Train2Game news: “Presentational quality can be an integral part of gameplay” says Dear Esther creator

Train2Game Blog readers may recall the success of immersive indie title Dear Esther, and its creator Dan Pinchbeck has been discussing the importance of “presentational quality” in making a game a good experience. He believes that’s just as important as … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Dear Esther creator to speaking at GameCityNights this month

Train2Game students based near Nottingham can an insight into the development of Dear Esther, as creator Dan Pinchbeck is set to offer a behind the scenes look at his work at GameCityNights later this month. As recently reported by The … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Indie game Dear Esther reaches 50,000 sales in first week

Train2Game Blog readers will have seen that experimental indie title Dear Esther sold 16,000 copies in its first 24 hours on sale. Of course, sales didn’t stop there as developers Thechineseroom have revealed 50,000 copies of Dear Esther were sold … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Half-Life mod Dear Esther gets trailer ahead of full release

Train2Game students should be interested in upcoming indie title Dear Esther for two reasons. First of all, it throws the rulebook for traditional game design out the window, and secondly it started life as a mod. In terms of game … Continue reading

Train2game News Games Finance Market

Dan Pinchbeck, founder of The Chinese Room and co-creator of Everybody’s Gone To the Rapture – last week nominated for 10 BAFTA Video Games Awards – will deliver the opening keynote address at the very first Games Finance Market in … Continue reading

Train2Game News Game Music Connect 2014

Following the resounding success of the inaugural Game Music Connect conference in 2013, Game Music Connect 2014 proudly returns to The Purcell Room at the Southbank Centre, London on September 24, 2014. Game Music Connect is for aspiring and professional … Continue reading

Train2Game News: Games Industry News – 23.08.13

It’s the end of the week which means it’s time for the industry news round up! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment unveiled a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins titled “Nowhere to Run.” The trailer showcases the indomitable … Continue reading

Train2Game News: Humble Bundle 8

The eighth official Humble Bundle has been out for a few days and has some amazing games included. This latest pay-what-you-want affair for charity comes with Little Inferno, the charming puzzler with a killer soundtrack; the subterranean Metroidvania adventure Capsized; … Continue reading

Train2Game News: 2012 Golden Joystick Awards

The 30th annual Golden Joystick Awards were held on Friday at Westminster Park Plaza Winners of the 2012 Golden Joystick Awards have been announced, and Skyrim walked away with three: Ultimate Game of the Year, Best Gaming Moment, and Best … Continue reading