Train2Game News: Metro: Last Light brand manager on getting into the industry

Those looking to move forward into the games industry need play a lot of video games, but need to do more than playing the big box office hits; they need to play independent titles too. That’s according to Metro: Last Light global brand manager Mark Madsen.

“Play the Hell out of video games, continue to gather your own opinion.” he told The Train2Game Blog when we asked his advice on getting into the industry at a recent press event by THQ.

“And while the mass market games are a lot of fun, just understand that you need to take those with a grain of salt. They drew their inspiration from elsewhere, and from elsewhere is where you should really get your gaming base.” he added.

The advice is somewhat similar to that of Mass Effect 3 senior writer John Dombrow, who previously said “You should play games all the time.”

Find out more about Metro: Last Light from our interview with senior producer John Block in which he discusses developing the game and offers his own advice on getting into the industry.  Metro: Last Light is scheduled for release early next year.

There’s more advice from industry professionals on getting into the industry here on The Train2Game Blog.

As usual, leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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