Train2Game News Unknown Number Chosen For London Games Festival

Indie studio godolphin games are thrilled to announce that their voice-controlled puzzle adventure game, Unknown Number, has been chosen as part of London Games Festival’s Official Selection.

Combining cutting edge voice recognition technology with an explosive thriller narrative, Unknown Number is scheduled to launch in Q2 2022 on Steam.

An innovative voice-controlled adventure told entirely through interactive phone calls, Unknown Number has been picked for the London Games Festival Official Selection, and will be showcased as part of the 10-day in person and online event, from Friday 1st April to Sunday 10th April.

The game is part of this year’s ‘Narrative Excellence’ category, where Unknown Number and other titles tell gripping stories in innovative and experimental ways.

Watch the Unknown Number Gameplay Trailer

“We’re thrilled that Unknown Number has been selected for ‘Narrative Excellence’ at the London Games Festival”, said Thomas Keane, Creative Director of godolphin games. “Voice control puts players at the heart of the action like never before. After all, who needs a fancy avatar when you can speak to characters directly?”

“In Unknown Number, you’ll receive phone calls from a full cast of colourful personalities – from eco-warriors to oil barons. But it’s your words, and your voice, that really take centre stage. Heck, at the end of this, you’ll probably deserve an award for ‘Best Vocal Performance’. We’ll have a word with the LGF to see if they can make it happen.”

The first game in an all-new genre that the developers are calling a “First Person Talker”, Unknown Number combines elements from puzzle adventure, interactive story and augmented reality games to create a high-octane gameplay experience. Make your voice heard as you talk, sing, whisper and shout your way through the captivating narrative, and interact with a plethora of morally complex characters.

In this genre-defying thriller, use your voice to…

  • SOLVE complex puzzles to unlock treasure vaults
  • NAVIGATE a maze-like oil rig under serious time pressure
  • IMPERSONATE high-profile oil execs on conference calls
  • TRICK henchman into abandoning their guard posts
  • JOIN an underground eco-movement run by kids
  • MAKE crucial moral decisions that impact the story
  • TELL knock-knock jokes… and maybe even SAVE the world

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