Train2Game News: Nintendo open to the idea of Free-to-play

Company President, Satoru Iwata has revealed Nintendo is open to the idea of using a free-to-play business model for new franchises. Nintendo’s leader pledged that he won’t add free-to-play or micro-transaction elements to existing series such as Mario or Pokémon, … Continue reading

Train2Game News: Xbox360’s first free-to-play MMO

The first free-to-play MMO is coming to Xbox360 next week. The game looks action packed, fun and very cute. The game, Happy Wars, has been developed by ToyLogic who have previously assisted in the development of Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers … Continue reading

Train2Game News: Valve on free-to-play – “It’s making a new, different thing for talented folks to explore”

Free-to-play is as good thing for game developers and consumers, because it allows both to try out a wider variety of things. That’s the view of Valve Director of Business Development Jason Holtman “The neat thing about our industry now … Continue reading

Train2Game News: Free-to-play games take four years to reach peak revenue

Free-to-play titles take four years before they reach their peak revenue from players. That’s what Managing Director of Reloaded – the studio behind APB Reloaded – Michael Boniface told the audience during his presentation at Develop Conference 2012. The session, … Continue reading

Train2Game News: Dota 2 officially confirmed as free-to-play by Valve

Dota 2 will be free-to-play with a microstransaction store allowing players to buy community and developer created items, Valve has announced.  Steam Workshop will be the way in which players submit items to be used in the game. “The opening … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Free-to-play “the only sustainable option” for MMOs say Turbine

Train2Game Blog readers will have noticed how many MMOs have switched from being subscription based to a free-to-play model, including Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeon and Dragons Online. And Turbine has told that free-to-play might now … Continue reading

Train2Game News: “Free-to-play is the best model for gamers and studios” says Tribes: Ascend studio chief

Free-to-play is the best business model both for development studios and gamers. That’s according to Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris, who has recently seen his studio release Tribes: Ascend. As reported by The Train2Game Blog, the free-to-play shooter with an old … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Free-to-play shooter Tribes: Ascend gains over 800,000 players

Train2Game students were among those that took place in the open beta for Tribes: Ascend, a multiplayer shooter from Hi-Rez Studios. The free-to-play title officially launched on 12th April, and in just over 2 weeks has acquired over 800,000 players.  … Continue reading

Train2Game news: High console prices are why consumers are turning to free-to-play

Train2Game students will be aware of the rise of free-to-play titles, and according to one industry observer, the success of that model is due to the high price of console games. “It removes the risk from the consumer,” CEO of … Continue reading