Frequently Asked Questions

What is Train2Game?

Established in 2008, Train2Game is a blended-learning organisation designed to fast track the best, most ambitious and motivated students hoping to get into the games industry.

Train2Game’s courses are hosted by experienced supervisors and certified by leading examination boards, for most courses City & Guilds, covering everything from games design to development, artistry, animation and QA.

They’re designed for the industry by the industry.

Who runs Train2Game?

Train2Game course content is engineered by a dedicated team of industry experts. Students receive the support of dedicated tutors.

How can Train2Game help me get into the games industry?

No education provider, course or qualification can guarantee you a job in the video games industry and it is important to remember that as well as a qualification, a portfolio of work is needed at the interview stage.

T2G courses are designed to help students practice and produce a volume of work from which to create such a portfolio, providing a good grounding for those looking to enter the sector. A student who has studied a T2G course may also find employment in other sectors of the economy since it teaches a range of transferable skills.

What software do you learn and work with on Train2Game courses?

Train2Game students are provided with all the software they need to complete their courses and develop their portfolios. Depending on the course they are studying students will be provided with 3DS Max, Photoshop, Mudbox, Visual Studio Express, Office Suites, code blocks, video/audio capture software as well as commercially available and specially developed game engines and game creation tools.

For answers to more questions, drop us a message and we’ll get back to you right away or head to the Train2Game forums and ask our students themselves!