T2G Windows 8

Train2Game Students apps on the Windows 8 start up screen

Welcome to our new Windows 8 page!

This will be a page show casing the work Train2Game has done with Windows 8 so all of those without a Windows 8 operating system can see.

Above you can see a number of apps that have been made by Train2Game students that have been released on the Windows 8 app store. The games were made as part of a world record winning Game Jam in September 2012. The event was hosted by Train2Game and sponsored by Microsoft.

A screen shot of the Windows 8 App store, featuring some Train2Game students games

There are currently over 800 free apps on the Windows Store and 50 of those are Train2Game student games.

A Train2Game student game on the Windows App Store

There were several different games made of all types. You can see some of the screen shots below.

The games work with either touch screen or a mouse and keyboard. Whichever you prefer to use at the time.

Game Play from one of the games on Windows 8 made by Train2Game students

There is almost 50 games on the Windows 8 store developed by Train2Game students with more to come.

The splash screen for a Train2Game student game

Game Play for the above game

Windows 8 games can be played on either a home computer or a phone. Using either the touchscreen interface or the simple mouse and keyboard.

Windows 8 has arrived and it means big changes for indie developers!