starting work experience with Rumpus when Bertram Fiddle one was starting up but they still accepted me as part of the team. I was still learning loads about animation and how to set animation up for games. Now I’m a full time member of the studio and the second game is going to start soon! So yes I have been here while the first game was released. Let’s hope it’s the same for the second!

‘Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement is the sequel to our first game. In this new adventure Bertram Finds himself framed for a murdering he did not commit. We plan to make this game Puzzlier, Punnier and more perplexing than ever! It’s a story-based comedy point and click adventure game set in Victorian London. We are planning to put a lot of weird new characters in this one inspired by Victorian Novels, HammerHorror and Lovecraft. Episode 1 was featured on the app store and received ‘The Best Narrative’ award from Tokyo indie fest, 2015.’

‘There’s some great humour in there. Seb is the creator and writer of all the jokes and story in the game. The bizarreness of it really makes it fun to work on everyday! You never know if you’ll be designing a werewolf or animating a Fish-man! I think it’s a great game for kids but also brilliant for the more mature audience. In a sense we have drawn inspiration from many different places! Like Gavin the Cyclops from Mythology, – Count Fulchmuckle – who has red eyes and a taste for ‘exotic’ things. We also have Lady Ravisham from Charles Dickens – Great expectations, and Geoff the murderer from any old school murder Mystery!’

‘I feel that the first games was received really well. Nearly all the feedback we got was positive and complimented the humour and look of the game. Some people felt that the puzzles weren’t difficult enough which is something we really want to work on with the second game. Other than that, it’s great to see that people can understand what Bertram Fiddle is about and that his character is pretty human. Although I feel like people warmed up to Gavin more than Bertram. ‘

‘We’ve been working a lot on our Kickstarter and trying to catch as much attention as possible. Our short videos and gifs have been a blast for us and the fans! As for the sequel, it’s got a storyline, a bunch of awesome new characters, Concept-art, Fan-art, puzzle ideas and backgrounds ready to go! We also have a production blog for Kickstarter backers were you’ll be able to keep up to date with our processes. I really can’t wait to start on it! Dan and I have been given a lot more freedom when it comes to creating the puzzles, designing/ animating characters and story.’

‘The support for the second game has been overwhelming! Seb acting even weirder than normal and has had very little sleep. The Kickstarter was incredible, there were some really cool prizes up for grabs. Some of my faves were the ‘MEMBERSHIP TO THE ADVENTURER’S CLUB reward you will get this fantastic 8 inch, book-shaped tin, printed to look like a, er, book, so you can hide all your secret Adventuring bits and bobs away. There’s a really cool art book coming out that will have some awesome work from many a talented artist’s such as Warwick Johnson Cadwell and Violaine Briat. If you’ve been keeping up with twitter you’ll know who! We’ve also given backers the opportunity to be a character in the game! I’m very Jealous of that one!’

‘It feels great and exciting that we successfully completed our Kickstarter but also a bit strange because the constant hype from 30 days is now over. Although now we are all running around and finishing all of our other projects so that we can fully concentrate on the game. It’s going to be really REALLY busy! We are such a small team that there is never not something to do! To all the people who supported us, it’s just been so overwhelming, exciting, nerve wrecking and stressful, haha, – don’t think we’ll be making another Kickstarter for a while! – but just the biggest of Thankyou’s to those who supported us and I hope that you enjoy playing our game as much as we will enjoy making it.’

The Kickstarter has now successfully finished. It’s a superb game and with a Train2Game student involved, it would be great if the community could continue to support Leah. If you are interested in learning more, find all the information you need at the links below.

Bertram Website:

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Train2Game News time2win stress test


Tournament platform time2win starts into its announced stresstest on November 9th, 2015.

In this open testphase of the platform, 41.000 euros will be distributed as prize money and gaming equipment worth over 10.000 euros will be raffled! Registrations are now open on “You are able to play for prizes of up to 200 € in about 60 Tournaments with 16 to 32 participating Teams”, says CEO Christopher Young. “But even the last place will be rewarded for their participation in our stresstest. We want all players to experience, how to play and win on time2win.”

Besides time2win-tournaments, with prizemoney set by time2win and its partners, other modes like challenges and buy-in-tournaments will be usable on the platform as well. “We know, that players don’t just want to participate in our own tournaments, but also try and test the other features we offer. The starting capital for our money features can be won in our time2win tournaments”, comments COO Björn Ruessel.

Platform development will be ongoing until official release during the next months. “We strive to elevate eSports onto a new level”, says Björn Rüssel. “Competitive eSports including prizemoney should be accessible to everybody. Everybody deserves a realistic chance to win prizes!”

time2win plans not only online tournaments but also offline events as well, with more games joining the mix, like CS:GO or RocketLeague.

Besides existing partners, known brands like TeamSpeak cooperate with time2win. The company even sponsors own tournaments during the stresstest. Furthermore Avira, Mionix, Slightly Mad Studios – producer of “Project CARS”, energydrink-company Tantrum, and Musterbrand joined as partners. More information can be found in this three minute long video, describing existing and planned features for time2win.

Train2Game News Rumpus Animation needs your support


Rumpus Animation needs your support to Kickstart Bertram Fiddle sequel

Train2Game student Leah Panigada and her team looking to raise funding for comedy point-and-click title

Rumpus Animation, a Bristol based animation company are currently funding the second part of their 2D comedy point and click adventure game called The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle.

Train2Game’s Leah works at Rumpus Animation creating 2D digital art/ animations and games in Bristol. Rumpus created the first game of Bertram Fiddle about a year ago – Seb Burnett – Creator and Director/ Illustrator, Joe Wood -Lead Animator/ Lead Editor, Leah Panigada- Storyboards Animator/ designer, Dan Emmerson – Technical Artist and programmer, Ellise – has recently joined the team for the second game, as Producer.

Bertram Fiddle, the world’s self-proclaimed leading Victorian explorator, is back in Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement! Once more Bertram and Gavin, his trusty man servant, find themselves in a bit of a pickle. Geoff the Murderer, the elusive serial killer who has evaded capture by the top detectives, is still on the run and Bertram must continue to wander the murky and mysterious streets of Victorian London to hunt him down and reveal his true identity.

But in this second episode Bertram has been framed for a murder that he did not commit and must now struggle to clear his name to be able to continue with the mystery that goes much deeper than he expected, and really does leave him in a Bleaker Predicklement.
The game, inspired by point and click games such as Monkey Island and following in the comedy footsteps of Day of the Tentacle, The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is set to be available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

The Kickstarter has a few days to go and we still have quite a way to go to reach our goal. It’s a superb game and with a Train2Game student involved, it would be great if the community could support. Find all the information you need at the links below.

Bertram Website:

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Train2Game News UKIE planning for industry growth


The Blueprint for Growth report, commissioned by Ukie, sets out recommendations that will grow the UK games industry by £1bn by 2020

A new report, commissioned by games trade body Ukie, launches at a high-level Parliament event today. The Blueprint for Growth report sets out a series of recommendations for the decision makers in UK parliament that will see the industry grow by an estimated £1bn by 2020. The report can be read in full here.

The independent report, conducted by Olsberg SPI on behalf on the trade body, is based on a series of consultations with over 40 stakeholders from across industry and government. It also includes a literature review of over 60 reports, evaluations, and policy proposal documents, relating to both the UK and the global games industry.

The Blueprint tracks the evolution of the UK games industry since the 1980s, demonstrating the fast-evolving business models unique to the sector, and the perfect blend of British creativity and innovations in technology used by games businesses that have helped the UK become one of the most successful games exporters in the world.

The report also identifies a number of market failures that the sector faces which threaten the global competitiveness and standing of the UK games industry, as well as its potential to spill over and transfer knowledge, skills and innovation to other creative digital sectors. It follows with a series of recommendations that will collectively lead to the UK games sector contributing another £1bn annually to the British economy.

These recommendations include:

1. UK and EU funding to fully and equitably recognise the contribution of games, ensuring effective support alongside other creative industries
2. Support regional growth, FDI and exports across the UK
3. Grow, attract and retain the best talent
4. Create the best tax environment and digital marketplace to do business worldwide
5. Promote games-as-culture and celebrate cutting-edge UK innovation

Each of these key recommendations is cemented with realistic actions that parliament members can take to ensure that the recommendations are satisfied. The fulfilling of these recommendations, the report states, will create more economic return in the games industry and create an environment that allows start-up games businesses to flourish.

The Blueprint for Growth Report will be officially launched at Ukie’s Annual Westminster Reception on Tuesday 03 November. The evening reception will be the culmination of the trade body’s first Westminster Video Games Industry Day, where leading names in the UK games industry will visit Parliament for a day of activity designed to showcase successes of the industry, and lobby and educate MPs to the needs of the sector. Minister of State for Culture and Digital Economy Ed Vaizey will deliver a keynote speech at the event to an audience of MPs, Ukie members and key stakeholders.

Other key figures from the report include:

    21 million people play games in the UK
    The UK’s games market is currently worth £3.944bn
    44% of UK games players are female; 22% are aged 45-64
    There are 1,900 games companies in the UK
    There are twelve established clusters throughout the UK, from Dundee to Leamington Spa to Bristol, and six further areas with critical mass
    95% of games companies are SMEs with clear potential for growth

Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie, said “The UK Games industry blends the best of British creativity with leading technology, creating successful games exported around the world. It’s great to see this report unequivocally recognise this and show that games is now one of the UK’s major creative sectors, a source of economic growth and a mainstream part of British culture.

Government already recognises that the games sector can help meet their ambitions for increasing prosperity in the regions and doubling UK exports and the report outlines how this can be achieved. This can only be achieved by working in partnership with industry, looking globally but acting locally to maximise the potential of the UK sector in a digitally connected global marketplace.”

Chris White, MP for Warwick and Leamington, and Chair of APPG for Video Games, said, “The Blueprint for Growth report raises a number of important questions when considering support for the games sector in the UK in the years ahead.  As Chair of the APPG on Video Games, and the MP for an area with a rapidly expanding games industry, I know just how important it is to support the sector.

I hope that the Government will take note of the findings of the report and that we can all work together to ensure that the UK games industry grows on the world stage, taking as much of the projected 7.9% annual growth rate in global revenues as possible.”

Noirin Carmody, COO and owner of Revolution Software, and Chair of the Ukie Board, said, “This Blueprint for Growth report highlights the fantastic successes of our innovative and fast-moving sector, and outlines how the Government can act to help our industry continue to grow and flourish. The recommended interventions will help the sector grow and create the perfect environment for the UK to become the world’s leading destination for games development.”

Andrew Barnes, Associate Director of Olsberg SPI, said, “This report represents a comprehensive overview of the state of the UK games industry, and highlights the tremendous growth of the sector over the last few years.  In conducting this report, the consultancy Olsberg SPI interviewed stakeholders across industry and the public sector, undertaking an independent evaluation of their perspectives together with researching a broad range of other data. We look forward to seeing where the UK games industry will be by 2020 if the recommendations set out in this report are followed.”

Train2Game News 3D Scans to video game characters


3D graphics startup Uraniom has unveiled their new platform that turns raw 3D scans into playable video game avatars, giving life to the longstanding dream of millions of gamers.

Creating a 3D scan was once a complex and expensive operation. Today, the technology is widely available thanks to solutions such as the Occipital Structure Sensor, which already works with many mobile devices, the Intel® RealSense™ R200 which is about to be found in various flagship tablets, and lastly, in the future for regular smartphones with an app-based scanning approach by Dacuda. Uraniom is partnering with these leading 3D scanning companies to create playable life-like avatars.

“Until now, integrating a new video game character required the expertise and manual operation of a 3D specialist,” explains Nicolas Hériveaux, the Co-Founder and CTO of Uraniom. “To make matters worse, this process is completely different for each game because there is no industry standard. Our mission was to find out how we can transform a manual, time-consuming and expert-only operation into an automated, fast and easily-accessible process. I believe with our platform we have done just that.”

When the founding team of Uraniom began working on this project almost one year ago, the technical challenges seemed impossible to tackle. After months of prototyping and hundreds of scans tested on various games, the Uraniom team is excited to release their technology to the public.

Through the Uraniom platform, users now have the ability to add a 3D scan, create an avatar and integrate it into one of the compatible games. The new character will work with all of the game’s native animations and moves.

“We know how hard it is to develop a video game,” explains Loïc Ledoux, the Co-Founder and CEO of Uraniom. “From the very beginning, our goal was to avoid any interference with the workflow of game studios. Yet we still wanted to keep the avatar installation process as straightforward as possible for the users.”

The overwhelmingly positive feedback and excitement shown by testers of the early prototype have been highly encouraging for the Uraniom team. As it turns out, playing with a photorealistic digital copy of oneself in game allows for an unprecedented level of immersion.

Petr Benýšek, the CTO of Bohemia Interactive, who has been following the project very closely said that “this is a new turning point reached for the relation between the player and the game world”. He added that at Bohemia, “we always support our amazing community and love to see what people are able to create on top of our games. It’s been a pleasure to assist the Uraniom team who has used that capability to bring this exciting new technology to the whole Arma 3 community.”

Uraniom will showcase the platform at the Paris Games Week (October 28th to November 1st), and will release the public beta on November 13th. For more information visit:

Train2Game News Student studio on the hunt for Artists


Train2Game student Josh Procter and his friend William Marsden have created their own studio and are now on the hunt for artists to join them

Friends Josh and Will have created SVS games and released their first game.  They are now looking to recruit team members to work on the next seven titles they have planned.

Josh is currently studying Train2Game which has helped their collaboration. Both plan to use the studio to work together but also have individual aspirations in the games industry. They are interested in the creative side of gaming and love to come up with ideas.

Since releasing their first game, Marathon, both are really excited with what they created and what more they can do. They sort industry advice in creating Marathon and it was received well. The studio was created in 2015 but the pair have collaborated for some time. Both live in West Yorkshire.  

The guys are now on the lookout for artists to join the team as they have a growing list of games planned for the future. They are on the lookout for people who are: productive, passionate and have personality.

Train2Game interviewed the guys to hear about their projects

Please introduce yourselves, what course you are on and where you are from?  

Josh: Hi. My name is Josh Procter. I’m from Bradford, West Yorkshire. I’m just on the back end of the T2G Designer course.

Will: My name is William Marsden, I’m from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. I graduated Teesside University in November 2014 with a BA in Computer Games Design (2:1)

What is the name of your studio and who are the members?

Will: Myself and Josh came together in early 2015 to form SVS Games.

Josh: Yeah. Me and Will have been working together for a while but officially SVS Games was created early 2015.

What was the idea behind the name of the studio?

Josh: SVS means Samurai vs Spartan. Because Will is totally into Murmillo fighting and I am a born Samurai with my years of sword training.

Will: Well it’s our aim to make the kinds of games that we both loved as kids. SVS Games is a way we can showcase our game development skills to attract potential employers, whilst still trying to make our mark on the Indie game world.

Are you enjoying Train2Game and are your studies going well?

Josh: I’ll field this. I’m loving the T2G course, but I’m a very busy guy. The only reason I haven’t finished yet!

What do you hope to gain from taking the course?

Josh: Well, I personally want to write the games myself. And this has given me the skills to write better and create them. Which teams me and Will perfectly.

What is your dream in terms of working in the games industry?

Will: Well I have lots of ideas for pretty huge games. So ideally I’d want to be in a position where I can bring those ideas to life, a creative direction position seems the best position to do that.

Josh: I just really want to be the writing force behind those games. I’m an ideas man. I drift off and let myself come up with new ideas.

So what has it been like completing your first game?

Will: It has been fantastic, We have been working together to make some really involved design work for potential future games, I received some advice from a local Indie Developer to just release something small to get our names out there. Once it was out there and we got over the shock that something we had worked on was out there for everyone, the ball really started to roll and we’re well on the way to our next release.

Josh: It has been kick-butt honestly. I love working with Will and to be able to sit there after it was out, we both sort of looked at each other like “wow, we have a game for sale”
Big stuff man. Big stuff.

Can you tell us about Marathon, what were the challenges in creating this game?

Will: I think my biggest issue was keeping it small. Josh and I have this terrible problem where we keep trying to add too much to something and make more work for ourselves.

Josh: Me and Will cannot help adding more. We sat there with a product we were happy with and then went. LET’S DO MORE!
How has it been received?

Will: Actually pretty well considering it was just a quiet release by two guys who hadn’t really done anything before. I keep checking it and we have a nice steady stream of viewers and downloads. We are yet to have a negative comment, so I count that as a win. 

Josh: It’s going nice actually. Neither of us was expecting to make the next big thing. But we wanted to get our names out there and this game is a really nice little start.

Why did you choose to release on Windows?

Will: Honestly because it would be the quickest turnover from development to release. We’re currently looking at releasing on other platforms, including android via Google Play.

And what are you working on next, I hear you have another title in the pipeline?

Will: I like to stay busy and yeah, Josh and I are always working on something. I think the current count is at 6 or 7 games planned for the future or in development at the moment.

Josh: When we started, we had one MASSIVE game in the pipeline, with completed design documents and pitch documents. But we realized it’s far too big a project to start with. We came up with 3 small games to start with, which turned to 4 and so on. I think the count is 7 at the moment. But last night me and Will discussed another one.

And you are on the hunt for developers to join the team and assist with the project, artists and animators?

Will: Most definitely, Artists and Animators are always in demand in the games industry and we’re no different.
Josh: In the future, yeah I’d love to take on some new people! But I think we’re just starting out and maybe another one or two people to work with. They’d have to be into swords.

What are you looking for in new team members? What character traits?

Will: Someone who works hard, likes to swap and share ideas and someone who is above all else, passionate about gaming.
Josh: I think after years of work. I cannot stand people who half-arse jobs. I really don’t want to sound like a grumpy boss but people have to pull their weight. I just finished moving and lost my entire internet but I still did everything I could to push our projects forward.
Aside from that, they’d need a great personality and to have a laugh.

Is joining the studio a good opportunity, and why?

Will: I would definitely say so. Opportunities to work with other game developers is beneficial for everyone involved, we all share the work load and each get an equal share of the credit. Most employers look for people who have game development experience. The best way by far to do that is to release some games.

Josh: Exactly. I’d love to have some other people working with us. It’s always a good idea to make your own things. Think how indie developers get massive. It’s all about content and quality. You put your heart into a game and it might end up being the next big thing. I think for myself and Will, it’s not about getting famous or super rich, it’s about creating the games that people will lose themselves in. I can’t get over massive moments in games that I go back to thinking about years later. I still have the DmC3 cut scenes on my phone that I watch monthly.

What are the plans for the studio?  

Will: We are both going to continue to working on games together until we catch the eye of an employer or we start making enough money to make a career of making games for SVS Games full time.

Josh: Keep releasing content. Keep having fun.

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