Train2Game News: Ghost Recon Online and Shootmania developer sessions added to Rezzed line-up

PC and indie games show Rezzed has revealed more developer sessions for the Brighton event, with Ghost Recon Online and Shootmania developers speaking about their games. Developers of both of the Ubisoft titles will be talking about their games on … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Free-to-play Ghost Recon Online will be AAA quality say Ubisoft

Train2Game students will be aware that some see free-to-play games as somewhat controversial, or perhaps not as well developed as AAA titles. However, Ubisoft believe that their upcoming free-to-play title Ghost Recon Online will change these perceptions. Train2Game students can … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer showcases Kinect and mobile functionality

Train2Game students can get a glimpse at how Ubisoft’s upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier utilises Kinect and a mobile app in a new, somewhat tongue-in-cheek trailer. As previously reported by The Train2Game Blog, Ubisoft see a ‘bright future’ in Kinect. … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Ghost Recon: Future soldier public developer Q&A at BAFTA next week

Train2Game students have the opportunity to gain insights into the industry and development of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier at a special Q&A event at BAFTA next week. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Creative Director Jean-Marc Geoffroy, Ubisoft IP development director Adrian … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Namco Bandai say free-to-play games can’t be high quality

Train2Game students will probably have noticed the increasing rise of free-to-play titles, with Star Trek Online the latest previously subscription based MMO to switch to the model. The move received a mixed reception on the Train2Game Facebook page, while Train2Game … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Free-to-play can “give your consumers a better experience”

Train2Game students will have noticed the increasing trend for developers to use a free-to-play model in games. Dungeons and Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online are among a number of previously subscription based titles that have made … Continue reading

Train2Game News Xbox One X 

​Sunday marked a milestone Xbox E3 Briefing as Microsoft Corp. unveiled the world’s most powerful console, Xbox One X (formerly code-named “Project Scorpio”) and its largest and most diverse games lineup in E3 history.  Broadcast for the first time in … Continue reading