Future of games industry “is here” says EA’s John Riccitiello

With the reveal of the Wii U at Nintendo’s E3 press conference, as reported by the Train2Game blog, you can’t help but wonder when the next generation of consoles will arrive.

However, according to EA CEO John Riccitiello new hardware isn’t needed to keep the games industry moving forward.

“There’s never ‘enough’ innovation and we should always be setting the bar higher,” he told told Industry Gamers. “What I don’t agree with is the implication that we’re waiting for the hardware guys to transition to help us realize the innovation.”

“I think the greatest innovation in the history of gaming is occurring right now. It is happening in the cross-platform arena — where Publishers are linking the best IP from console to PC to mobile to social”

“This is hard to do, but it will change the way gamers interact with our IP.”

As reported by the Train2Game blog, mobile gaming is becoming a huge phenomenon.

Riccitiello believes the key to innovation lies in interconnectivity.

“The future is here, and centres on creating a 24/7/365 experience and community behind the games you love,”

“Big game franchises have evolved from the ‘one and done’ model that released a new 15 hour experience ever 12-24 months. Games have evolved from a thing that you buy, to a place you go.

” … Anytime, anyplace – you can play, track your scores and see what your friends are doing. That’s the future of gaming.”

So Train2Game, what do you think is the future of gaming? Where is the innovation going to come from? Or are you ready to leap to the next generation of consoles already?

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

[Source: Industry Gamers]

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