Train2Game News: Mass Effect 3 infographic

With the close of Commander Shepards story, Bioware have released an infographic detailing everyone’s choices in Mass Effect 3. The graphic shows that despite the vocal popularity of the female Commander Shepard only 18% actually played as her and the … Continue reading

Train2Game News: Mass Effect 3 producer praises benefits of modding for aspiring developers

Train2Game students looking to show that they have that little bit of extra dedication in attempting to break into the games industry should be building and finishing mods. That’s according to BioWare producer Michael Gamble, who is currently focusing on … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Mass Effect 3 Development Director’s advice on getting into the industry

Train2Game students looking for an extra advantage in getting that first job in the games industry should get involved with modding. That’s according to Mass Effect 3 Development Director Robin Mayne in an interview with the BioWare Blog. “There are … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Mass Effect 3 senior writer on getting into the games industry

Train2Game students looking to get a job in the industry should be playing games, and anaylsing their strengths and weaknesses as they do so. That’s according to Mass Effect 3 senior writer John Dombrow. “Find what you’re good at and … Continue reading

Train2Game news: UK Charts – Mass Effect 3 breaks series records to take No.1

Train2Game students see the much anticipated Mass Effect 3 firmly take hold of No.1 in the UK Charts this week, as it achieves the biggest first week sales of the year so far. It has also smashed previous launch figures … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Mass Effect 3 writer offers advice on getting into the industry

Train2Game students who want the best chance of finding a job in the games industry should create their own games. That’s the advice from BioWare writer Sylvia Feketekuty, who is responsible for dialogue in Mass Effect 3. “Try creating a … Continue reading

Train2Game news: Mass Effect 3 will be more accessible to new players

Train2Game blog readers who played Mass Effect 2 without having previously played the original may have found it difficult to understand what was going on. They weren’t alone however, as Bioware don’t think they did enough to accommodate newcomers to … Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 & Elder Scrolls V among new games revealed at VGAs

The Spike TV Video Game Awards in Los Angeles has revealed a number of new games we can expect to see arrive in 2011 and beyond, and the excitement is already evident on the Train2Game forum. The biggest announcements included … Continue reading

Train2Game News SpecialEffect Develop Xbox Adaptive Controller

Gamers’ charity SpecialEffect are proud to confirm their involvement in the design and testing of Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, a customisable Xbox Wireless Controller designed primarily for gamers with limited mobility. The controller features large programmable buttons and connects to … Continue reading

Train2Game News Mass Effect Andromeda

Today the Andromeda Initiative calls on brave explorers to take their first steps on a 600-year journey to find a new home.  A new welcome and orientation video gives recruits a briefing on the Arks which will transport the races of the … Continue reading