Randy Pitchford’s BAFTA Duke Nukem Forever Game Developer Q&A – Part 3: Borderlands & Brothers in Arms

Recently, the Train2Game blog attended a very special Duke Nukem Forever Q&A session with Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford at BAFTA in central London.

During the hour long event, the Gearbox Software CEO discussed many issues of interest forTrain2Game students.

In Part 3 of our report, Pitchford speaks about Brothers in Arms, why Borderlands got its distinctive Art & Animation style, and the future of Gearbox Software as a game development studio.

Part 1 and Part 2 are available here on the Train2Game blog.

Following the highly interesting session purely based around Duke Nukem Forever, Pitchford took questions from the audience and discussed other Gearbox Software projects including Borderlands.

“It’s a really exciting time at the studio because obviously we’ve got Duke but in terms of the future we’ve created this franchise, Brothers in Arms, that we care a lot about and we’re going to want to talk about some of the things we’re doing there soon.

“I also understand that some people out there like Borderlands…Well, we love it – it’s one of those rare kind of games where instead of getting sick of the project when you’re done, we just got caught up playing it. That’s why all the DLC happened. So we know we want to spend some more time in that space.”

Borderlands art

On the subject of Borderlands, we were told that the reason that the game got its distinctive cell-shaded Art & Animation style instead of the original, more realistic, concept, was to match the fun Gearbox Software believed the game would provide

And given Borderlands popularity 18 months on from its release, it seems they made the right decision!

Pitchford hinted that there’s likely to be a Borderlands 2 in the future, and added that he believes Gearbox Software’s future is a bright one.

“There’s this other project that’s been announced that we’ve been silent on for far too long, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and I know a lot of people are wanting to hear more about that,”

“So I’m really looking forward to giving all of those things attention and then thinking about the future beyond that.

I honestly feel like I’m just getting started. I feel like there is so much that we as a studio have yet to accomplish and we can’t wait to get on with all of our future ideas.”

The Duke Nukem Forever Q&A was a truly fascinating event, and any Train2Game students who can make future BAFTA game developer sessions really could benefit from hearing about the games industry from high profile figures in it. Be sure to keep an eye on the BAFTA website.

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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