Train2game GDCA Awards to honour Notch

The 16th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCA), the peer-awarded highest honors in video game development, has revealed this year’s recipients of the Pioneer and Ambassador awards. The Game Developers Choice Awards ceremony takes place on Wednesday, March 16th at … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Question Notch in BAFTA Games live Q&A on Thursday

Train2Game students have the chance to question Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson thanks to a live Twitter Q&A from BAFTA Games. The Q&A with Notch takes place tomorrow, Thursday 15th March at 12:30. Train2Game students who wish to ask Minecraft … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Notch worries his future projects could be “pointless and hollow”

Train2Game students will be aware of the huge success of Minecraft, the indie game created by Markus ‘Notch’ Persson which has now sold over 5.2 million copies. Now Notch has stepped back from Minecraft,  the game now in the hands … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Notch: “It’s easier to be an indie game developer these days”

Train2Game forum users are familiar with the success of Minecraft, the indie game that brought huge success for its creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson and his studio Mojang. And while it’s unlikely that all indie titles will match the huge success … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Minecraft’s Notch steps down, replaced by ‘mod friendly’ Jens Bergensten

Train2Game forum users have a special place for Minecraft, so many of them will be interested to hear that creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is leaving his position as the games’ lead designer to rest and work on a new project. … Continue reading

Train2Game News Playkey

Playkey has just been launched in the UK in April 2016 (beta). Playkey caters for gamers who enjoy playing hardcore MMO and top-rated games, but have low-end PCs and laptops. With the Playkey cloud gaming service, any gamer can instantly … Continue reading

Train2game News GDC Awards

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the mature and expansive open-world fantasy role-playing game from developer CD Projekt RED, was honored with the Game of the Year award at tonight’s 16th annual Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCA) ceremony during the 2016 … Continue reading

Train2Game News March 2016 Nintendo Direct

In a new Nintendo Direct video, Nintendo revealed new games on the way for its Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems, as well as additional details about previously announced titles. From new games in the Kirby and  Paper Mario franchises … Continue reading

Train2Game News Mojang sale to Microsoft Confirmed

The rumours have been confirmed and Mojang is selling to Microsoft for $2.5 Billion. So what does this mean for Minecraft and the company? In a blog on the deal was confirmed today with a few details about the … Continue reading

Train2Game News Oculus Rift researched with Children

Good news for Oculus VR and Facebook as new research from Dubit shows kids not only love to use Oculus Rift but they want to see it used in schools and other areas outside of gaming. They are some of … Continue reading