Train2Game News A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming


A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming includes everything you need to gain a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the modern era of the videogame industry, all in one book.

A year in the making, and benefiting from over 25 years of accumulated knowledge and insight, A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming is out and available now on Amazon, Kindle, and digital distribution service Gumroad.

Written by videogame industry professional Olivers Snyders, A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming includes a treasure trove of information on videogames, the people behind them, the industry surrounding them, the culture that nurtures them, important trends of today, and exciting technologies of the future.

Anyone new to this wonderful, weird, amazing, heart-warming, thought-provoking, awe-inspiring, and at times loathsome world will gain an immense understanding of who makes games, how they’re made, and which six major groups contribute to the growth and evolution of the industry, while learning about the eight major life cycles that a videogame must go through to become a product ready for fans to enjoy.

Even if you’ve been following videogames for years, A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming will help you to expand your appreciation of the industry with detailed, sub-surface answers to questions about what makes a game fun, successful, addictive, and even ‘great’ in the eyes of fans, while spotlighting important trends of today that will dramatically impact future innovations. The book also discusses how the world will react to new technologies, like virtual reality, and how new online services and a few young upstarts are slowly revolutionising how we play, buy, and discuss games in the future, leaving traditional publishers, developers, retailers, and press outlets to struggle to adapt and survive.

And just what are videogames, anyway? What are they today – for better or worse – and what does their potential allow for them to become? And how will the fans themselves radically affect the course of the industry over the next four years?

No matter your familiarity, if you’re curious to learn more about videogames, A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming contains everything you need to begin, continue, and enjoy that journey.

For more information, and to read a lengthy excerpt from the book regarding what makes a game ‘fun,’ visit the official A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming website:

Train2Game News Sheldon Gilmore in The Advertiser


Train2Game student Sheldon Gilmore featured in local newspaper

Iron Man enthusiast interviewed in Herts Advertiser newspaper and online video

After originally appearing on the official Train2Game blog, Train2Game’s resident Iron Man has received a write up in his local paper and a video interview on the paper’s website.

Sheldon Gilman has featured many times on the Train2Game blog and even contributes regular blog updates charting his progress in creating awesome Cosplay. His local newspaper in Hertfordshire has now featured him in the newspaper in a story all about his cosplay ambitions and also interviewed him at his family home for the paper’s website.

Sheldon has been working with the Train2Game Communications team who are regularly charting his progress on the blog. The Train2Game team bought the story to the attention of The Herts Advertiser as part of Train2Game’s ongoing commitment to supporting students and their development as professionals in the video games and related industries.

If you would like to hear more about Sheldon and his progress creating the ultimate Iron Man suit, make sure to keep an eye on the Train2Game blog.

Read the full interview and watch the video here


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Train2Game News Pokkén Tournament worldwide release


The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo today announced the upcoming release of Pokkén Tournament for Nintendo’s Wii U.

Currently an arcade game available only in Japan, Pokkén Tournament for Wii U will be released worldwide in spring 2016.

Developed in collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., producers of TEKKEN®, one of the most successful fighting-game franchises in history, Pokkén Tournament brings Pokémon to life in a way never before seen, where Pokémon in battle move in direct response to the player’s actions. The intuitive controls make this fighting game accessible to players of all skill levels, and the stunning visuals emphasise the size and power of each Pokémon.

“Pokkén Tournament combines the best elements of a traditional fighting game with an authentic Pokémon experience,” said J.C. Smith, director of Consumer Marketing at The Pokémon Company International. “Fans will be thrilled to see their favourite Pokémon battle in a whole new way.”

For more information, please visit:

Train2Game News IndieDevKit launched


IndieDevKit, an online destination offering expert guidance to self-publishing video game developers, launches today.

Founded by Leonie Manshanden, owner of SouthPaw Strategy, former VP of Irrational Games and Tim Ponting, owner of agency Renegade PR, the website provides downloadable guides on a variety of marketing and operations subjects, priced between $5.00 and $15.00. Additional tools include interactive wizards with a ‘pay-what-you-want’ donation model, plus resource listings to help developers save time hunting down the same information. For teams that require hands-on support, the site offers a variety of highly competitive and transparently costed services, but for studios on a tight budget, IndieDevKit is designed expressly to help developers to help themselves.

“My co-founder Tim and I have been manning the frontline for well over 200 game launches,” explains Leonie Manshanden, CEO. “We created IndieDevKit because we passionately believe no one should have to rely on anecdotal information to make critical decisions for their studio or game launch. After watching people make the same mistakes over and over again because they could not afford help, we wanted to make our experience accessible to all studios, even those who are bootstrapping.”

Topics covered by the site range from operational guides on Legal Basics to specific marketing and communication documents such as Anatomy of a Modern Press Release. Alongside this are a set of interactive tools, for example a Budget Wizard designed to help studios get started, as well as resources such as a vendor directory for commonly needed support services. More material and iterations on the existing offerings will be added over time. All IndieDevKit’s materials have been carefully crafted by the founders and vetted by other experts, developers and official data sources.

Train2Game News Derp Studios release Warhammer app


Train2Game students create licensed Tactical Objectives App for Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 table-top game

Derp Studios to release officially licensed App to accompany latest version of popular sci-fi battle game

Independent Video Games and Apps developer, Derp Studios, has created a tactical objectives App to accompany the Warhammer 40,000 board game. The team which includes Train2Game students has been working with Games Workshop to create the App.

The App has been designed to assist in playing the latest version of the popular table top game, offering a digital version of tactical objectives cards which previously were only available on limited edition print runs. This is one of the first ever officially licensed Tactical Objectives Apps which supports the Warhammer 40,000 board game.

Derp Studios join prestigious companies already working with Games Workshop and Warhammer. Games publisher THQ are an official licensee of the popular brand. The company also creates a series of figures based on JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy in association with Warner Brothers.

Games Workshop was founded in 1975 in Nottingham is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The incredibly successful UK based company declared revenues of £119.1m in May 2015 for the previous fiscal year.

Train2Game spoke with Derp Studios CEO, Chris Ledger, about the App and working with this incredibly popular brand.

Derp Studios

Chris Ledger, CEO and Lead Designer of Derp Studios, “Derp Studios was formed late 2011 during Make Something Unreal Live 2012 hosted by Train2Game and Epic Games, where we developed a mobile title based on the Fighting Fantasy IP.  Since then we’ve done a couple of self-funded projects and most recently we have become Games Workshop Licensees!”

“The team is made up of core team members and contributors, some Train2Game and some not associated. Both Max Dymond and I are Train2Game students. Max is studying the Art and Animation course and I studied Game Design. I quite enjoyed my course.  It was documentation heavy and there was plenty to keep me going.  I haven’t technically finished the course as of yet since I’ve been running my own studio, however the course definitely helped show the ropes. Applying that knowledge to the real world has certainly got me places. Also, to those students that are torn between study and finding a job in the industry, its okay to put the course on hold, its flexible learning and you can always come back to it.”

Creation of the App

“The Warhammer 40,000:  Tactical Objectives App is one of the first hobby Apps to directly support the Warhammer 40,000 table-top board game.  The aim of the App is to enable players who don’t have a physical copy of either the regular or faction based Tactical Objectives cards to be able to own their factions deck, since the physical copies are on limited print runs. So the app is fairly niche as it appeals to Warhammer 40,000 table-top players, however that doesn’t mean the target audience is small in any way!”

“A few other companies have tried their hands at hobby apps with their own IP’s and there are a few third party apps as well like army list builders and dice rollers being the most common.  Some have worked out well, others not so well.  The WH40k: Tactical Objectives app is the equivalent to the game’s physical tactical objective cards in every way, only digitalised and the maths calculated for you when you score points, draw, discard and achieve objectives.”

“Originally players had to roll 2 D6 (or a D66, two 6 sided dice), to generate objectives from the rulebook each turn.  You had to re-roll any duplicate objectives though which could get frustrating and you then had to make a note of which ones you had.  The physical cards sped that process up and the app further speeds things up by calculating points and adhering to parameters, as well as meeting the demand of players wanting faction based tactical objectives, which as I mentioned before are on limited print cycles.”

“I got sick of rolling D66’s and I used my uber documentation skills and fortunate position in running my own game dev team to write up some high concepts and pitches, which I then sent off to the Games Workshop licensing team who loved the idea.”

“So for all you game designers/app designers out there.  Documentation is still important!  Don’t shrug it off as it can get you places!”

Games Workshop/Warhammer 40,000

“The relationship with Games Workshop began during the beginning of Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition which was released at the end of last year (2014).  The Maelstrom of War missions were the thing everyone was playing (and are still playing today).  I wanted to get myself some regular tactical objective cards but they sold out like hot cakes, especially since they were only a fiver.”

“Games Workshop are really good work alongside with.  They’ve been really supportive and have provided a lot of assets for us to use.  So far it’s been nothing but positive and a really enjoyable experience!”

“We get given digital assets for use in the app which have been originally made for print runs.  So when we get some huge art pieces, I usually sit there mesmerised by all the detail.”

“I have recently visited their HQ in Nottingham, which is also home to Warhammer World, a museum of over 200,000 miniatures, featuring some MASSIVE insanely detailed dioramas.  Also the fact Black Library, Games Workshop and Forgeworld and a massive gaming hall are all in the same room, I was truly the definition of a kid in a candy store.  My wallet is still burning.  On the plus side, my Tau Empire army has some awesome Forgeworld models in it now!”

What’s next

“For Derp Studios this app alone is a big milestone in the company!  I’m not sure what the future holds for more hobby apps within the Warhammer 40,000 IP, however if I’m unable to produce another hobby app then I’d happily make a small licensed video game for them.”

“The app is nearly finished; it’s just being polished up lots and constant testing of in app purchases and things like that. It’s released later this quarter.”

“I’d like to keep working alongside Games Workshop.  They really appreciate what we’re doing and we’re extremely grateful for being accepted as licensees. I have some ideas of what I would like to do but nothing solid at the moment.”

“I’m always writing down designs and ideas and to keep my skills sharp in Unreal Engine 4 I usually dabble with reconstructing a Dire Consequences remake, which I’m pretty pleased about.”


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Train2Game News Extra Credits EDU curation channel


After a successful initial beta, the Extra Credits EDU curation channel on Steam formally launched today!

Created in partnership with teachers from Nordahl Greig High School in Norway, the list makes it easy for teachers and students alike to find good educational games along with basic guidelines to use them in class. Given the correct mindset and approach, even commercial titles such as Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock can become valuable teaching and learning tools.

Developers at Slitherine (Commander: Europe at War and To End All Wars), 11 Bit Studios (This War of Mine) and Little Worlds Interactive (The Counting Kingdom) have thrown their support behind the project by providing teachers who use the Curators list with free video game licenses. The team at Gamindex have also begun writing full, educationally-focused reviews to help teachers who wish to learn more about the games on the Extra Credits EDU curation list.

While the curation channel has moved into a formal release, the effort to grow the list continues. The games featured vary greatly in their content, complexity, and theme, and are assembled thanks to the continued efforts of volunteers.

Experienced educators are invited to improve the list by reaching out to with their suggestions.

Train2Game News Introducing Heresy Studios


Train2Game catch-up with Steven Herod CEO of student studio

This week Tain2Game spoke with Steven Herod in regards to his student studio Heresy Studios. Heresy is a student studio, made up a majority of Train2Game students. It’s working on multiple projects and operating an ‘all welcome’ policy when it comes to recruiting new team members.

The team are great advocates of ‘learning through doing’ and have recruited many team members through the offer of creating portfolio content. Train2Game spoke to Steven about what the team are currently working on, recruitment and what Heresy has planned in the future.

Steven Herod, CEO, Heresy Games: “I’m classed as the team leader/boss but within the group I have four team leaders, Chris is Team Leader on the frosty Pigeon project, Jason is running the House project, Myself and Valo are running Ming In Space Project, Mauro and Heather are running Desert Raiders (Newest addition to the list).”

“We came together, well let me start from the beginning, I started the course and made that first game on construct 2, Asteroid dodger game, And I thought about how to expand it and make is an actual decent game, Me and My bestfriend (Cara, She quit XD), started to the make the group.”

“As I was getting really eager to make something happen and Cara basically put it all off I started asking around the forum for some people to work with me, that’s where I got Heather to join. She spent most her weekends working on the logo, different panda images etc. She became a very valuable member.”

“At the same time I was talking to an artist called slinkydink (Not her real name) and she was supposed to help with the company logo (heather’s logo was for the actual game), Slinky kept putting it off and it never got done BUT she set up a TeamSpeak channel and started inviting people from the course.”

“This is where we got one of our artists: Vampii (Not her real name, She’s really called Nair) So Nair has been doing some concept art ideas, different animal images etc. and she introduced me to Mauro (Her son’s godmother’s son or something like that) and he immediately started on some artwork too.”

“This is when I decided Ming In Space is going to be huge and 3D XD, So this prompted me to recruit like crazy,  Whilst all of this was happening I was a part of a Train2Game developers group on Skype which was set up by one of the students, (Think its Richard S) and I’ve grabbed a couple of developers from there, One of whom is Valo (He’s done some unity terrains and is really taking to this teamwork business ideas).”

“One night I stayed up until about 5am messaging a lot of people on Train2Game course that had posted about working on projects etc. And we’ve got ourselves a nice range of QA Level Designs and just Designers too, many of whom are on the About Us section of the website but since we’ve increased in numbers I need to update that. There are many members I could write about but then you’d just be here for ages XD”

“I feel we all work extremely well together, most of us have the course in common (This is my recruitment selling point, I can say that because we’ll from the course we can all help when it comes to coursework except from the projects later on because I don’t think we can help but none of us are at this stage yet.)

“We’re always accepting new members to be honest, although it might sound stupid to accept endless amount of members its actually quite smart. Some people won’t be here for the actual studios set up, some members just want some portfolio work, some people just want to be a part of something. By accepting every member possibly it allows me to manage several different projects and elect team leaders for each project, and when we release these projects, we will see who’s done what, who we want for the founding party of the company and who is not pulling their weight (If we find anyone not really pulling their weight we will address this formally, maybe see if they want to work on another project and find out what exactly they want, If they don’t want to be a part of it then we’ll suggest they stay as a background member until they time or something like that).”

“Not all of our members are Train2Game. An old best friend/neighbour is mad on gaming so immediately I’ve got him involved and some of his arty friends involved so I’m teaching them about Unity, (Can’t teach them construct2 very well without them having the licence to release stuff but I’ll buy them that in the future.)”

“But in terms of living in different locations, The campus forum, Facebook, Skype and TeamSpeak solve that right away, also drop box is key here too, Naturally it can be difficult explaining things without being able to sit next to someone as say look at that there BUT Skype has screenshare :P”

“In my opinion, The Train2Game course has been fantastic so far, (Little hiccup with TIGA but if they don’t want to accredit us then fine, I’ll be successful without them :P.) But in terms of the actual course, the work I’m really enjoying it, I’m super looking forward to my projects at the end, The TMA’s could maybe be a bit harder than multiple choice questions but on the other hand they are just checkpoints really so I’ll see what the projects are like,, ABSOLUTELY love the Unity book, It’s got everything in it!!”

“Long term goals, Be Bigger than Microsoft, XD, Or own Microsoft,, Whichever comes first, but no, seriously I’m going to open and run a studios in Manchester and Mauro is going to run the studios in London. We’re going to be the best game developers ever and we will owe each other for our success. Like I said though, some people aren’t here for the long run, I know some people just want some money and portfolio work which when they get this and leave we’ll keep their info for when we’re a huge success and they want to come back, and we’ll either welcome them back with open arms or assign them to the mail room (Depends how they left).”

“By making actual games instead of brainstorming and saying that’s cool has really given such a better understanding of how to make the games, what is needed, and how to improve. An example is for a Construct 2 mess around project I made a level select screen, it didn’t really thrill me but then because I had learnt it in Train2Game I used an array to set it up and BAM much better, So using that example project I’ve shown some people and they’ve adapted their ways and Chris even said that without actually making the level select screen he had no idea how it really worked (If you understand?)”

“We want to release at least 1 game by Christmas (It’s doable) but if not then March is the ultimate final deadline. Ambitions for the games; Ming in Space is going to be a best seller, the mobile games will do extremely well and help us fund the studios, Project 64 is going to be the killer.”

“The kickstarter project: That’s For Ming In Space as you probably know, it was an idea to attempt to get some funding for that game but also to test out what we need for funding, like I don’t think we’ll get a backer on there this time around because we’re so new to it, but by doing it with a semi ready project we get the understanding of what we need for the next crowd funding. Fingers crossed we get a backer for it BUT who knows??”

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Train2Game News Dungeon Hacks book


A book detailing some early RPGs is being released to give aspiring developers and fans a look at where these games came from.

PressStart Press is proud to announce the release of Dungeon Hacks: How NetHack, Angband, and Other Roguelikes Changed the Course of Video Games in paperback as well as on Kindle, iBooks, and other popular e-reading platforms.
Written by Stay Awhile and Listen author David L. Craddock, Dungeon Hacks whisks readers back in time to the computer labs where seminal roguelike role-playing games (RPGs) such as Rogue and Moria originated. Roguelikes are beloved among their fans, who tout grueling difficulty, a wide breadth of character types, and procedural algorithms that generate brand new levels every time players begin a new quest as defining characteristics of the genre.

Dungeon Hacks has earned acclaim from visionary game designers like Warren Spector, director of Deus Ex and Disney’s Epic Mickey. “The design of roguelike classics still resonates today, inspiring many modern game designers. Read this book and you’re understand how and why,” Spector said. Torchlight and Rebel Galaxy designer Travis Baldree echoed Spector’s enthusiasm, praising the book for “capturing the human element behind the games—the particulars of the people, the context, and the time period.”

Dungeon Hacks was assembled from years of research and interviews with developers such as Michael Toy, Robert Koeneke, Thomas Biskup, and the architects of NetHack, which TIME magazine commended as one of the best 100 games ever made. Dungeon Hacks is available now in paperback, as well as on popular e-reading platforms. An audio release will be made available later this month.

Alongside Dungeon Hacks, PressStart Press is publishing two additional books. One-Week Dungeons: Diaries of a Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge follows programmers of varying skill levels as they race the clock to design a game in a single week. Angels, Devils, and Boomsticks: The Making of Demons with Shotguns tells the story of an aspiring programmer who must conquer his fear of math if he wishes to realize his dream of making games. Both books are available now on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and other popular e-reading storefronts.

Train2Game News Autodesk Stingray


A new games engine was announced from the creators of Maya and 3DS Max.

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Europe 2015, Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK) announced that its new Stingray game engine will be available to game developers worldwide beginning August 19, 2015. Later this summer, Autodesk will also offer Autodesk Maya LT Desktop Subscription customers access to Autodesk Stingray as part of their subscription.

Built on the powerful, data-driven architecture of the Bitsquid engine, which Autodesk acquired in 2014, Stingray is a comprehensive new platform for making 3D games. The engine supports a host of industry-standard game development workflows and includes powerful connectivity to Autodesk 3D animation software that simplifies game development across a wide range of platforms.

“Between Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the proliferation of mobile platforms, the games industry is undergoing a major transition, which poses new complexities for both AAA and indie game developers. Autodesk developed Stingray with these challenges in mind, and we’re excited to share its debut with the game developer community,” said Autodesk senior vice president, Media & Entertainment, Chris Bradshaw. “Stingray makes it easy and intuitive for artists with varying skill sets and programming expertise to create the next generation of 3D blockbuster games, entertainment and even architecture.”

Stingray feature highlights include:

– Seamless Art-to-Engine Workflow: Import, create, iterate, test and review 3D assets and gameplay faster with a one-click workflow and live link between Stingray and Autodesk 3D animation software.

– Modern Data-Driven Architecture: A lightweight code base gives game developers the freedom to make significant changes to the engine and renderer without requiring source code access.

– Advanced Visuals and Rendering: Produce visually stunning games with a powerful rendering pipeline, physically-based shading, advanced particle effects, post processed visual effects, lightmap baking and a high-performance reflection system

– Proven Creative Toolset: Stingray includes proven solutions like Beast, HumanIK, Navigation, Scaleform Studio (UI technology built on Scaleform), FBX, Audiokinetic Wwise and NVIDIA PhysX.

– Versatile Game Logic Creation: Stingray includes a wide range of development tools, making game creation more accessible for game makers with varying levels of experience – including visual node-based-scripting and Lua scripting. C++ source code will also be available as an additional purchase upon request.

– Multiplatform Deployment and Testing: Quickly make and apply changes to gameplay and visuals across supported platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8, Oculus Rift DevKit 2, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

Autodesk previewed Stingray at GDC 2015 earlier this year in San Francisco. Since then, game developers around the world have signed up for Autodesk’s beta program, shipped games using this technology and provided feedback including:

“Stingray’s data-driven architecture and flexibility have helped us build a broad portfolio of games, and quick iteration times for both code and content creators has boosted our productivity significantly. The engine has been a key success factor for us because we’re able to produce high quality games in a shortened timeframe. We’re excited to see how Autodesk will continue to evolve the engine,” shared Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark.

“We never know what kind of games we’re going to create, and the engine is good for that. It really allows us to just make anything. We can make an FPS or an RTS, or a top-down shooter, or a role-playing game, or whatever. It’s not tied to a specific genre,” explained Johan Pilestedt, CEO, Arrowhead Game Studios.

The Stingray engine can also be used in design environments and is an informative next step to further understand design data before anything is physically built. The engine’s real-time digital environment, on a powerful, data-driven architecture, is programmed to look and feel like the physical world. Through the high-end development tools and visual scripting system, customers can program objects, light effects, environmental elements, materials, and entourage elements to behave and react as they would in the physical world.

Connected to Autodesk 3ds Max, architecture, engineering and construction customers can import Autodesk Revit data into 3ds Max, add content to the 3ds Max scene and then place that scene in the Stingray engine to explore, animate, and interact in the designed space.

Autodesk Stingray runs on Windows and will be available via Autodesk Subscription starting August 19, 2015 for $30 US MSRP per month.

Later this summer, Autodesk plans to offer Maya LT Desktop Subscription customers access to the engine as part of Maya LT. For more details about Stingray, visit:

Train2Game News Derp Studios developing for Games Workshop


Train2Game student studio Derp Studios has teamed up with Games Workshop to create a companion app for the popular tabletop game, Warhammer 40k.

Derp Studios Ltd is proud to announce the signing of an agreement with THE revolutionary fantasy and sci-fi tabletop wargaming pioneers, Games Workshop, to develop and launch the Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App for Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8 mobile devices.

The Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App app is a must have for all fans of ‘Warhammer 40,000’ (7th Edition) and is based upon the tactical objective cards used in the ‘Maelstrom of War Missions’. The app will feature all 36 tactical objective cards, as well as providing support for each of the 6 Maelstrom of War Missions. In addition, users will be offered in-app purchases allowing players to add the faction deck of their choice.

As an added bonus, the new ‘Cities of Death’ tactical objectives and missions that were revealed in issues 47 and 48 of the Warhammer magazine, White Dwarf, will also be included in the App Store price!

The Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App will be available for purchase via Apple, Android and Windows 8 mobile app stores in Q3 2015, with an initial SRP of GBP £4.99/EUR €5.99/USD $6.99/CAD $6.99. Additional In-app purchases for faction specific tactical objectives will have an SRP of GBP £2.49/EUR €3.59/ USD $3.99/CAD $3.99 each.

“We are truly thrilled to be an officially licensed Games Workshop developer. We’re a small team with a real passion for Warhammer 40,000. We designed the app so all players can have the chance to own a tactical objectives deck for their faction, without the worry and frustration of them selling out, due to high demand” commented Chris Ledger, CEO and Lead Designer, Derp Studios Ltd.

“We are very excited to have developed the first official Warhammer 40,000 hobby support app!”

To request more information on the Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App , please contact Chris Ledger at Derp Studios Ltd ( )