Train2Game News Agoraphobic works toward dream with Train2Game

Bryan CoadyBryan Coady, 31 years old, from Birmingham, suffers from Agoraphobia and General Anxiety Disorder. This has resulted in a fear of leaving his house. Being diagnosed with a condition can often affect someone’s life plans and career prospects. But Bryan Coady hasn’t let his medical condition stand in the way and is studying with Train2Game to get qualifications to enter the Games Industry.

“My illness started just after I left school. I started working and very soon after it started getting harder and harder to leave the house. I then had a panic attack and could no longer leave the house. I was diagnosed by the doctors a while ago now. They found out about my condition after the panic attack and I got restricted to my house. I need my family to go out to the shops for me while I’m restricted to my home.”

“I discovered Train2Game and now I’m on the Game Developer course version 2, I believe that I will pass with a great grade. I have joined ‘Unique Intelligence Games’ at, we are all Train2Game students. It’s a great group of people. We help each other and have a great time doing it. We haven’t started on a game yet as we are still getting the team together.”

“As I have been restricted to my home traditional learning wasn’t an option for me. I started Train2Game about a year and a half ago now. It’s really good as you can control how long you study and when you study. I can learn it at home at my own pace and meet good people along the way. It has given me the chance to get a job and qualified in game development.

“I think Train2Game has had a very positive affect on my life from finding new friends to training to get a master’s degree. I have found the projects at the end of section 2 tough but I’m slowly getting there. I hope to be finished in a few months from now. I would recommend this course to anyone who has dreams of making games that lack the knowledge but has the drive.”

“My dream is to be a game developer with a big company with a team that are willing to make our dreams of making games come true. I hope for people to feel the rush I do playing our games for the first time. For anyone thinking of taking the course I would say determination is everything and it can overcome anything.”

Train2Game News Devils inc studios releases Snowmageddon


Train2Game Student Studio, Devils inc studios, released a game just before Christmas that relates to how we all feel from time to time around winter.

Snowmageddon has all the fun of a first person shooter with tower defence features to add to your enjoyment. The game sees you defending the mystical Star of Dreams, a magical star that while in play keeps your dream world alive, if it falls you are returned to the humdrum of reality. With your towers and an  exciting, inventive array of weapons, including snow balls and exploding presents, you must protect your fantasy world.

The story begins when you make a wish one snowy night feeling the pressures of an adult life’s day to day struggles and so you wish for a simpler time like when you were a child, inadvertently your wish is made as a shooting star passes overhead. When you wake you are in a village being attacked by a horde of rampaging snowmen and you must protect your land of dreams. You rally up the other citizens of your dream world and prepare to fight back to save your town!

The game has been created in Unity by the talents of Devils inc Studios which consists of Train2Game students and a few others who have been recruited to the team.

Mark Plant, Co founder and Lead Designer, said “It’s been a huge learning curve for us in terms of what you can or can’t achieve early on, only when we scaled back to a small seven day project did we really find our feet, this was awesome for use as we found traction, and in doing so we turned out a great game.

Train2Game really taught me respect for developers and games all round, you moan and complain about so much in games that when you begin to look beneath and actually create them you release even something that appears to be a simple change truly can be a workload all by itself, one small task can quickly spiral into a dozen more. I’m thankful for that respect it was a good lesson to learn.

Of course without Train2Game, Devils Inc Studios, wouldn’t have been formed” on the development of the game and there studio.

The studio are about to release an update that will improve balancing and gameplay. The 1.2 patch adds the last few things that couldn’t be added in the initial stages. The studio are also hoping to implement a story mode in the near future

If you would like to play this enjoyable game for free, with no pay to win aspects, you can do so at

You can visit the studios website  and learn more of this up and coming Student Studio at

Train2Game News Brighton Game Collective


Brighton Game Collective, a non-profit company dedicated to the creation of community space for games industry SMEs and freelancers based in Brighton and Hove, is pleased to announce the opening of new premises at The Dock Hub, Wilbury Villas, Hove, BN3 3EL.

The Collective provides an environment for small companies and freelance developers to work side by side, sharing their resources, experience and talent. Its aims are to build strong ties within the Brighton game development community and foster opportunities for collaboration between local developers and the industry at large.

Brighton Game Collective is offering affordable desk space alongside its founding members at the new premises. At the time of writing three desks are available, with the option to expand to neighbouring office suites, depending on availability and demand.

The building is accessible 24/7 and has a dedicated fibre optic connection. It includes a coffee shop, meeting and conference rooms with catering available, showers, bike racks, kitchen facilities and bookable parking.

Roberta Saliani, founder of Brighton Game Collective said: “I’m excited to bring the games industry a little closer by providing a space where we can prosper and meet similar minded people. I’d love to see our initiative grow to include all major cities.”

The premises are located a quarter of a mile away from Hove Station, with great connections to Gatwick Airport, London, Brighton, Portsmouth, and Ashford International.

Train2Game News Versatile student finds home at T2G


Student who tried many careers finds Train2Game is the place where he can accomplish his life’s ambition to work in the Games Industry You name it, he’s tried it.

James Hardman has attempted many directions in his life: Seven years in Education, Franchise Manager, The Navy, Tattoo Artist, Events, Bank Employee and many more. But he’s finally found where he belongs, creating creatures and art in the Games Industry.

It has been an interesting journey for the 30 year old who has roots in Prussia and Egypt. James Hardman has tried everything to get a job and a career that he enjoys, but it took him a great deal of time and effort to find his ideal arena of employment.  Working in hotels, events and working in data processing in a bank. He tried work experience with Jenny Clarke Design Ltd as a Flash Tattoo artist and Aphelio Ltd as a Creature Designer (3 month unpaid internship). He tried to join the Navy and also trained as a franchise manager.

Since birth he’s loved gaming but struggled to make it his career. After many attempts in other directions it was when he joined Trai2Game that he rediscovered his love of gaming and found the passion to get into games.

“To enter the game industry is more than a job to me; it’s a sense of identity and my place in life. I noticed through each job role generates a certain type of person. I am specific type of individual needing to be a specific type of environment to really take off. I feel mis-understood in many job roles due to my style of thinking and how I approach subjects to produce solutions.

It is really important to me to around great people who support each other and understand each other without constant questioning of one’s self. I’ve had seven years in education and two at T2G. Proving it’s not just qualifications but you also need experience, that is why I am now looking to work and gain experience in art.”

“My experience with Train2Game has been the best course I’ve entered. The course not also teaches essential techniques but provides many opportunities of job placements. Also get your name out there. The course itself already has done so much for me, I am forever grateful. They have really improved my self-esteem and I can see hope finally. The content is up to date and explains all vital processes very clearly.”

James is now completing his studies with Train2Game and looking for an internship/employment at a games studio. James is a great conversation; ask him about his roots in a country that no longer exists or how he created an energy loop that he was going to build with a team of Belgian Nuclear Physicists.

You can find James on the Train2Game Forum or reach him through the Train2Game blog.

Train2Game News Far Cry 4 Review

Far Cry 4The lovely people at Ubisoft sent me over Far Cry 4 to review and it has taken me this long to get round to writing the review!

This game is huge! I ended up with a 74.9% completion and it took me about 34 hours to get there. I did the very minimum to get the achievements and it still took me a long time to get through it. However this being said it doesn’t feel repetitive.

I didn’t get the pleasure of playing through Far Cry 3 my self but I did see my flatmate play through it. From what I could gather the story is more in depth and interesting in the third game but the antagonist Pagan Min is an excellent character and amused me throughout the game.

The game is breath taking to look at and just travelling around the land of Kyrat is a pleasure in its self. The scenery is stunning and the map has many ways to get around which brings me on to my next point.

There are many additional features in this game compared to Far Cry 3. The addition of the Buzzers are helpful, they are one man flying vehicles and one of the most helpful things I found was being able to throw bait in to a base and watch as a wild animal tears across leaving you with one maybe two to take out.

Over all I would say this is just a larger feature filled version of Far Cry 3 with less of a story to go with it.

Train2Game News Derp Studios update by Chris Ledger


This year’s been really busy, but we have achieved many things! 

We’ve managed to sign a contract to create a licensed app for a well known company.  We are delighted to be given this opportunity!

We’ve also got another contract going in creating a social game with for a local business.

Unfortunately we cannot disclose any information at this time about either of those projects but you can stay up to date with us at or, where we will announce it sooner or later (those blasted non disclosures eh!?).

As some of you may be aware, a few months ago we announced that we were rebooting and re-branding Dire Consequences!

We do have a tech demo, which we scraped together in a month long game jam using Unreal Engine 4. The tech demo itself is only a taster of what’s in store for you guys, it can be located at our website  We do like to show as much of our developments as possible without spoiling the game and I can certainly say we have a lot of confidence in the title!

So why did we choose to reboot Dire Consequences?

Good question.  It was one of the first, first person, magic and melee action games of its kind on mobile and was quite well received.  We also had some previous marketing done with it for Make Something Unreal Live 2012.

Since MSUL 2012 we’ve had a good number of projects on our plate, but none of them has compared to the sheer awesomeness of Dire Consequences. 

Unfortunately due to licensing issues, the original MSUL 2012 Dire Consequences candidate was taken off the iOS market after a month or so, which left all of us at Derp Studios feeling very emotional.

A lot of hours, or should I say months were put into the game and the fact we couldn’t release our hard work and for a lot of us, our first game onto the mobile marketplaces…well it was heartbreaking to say the least.  Especially since we were the only teams in the competition at the time to successfully ship their game.

To show you can’t keep a good man/woman down, we are re-branding Dire Consequences and making it bigger and better than ever before.  We are currently targeting the PC market, however there will be a time in the future where we will look into getting some “Classic Consequences” (our nickname for the original Make Something Unreal Live 2012 candidate) on to mobile, however the PC version comes first.

Also I’d like to take the chance to say a massive thank you to all of those who have contributed to making Derp Studios the way it is today.  I would list you all in here but I think it would be best to throw a link in so I don’t take up too much precious screen revenue!

So without further ado, here is some of the artwork (some of which is work in progress) that has been produced by our amazing artists Nicole Nixon and Gabi Schultz, who have helped shape the games design tremendously!

Train2Game News Motivation by Muir Halleron

Muir HalleronIt is, once again, that wonderful time of the year.
A time of peace, giving, and holiday cheer
when you hang up the stockings, put on your cap,
then eat loads of food ’til you take a long nap.

The children are happy, with all of their toys
whilst the adults wear earplugs because of the noise.
Your schedule is hectic, your waistline is tragic
with all the food arriving as if by magic.

Some alone time is highly improbable,
As for your coursework, well, it’s impossible
to get anything done this time of year.
Put it aside and be of good cheer.

After the hustle and bustle is done
you can sit yourself down and continue the fun
of modules and TMAs,
and lessons plans on dreary days.

Getting back into things may seem a chore,
but plough on through despite the bore
of sitting and reading, not getting much done.
Try to remember the past battles you’ve won.

The challenges you’ve faced, the pits you’ve hurdled,
while staring at the screen until your sight curdled.
Remember the feeling when completing a task
that you had thought was too much to ask?

Hold on to that hope, that joyful soul stirring,
the feeling of pride and know that you’re winning.
You’re one step closer than you’ve ever been,
So open that book and let the games begin!

Train2Game News WeWanaPlay Game Jam


Gaming industry professionals and students from across the West Midlands will be heading to Birmingham City University on 23 January to make new computer games – in just one weekend.

Hosted by the University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment and co-organised with Birmingham gaming app-makers WewanaPlay, the event forms part of the Global Game Jam (GGJ) – the world’s largest game jam event which last year saw almost 3000 games created.

Taking place at Birmingham City University’s City Centre Campus, participants from the West Midlands will join more than 7,000 people worldwide as they compete to make the best computer games in 48 hours.

“Computer games are of growing importance to our regional economy and we are very fortunate to have so many great innovative indie game studios so close to our City Centre Campus. Our highly respected computer games technology course is leading the way in providing exceptional young talent to these companies”, said Andrew Wilson, Programme Leader for Computer Games Technology at Birmingham City University.

“This event will emphasize both the regional and global importance that computer games play and it’s an amazing opportunity to network with industry professionals, learn new skills and share best practice.”

On arrival at the event, a secret theme will be announced which must form part of all of the games created. Attendees will be invited to explore new technology tools, take on new roles in games development and test their skills as they design, develop, create and test new games over two days.

To find out more visit

Train2Game News GEEK 2015


Multiplay, hosts of the UK’s biggest gaming festival Insomnia, is delighted to announce a new partnership with GEEK, a festival that is the place to Meet, Make and Play.

GEEK is a growing festival of play and games, held each year in the seaside town of Margate, Kent. A place for families and friends to come together to help create and play whilst having large amounts of fun, GEEK offers digital and analogue activities for both casual and dedicated gamers.

As a result of the partnership, Multiplay will be curating multiple parts of GEEK2015 which takes place from 20th – 22nd February next year.

GEEK has something for all the family. So whether you want to play and compete, relax, learn new skills or get an idea of how to get your dream job using games and technology, GEEK is the place to be.

“We have big plans for GEEK so it is really exciting to be working with Multiplay on GEEK2015. Multiplay has an unrivalled reputation, and their success on a national and international scale with global partners is a result of their outstanding passion for gaming and commitment to excellence,” said Kate Kneale, Director Marine Studios. “Together we can create a really innovative showcase for games, old and new, popular and obscure, innovative and just plain crazy.”

“The undertaking with GEEK is one we are ecstatic to be part of, showcasing the continually rising popularity of gaming events.  We are delighted to once again be working with GEEK for the second consecutive year, and this is just the start of an array of fantastic projects we will be involved with throughout 2015,” said Craig Fletcher, CEO & Founder of Multiplay.  “It’s been yet another fantastic year and we are delighted to now be actively involved with almost every single show in the gaming events calendar, with GEEK2015 at the forefront.”

More information on GEEK2015 will be revealed on the GEEK website

Train2Game News Student film maker creating student team


London based Train2Game student who directed one minute version of Bladerunner is now creating a student team.

Copy Editor, Film Director and Train2Game student; Richard Cosgrove is searching for students to socialise, start a development group and work on portfolio projects.

Experienced storyteller and games enthusiast Richard Cosgrove is reaching out to London based and online Train2Gamers to work on exciting projects and portfolio pieces.  Richard has experience in writing, having worked as a Copy Editor. He is also an experienced story teller, having created his own film and theatre projects. Some of these exciting narrative ideas must have come from his interesting childhood; in the cadets, training in jujitsu and also being an active member of the dramatics society.

New to Train2Game, Richard spent  15 years in magazine production. Richard wants a fresh start in a creative career. He has always played videogames – gradually having less time to do so, and getting pickier with every year. He’s decided game design seems a good way to mix his professional skills, with his creative skills. Richard has a Degree in media production from the University of Luton and has completed numerous training courses related to filmmaking and magazine production.

Interestingly Richard remade the film Bladerunner for a short-film competition, where the entire film is edited to one minute long. If you’d like to take a look, there’s a links to the one-minute version for the competition

Richard Cosgrove, Train2Game Student, said of creating a team and working in games development: “Games design offers a great scope to be creative, tell long-running immersive stories – something I’d enjoy very much – without being limited in scope by the practicalities of reality. Game design is a growth industry worldwide, which seems to have plenty of opportunity for employment across the world. I would prefer to stick to the development and design of games, rather than run my own company. If I did own my own company, I’d need someone doing the business side..”

If you are interested in getting in touch with Richard, please contact the T2G blog or message Mark on the Train2Game forum.