Train2Game student reaction to next-gen Xbox ‘tablet’ rumour

Kinect for Xbox 360 Train2Game blog imageTrain2Game students didn’t see rumours a about a tablet based next-generation Xbox reveal at CES come true in yesterday’s Microsoft presentation,

That’s possibly a good thing, because when the rumours were posted on the Train2Game Facebook page, Train2Game students were lukewarm about the prospect at best.

“We are at least one generation away from a tablet based console that would be designated an Xbox replacement or successor. Otherwise being a massive and unduly risk for Microsoft. Any dedicated gaming device by Microsoft would be an addition to their arsenal and not to take the role of the Xbox, which may be the case.” replied Train2Game student Simon Anderton

Meanwhile, Train2Game student James Pottinger thinks Microsoft should be focusing their attentions on improving Kinect integration when the next Xbox consoles appears.

“Why bother with any tablet based console add-ons. Microsoft should just combine Augmented Reality with improved Kinect software to create a brand new, fully interactive 3D experience. I’d sure buy it” he said.

However, Train2Game student Jasmine Jackson pointed to the fact that if such a thing did occur, it’d mark a new trend set by Nintendo.

All I’ve got to say on the matter is that Nintendo are trend setters, obviously. It’ll be interesting to see Microsoft’s take on the idea of a tablet controller.” she said.

There were many more responses on the Train2Game Facebook page, and you get involved with the discussion there, or leave your comments right here on The Train2Game Blog.

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