Train2Game News: Gareth Brook having great success

Gareth BrookTrain2Game Student Gareth Brook has had an excellent start to the year. He has had some individual success and team success with Road Hog Games.

Gareth Brook from Leeds, West Yorkshire, is a Train2Game student on the games design course who has recently started his own studio, Road Hog Games with fellow Train2Game students, Amy Methven, Terri Mardel, Matthew (Izzy) Greenwood, in addition he has enlisted Justin French to create audio and Jonathan Parker to do extra coding work. They are currently working on a project known as Little Green Dude.

Recently, Gareth and Road Hog Games had an article featured in the Yorkshire Post after getting financial support from Microsoft. This article caught the eye of a games industry veteran who is now aiding them in their journey to create Little Green Dude.

The industry veteran, who can only be known as Ian, has previously worked on titles such as Pure Football, Academy of Champions and Manhunt 2. He has been in the industry for over 14 years so he is bringing a wealth of knowledge to Road Hog Games.

In addition to the success his company is having, Gareth is also making strides in his personal career in to the gaming industry. He has recently uploaded a game template which is being used at an educational facility to aid in the teaching of computer games design and computer science.

Gareth said about his recent success “2013 is going to be a very exciting year, and I’m already proud of what I have achieved in a short period of time. Train2Game has provided fantastic support for all involved at our studio and since starting the course last April it has opened many doors for me. New ones are still opening!”

I wish Gareth and Road Hog Games the very best of luck with everything and I look forward to the games he produces.

If you want to find out more about Road Hog games you can like there Facebook at:

and if you would like to look at Gareth’s personal portfolio you can find that here, including the template he had made: