Train2Game news: Remedy – Think of video games as a service ‘that keeps on giving’

Train2Game students developing games should think of them as a service, rather than a one off product.

That’s according to Oskari Häkkinen Head of Franchise Development at Alan Wake developer Remedy, who was speaking to the Train2Game Blog in a huge interview that’s set to be published later this week.

“We definitely feel that digital is going to be important in the future and that for us as a studio it’s extremely important at this time to learn and understand what digital means and what are the basic things that need to be done in a digital space.” responded Häkkinen when asked about  the future of digital distribution.

Alan Wake  was recently released on PC via Steam, and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’s is soon to be released through Xbox Live Arcade.

And he added that digital gives developers the opportunity to listen to what gamers what from releases

“One of those things is of course listen to the gamer. The gamer plays and gives you feedback. Analyse that feedback and see if other people are of the same opinion then react to it.” said Häkkinen

“Think a video game more as a service that you’re constantly providing, it’s a gift that keeps giving and if you keep giving, the gamers will keep giving back to you too.” he added.

The Train2Game Blog interview with Remedy Head of Franchise Development Oskari Häkkinen is coming later this week, with Alan Wake, Alan Wake on PC, designing Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and much more discussed in-depth.

What are your thoughts on Häkkinen’s comments? Are games a service rather than a product? Which games do you think provide a good ‘service’?

Leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

1 thought on “Train2Game news: Remedy – Think of video games as a service ‘that keeps on giving’

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