Train2Game News YouTuber gets record

​Youtube gamer Dan TDM (Daniel Middleton) features in the new Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition having  the title for Most views for a dedicated Minecraft video channel with an incredible 7,943,141,552 views as of August 2016.
In an exclusive video Dan TDM discusses his record breaking achievement as part of  Guinness World Records ‘Meet the Record Breakers’ series on youtube.

The young YouTuber’s popularity has rocketed in just a few years among young gamers with his gentle, funny and personal videos – that have made not only him a star but his two pugs too! He recently sold out a 17 date nationwide ‘Dan TDM Tour’ of UK theatres, ending in December at the Hammersmith Apollo. He also has an popular clothing line, gifts and has released an graphic novel in time for Christmas. 

Since Dan TDM’s channel launch in July 2012, he has captured the attention of the UGC-gaming community with his fun and engaging videos while playing and commentating on his Minecraft world.  With over 2,082 videos uploaded, Dan’s viewership has the highest number of views for any dedicated Minecraft video channel.

Dan credits his brother to introducing him to Minecraft five years ago, which he’s played on every day since. While working at a supermarket part time and studying for a degree at university, he created his earliest Minecraft videos. Once he was able to monetize his channel, he then moved to making them full time.

“My way of relaxing was through making videos because that’s what I really enjoyed doing. I put them on YouTube for other people to see and then it took off,” Dan TDM explained in his Guinness World Records Meet the Record Breakers video. “I started off showing mods and stuff you can do in the game. Then, I started adding in the element of stories and characters which people really latched on to. ”

His current channel was not his first. In fact, he initially had a dedicated Pokémon channel. “In Minecraft, it’s fun to play and people make content for it so you can enjoy their content. And you can make your own, so the creativity is endless,” added Dan.  

“Being a Guinness World Records title holder means the world! It’s crazy to think that you’re #1 officially in the world at something,” Dan excitedly said. “I remember getting the Guinness World Records book every year for Christmas. It helped you learn about the world and it feels amazing to be in one!”

Stephen Daultrey, Editor for the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, chimed in, ““DanTDM’s viewership is extraordinary and indicative of his success in creating videos that Minecraft users want to watch. When you see him at live events, I imagine it’s close to what Beatlemania used to look like in the 60s! We’re happy to add his record to this list of awesome gaming records in this year’s Gamer’s Edition.”

The ‘Meet the Record Breakers’ series reveals exclusive video interviews of Guinness World Records amazing record holders.

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