Train2Game News Kinect recycled for medical needs

A new system which helps people with Parkinson’s disease overcome debilitating walking problems has been developed by researchers at Brunel University London. Built using Microsoft’s now-obsolete Kinect peripheral, the system monitors for and detects freezing of gait (FOG) in Parkinson’s … Continue reading

Train2Game News Kinect Sports Rival teardown

This year, for the first time, the Develop in Brighton Conference will devote a whole day in one room to a teardown of a single game – Rare’s Kinect Sports Rivals. This highly interactive and innovative strand will reveal how … Continue reading

Train2Game News: Kinect 2 Camera cover

InterWorks Unlimited, leading multi-platform gaming accessory developer, today announced the InterWorks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover accessory for the Kinect 2. The designer’s first peripheral in a line up for Xbox One, the InterWorks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover features … Continue reading

Train2Game News: Xbox One’s Kinect Privacy

Microsoft have stated that they will take an aggressive stance to any one who tries to use the Kinect to collect data. With the new Xbox One being bundled with Kinect, many people voiced their objections for fear of it … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer showcases Kinect and mobile functionality

Train2Game students can get a glimpse at how Ubisoft’s upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier utilises Kinect and a mobile app in a new, somewhat tongue-in-cheek trailer. As previously reported by The Train2Game Blog, Ubisoft see a ‘bright future’ in Kinect. … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Ubisoft see a ‘bright future’ for Kinect

  Train2Game students may have mixed opinions on the future of Kinect, but Ubisoft believe it has a bright future. The publisher is behind a variety of motion control titles including Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Just Dance and Fighters Uncaged, and SVP of … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Adding Kinect motion control ”not really difficult’ say Ghost Recon developers

Train2Game students may be split over the potential of Kinect, but developing for the motion controller isn’t difficult…so long you know how you want to use it. That’s according to the developers of the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future solider. The … Continue reading

Train2Game students on ‘garbage’ Kinect comments of Super Meat Boy dev

  As reported by the Train2Game blog on Friday, Super Meat Boy developer Edmund McMillen labelled Kinect for the Xbox 360 as ‘garbage’ and that it’s ruining game design. As you might expect from such a controversial comment – and … Continue reading

Kinect is ‘garbage’ and Game Design is what matters says Super Meat Boy dev

  Train2Game students may be split on the impact Kinect will have on the industry, but Super Meat Boy developer Edmund McMillen hates it. Absolutely hates it with a passion. Unfortunately for him, and as reported by the Train2Game blog, … Continue reading

Microsoft: Kinect becoming ‘super-responsive’

As reported by the Train2Game blog, Microsoft gave Kinect a huge push during their E3 press conference, with developers getting better at using the technology. Now  Kinect developers are starting to unlock “a whole bunch of new stuff” with their … Continue reading