Train2Game News: A new SDK to make Unity games better on Facebook

unity-logoAt Unity’s developer conference, Unite, in Vancouver, BC, a new cross-platform SDK was launched that makes it faster and easier to integrate your Unity game with Facebook.

Facebook has a relevant and engaged audience of gamers that mobile developers can reach by publishing their games on Facebook, and the SDK makes bringing a mobile game to web as simple as writing one line of code. By filling out a few fields in the developer app and giving Facebook the URL of your game object, you can bring your mobile game to a whole new audience of avid gamers on Facebook.

As more graphics-rich web games come to, players want to stay immersed in the game experience while connecting with friends, and the SDK helps you do that. The developers have built native Unity dialogs for inviting friends, requests, and sharing, so people can stay in full-screen mode when they interact with social features, creating a richer, smoother web game experience for players.

Madfinger used the SDK to bring their mobile game Shadowgun:Deadzone to, opening up a new growth platform for the game with minimal effort. The number of active Facebook users with Unity installed more than tripled in the first half of 2013, and today more than 90 million monthly active users have Unity installed on the web.

You can get started connecting your gamers with their friends across platforms by downloading the SDK from the developer site or from the Unity Asset Store and reading the documentation.