Train2Game News: Raspberry Pi comes home

The UK designed bare bones mini computer, Raspberry Pi, is now being manufactured in a Sony factory in South Wales.

The Raspberry Pi was created to get young people and potential games developers interested in programming and computing. Its affordable price and versatility make it an excellent teaching tool.

The device was previously made in China to keep costs down. As of mid August it is now put together in the United Kingdom. The credit card sized computers now come with a “Made in the UK” stamp, located next to the power supply.

Since its launch in April the device has been highly popular and is estimated to sell over a million products by the end of this year.

Eben Upton, a co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, said “When Pete Lomas and I built the first Raspberry Pi’s for testing last year, we never dreamed it would become so popular so quickly,”

“The Raspberry Pi was built to develop young people’s skills in computer programming and electronic engineering; we had always intended and hoped that the Raspberry Pi would also be manufactured within the UK.”

“By bringing the production of a UK product back into the country alongside its development and distribution, we can help support our economy and demonstrate the capabilities the UK has in terms of technological innovation, invention, and manufacturing.”

Mike Buffham, global head of EDE at Premier Farnell, who distribute Raspberry Pi, added: “Since the Raspberry Pi was launched globally in February 2012 it has been a tremendous success story.”
“As such we have had huge interest from educational institutions in purchasing the product, innovative design engineers who are using the computer for exciting new applications and also the general public.”