Train2game News New Mankind Divided Trailer


Square-Enix® and Eidos®-Montréal today released the 101 trailer for the much awaited Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™.

In this new video, you will follow Adam Jensen, an experienced counterterrorism agent of Task Force 29, as he makes sure that the events of the past won’t repeat themselves.

The year is 2029, and mechanically augmented humans have now been deemed outcasts, living a life of complete and total segregation from the rest of society. Now an experienced covert operative, Adam Jensen is forced to operate in a world that has grown to despise his kind. Armed with a new arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons and augmentations, he must choose the right approach, along with who to trust, in order to unravel a vast worldwide conspiracy.

Narrated by Adam Jensen, this trailer takes the form of a short investigation, showcasing brand new footage of Adam’s apartment and new locations in Europe, including Prague. You’ll learn more about Adam Jensen’s improved augmentations, which help to enhance his infiltration, combat, and hacking capabilities. Additional insights into the storyline will be revealed, and you’ll also discover both old and new acquaintances, all of which have their own agendas. Whether going rogue or by the book, choices never come without consequences. The truth is still yours to reveal.

The new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 101 trailer can be viewed on YouTube [here].

Train2game News Top 20 EGX Rezzed 2016 Games


Gamer Network is delighted to reveal the fantastic feedback received from its EGX Rezzed attendee survey, further solidifying its position as London’s premier games event.

More than 15,000 enthusiastic gamers joined over 100 exhibitors at the historic Tobacco Dock in East London from the 7th-9th April to celebrate the best of gaming from around the world.
With over 175 playable, pre-release games and experiences from the indie scene sitting alongside blockbuster AAA titles and cutting edge VR technology, EGX Rezzed was a thrilling preview of the year ahead in games.
As part of the exit survey attendees were asked to vote for their favourite game from the event. Total War: Warhammer, the latest in Creative Assembly’s massively popular Total War series, emerged on top and has been crowned EGX Rezzed 2016 Game of the Show.
With a large presence on the show, attendees were treated to the latest playable code over a month before the game’s release in May. John Clark, SVP Commercial Publishing of SEGA Europe said “EGX Rezzed is an incredibly valuable event for Sega to build lasting community awareness for all of our titles. The show plays such a crucial part in the build up to release day bringing the community closer to the fantastic game created by CA”.
Dark Souls III took the runner-up spot, wowing attendees who were delighted to get hands-on with the infamously difficult RPG before its release in mid-April. PlayStation VR was a huge hit with visitors who had the opportunity to try the groundbreaking system way ahead of its worldwide launch in October.
Overcooked! was the highest placed indie title on the list, the game’s fantastic four player co-op mayhem proving hugely popular with the EGX Rezzed crowd. Quantum Break, Remedy’s latest blockbuster, was the centrepiece of Xbox’s large show floor presence and placed fifth in the Game of the Show list.

The full list of the Top 20 EGX Rezzed Games of the Show:

1. Total War: Warhammer (Sega/Creative Assembly)

2. Dark Souls III (Bandai Namco Entertainment)

3. PlayStation VR (Sony)

4. Overcooked! (Ghost Town Games)

5. Quantum Break (Microsoft)

6. Black & White Bushido (Endemol Shine/Ground Shatter)

7. Orcs Must Die! Unchained (Gameforge)

8. Gang Beasts (Boneloaf)

9. Gang Beasts VR (Boneloaf/Coatsink)

10. Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide (Fatshark)

11. Deceit (Automaton)

12. Snake Pass (Sumo Digital)

13. Stikbold! (Curve Digital/Game Swing)

14. Tokyo 42 (Mode 7 Games/SMAC)

15. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League (Sony)

16. Rocket League (Psyonix)

17. Giant Cop (Other Ocean Interactive)

18. Man O’ War: Corsair (Grumpy Ferret/Evil Twin Artworks)

19. Binaries (Ant Workshop)

20. Esper 2 (Coatsink)

The survey also showed that 94% of attendees would come to a future EGX show. CEO of Gamer Network, Rupert Loman said “It’s fantastic to have another successful EGX Rezzed under our belt. The event goes from strength to strength and continues to grow in both attendee’s numbers and exhibitors, whilst maintaining its rare and unique atmosphere.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from all the people that make this show so special, developers, publishers, investors and most importantly the gamers.”

Dates for EGX Rezzed 2017 will be announced soon. Tickets for EGX at The NEC, Birmingham from September 22nd – 25th are now available to buy on the website

Train2game News Yogscast at MCM London Comic Con


The Yogscast are attending MCM London Comic Con the weekend of May 27-29 …and they’ll also be hosting a special Gameshow session on the evening of Friday 27!

Throughout the weekend, fans of the hugely popular YouTube channel will be able to get autographs signed by members of The Yogscast and snag excellent official merch by visiting their stand. Lewis, Duncan, Kim, Hat Films, Hannah and Martyn will be there Friday and Saturday, while Sunday will have Lewis, Hat Films, Turps and Kim.

On Friday join the team – Lewis, Duncan, Kim, Hat Films, Hannah and Martyn – as they go head to head to determine who are the Avengers and who are the Justice League (the rubbish ones) in a show hosted by Turps. The show will be a celebration of comic books, movies, cosplay and everything Yogscast.

Join The Yogscast for their most SUPER-POWER ACTION KAWAI live show yet at 8pm, Friday 27 May in ExCel London’s Platinum Suite. Get your tickets here!

An MCM London Comic Con ticket is not required to attend and will not grant you admission; this is a separate after-hours ticketed event.

For MCM London Comic Con tickets visit:

Train2game News 3D Scene Creator


After 3 years in development Sceelix has finally been launched.

This software allows you to create 3D scenes – and other content – more efficiently and with less hassle using procedural generation technology. After you can export or integrate your creations directly into Unity game engine – support for other engines coming soon.

Procedural generation technology consists of creating digital content from algorithms, rules and parameters, allow you to simulate the growth patterns of vegetation or mimic the architectural style of a city. Because of its parameterised nature, it makes it easy for you to change the size of your seen to something 10 times bigger with a simple change of a parameter. Sceelix lets you define all the aspects of your scene through its very own visual language, making it easier to manage and control.

Procedural generation can also be used to generate scenes at runtime, method used in several game types like roguelikes and infinite-runners, and specific games like Diablo 3, Minecraft and the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky, that is coming out this June.

The Early Access price is $75 with 20% off until the 15th of May with the promo code ‘RELEASE20’. More information at and check the video here

Train2game News Second Keynote for Develop Brighton


Today, Tandem Events, organisers of Develop:Brighton, Europe’s leading game developer conference, announced their latest keynote to be delivered by London based, Bossa Studios.

The announcement comes just one day before the Super Early Bird deadline on Wednesday. 

Entitled ‘Reach for the Sky: Why Disruptive Technology Deserves Disruptive Design’ the talk will take place directly after the opening keynote, delivered by Hideo Kojima and Mark Cerny, on Wednesday 13 July.

CTO Sylvain Cornillon, COO Vince Farquharson and co-founder Imre Jele will take to the stage to discuss how breakthroughs in technology have surprised, inspired, helped and sometimes annoyed Bossa Studios; how modern technologies has given the studio a way to make better games and to make games in a better way.

The biggest portion of the talk will focus on the lessons learnt whilst creating their latest and most ambitious game; Worlds Adrift and will delve deeper into why Bossa Studios is one of the most creative and pioneering UK studios.

“We’re delighted to announce Bossa Studios’ keynote talk at Develop:Brighton,” commented managing director of Tandem Events, Andy Lane. “The programme is shaping up to be one of our strongest to date and with this double keynote special it offers a fantastic opportunity for our delegates to hear from some of the industry’s leading pioneers.”

Develop:Brighton takes place from 12-14 July at the Hilton Brighton Metropole. Highlights from a growing programme include:

Opening Keynote: Legends on the Future:
Hideo Kojima in Conversation with Mark Cerny

Indie Keynote: Funomenal Feel Engineering
Robin Hunicke, Funomena

VR: Don’t Go Alone – Take Me! How to Make a Social VR Experience
Katie Goode and John Campbell, Triangular Pixels

VR: Building Great Games in VR – What We’ve Learnt Through Three Years of VR Development
Simon Harris, Supermassive Games

Marketing: Spending Millions Doesn’t Mean Top Grossing: How Rival Kingdom’s Launch Transformed Our Marketing Approach
Simon Hade, Space Ape Games

Marketing: Find the Right Users, Find Success
Bruce Kerr-Peterson, Google

Funding: Second Generation Crowdfunding: How to Make Crowdfunding & Kickstarter Work for You
Tomas Rawlings, Auroch Digital

Funding: How to Access Video Game Tax Relief
Anna Mansi, BFI

Coding: Research and Development: A Rational Approach
Ray Dey, Sony Computer Entertainment

Business: Merchandising in Games: Effectively Monetising Your Virtual IP as Physical Goods
Joe Stevens, Whispering Gibbon

Design: Let’s Talk Narrative with Rhianna Pratchett
Rhianna Pratchett, Writer

Evolve: Don’t Forget the Eyeballs: Developing Compelling Games for eSports Audiences
Ian Sharpe, Azubu

Tickets are on sale now at with a super early bird rate running until 23.59 on Wednesday 27 April

Train2game Official Dan Bilzerian Game


We would like to present to you SAVE DAN – THE OFFICIAL DAN BILZERIAN GAME, inspired by Dan’s unique lifestyle.

Bon vivan, millionaire and poker player Dan Bilzerian has been attacked in the cyber world by sexy zombies! These villains want him as much as the long-legged beauties in real life, but unlike the cuddly girls Dan is surrounded with at all times, these creatures are bloodthirsty. Only you can help him out! Avoid and gun down bloodthirsty zombies! Choose from an array of destructive weaponry and put them to use in locations throughout America! When you play Save Dan, the unbelievably funny and original free-to-play game for iOS and Android developed by Novasoft, you can expect to hold your breath for action packed moments!

Dan himself was involved in the development of the game. He gave very valuable advice on various weapon characteristics, as well as guidance on zombie modeling and animations.

“Originally the concept started out as a shooting app with a nice variety of weapons shooting inanimate targets in a variety of environments.  I suggested making it more interesting by having a variety of zombie chicks chasing me to rip my clothes off and “abuse” me.  The player’s objective is simply to save my ass!  It kinda took off from there with some cool additional features.”, said Dan commenting the launching of the game.

Your mission is to gun down these zombies before they get Dan, who has to activate signal beacons so you both get a chance to carry out the objective, which is to escape the zombie madness and survive. Time is of the essence, so you better watch out! If you fail to save him, the undead will throw themselves at him and tear him to pieces!

Google Play:
iTunes link:
Game home:

Train2game News Gfinity’s Tournament Builder


Gfinity’s Tournament Builder is out now as a free download, exclusively for Xbox One – putting the power of eSports straight into your hands.

Gfinity have crafted a brand new app that give more power to you, the player. As part of a £1m investment in the world’s most advanced competitive gaming platform, the Tournament Builder app allows Xbox One players of any skill level to run or compete in player made eSports competitions.

For the first time, Xbox One gamers worldwide who want to play competitively can choose what, how and with whom they play. Gfinity Tournament Builder can be downloaded for free from the Xbox Marketplace, starting today.

Neville Upton CEO says “We are incredibly excited to launch our Tournament Builder app on Xbox One because like Microsoft, we are passionate about creating technology that is accessible to everyone – of all ages and abilities. Find out who is the best Rocket League player in the office in a head-to-head knockout cup; set up a Halo ladder for you and your mates to play in for bragging rights; or run your own FIFA league for your school…. It’s free and easy to use and perfectly compliments Xbox One’s Multiplayer features and we believe will make playing Xbox One games with friends even more fun!”

To celebrate the launch and get things started, Gfinity are also launching a Rocket League Tournament for Europe and North America – exclusively on Xbox One – with over $2,000 up for grabs in total prize money. Players simply need to download the Gfinity Tournament Builder app from the Xbox Marketplace to find out how to take part.

Tournament Builder gives players access to the following features;

–       Choose the game you want to build a competition for
–       Select a tournament format (Cup, League, Ladder) and name
–       Pick a tournament template using Gfinity rules or customizing your own
–       Decided whether to make your tournament public or invite only
–       Choose to make it an individual or team tournament and set the number of players
–       Create a dedicated tournament page with brackets and tournament details
–       Invite players and teams to take part in the tournament and accept or reject invites to a tournament
–       Post tournament results immediately online and resolve results conflicts
–       See all your tournaments in My Tournaments
–       View all your fixtures in My Fixture
–       Search for public tournaments or sign up to Gfinity Official tournaments

Train2game News AppGameKit for Raspberry Pi


The Game Creators today released a free version of AppGameKit for Raspberry Pi users. This significant key release adds a further dimension to the already successful development engine.

AppGameKit works on all versions of Raspberry Pi and users just need to register an account with The Game Creators and then it can be downloaded for free –

Lee Bamber, CEO of The Game Creators, said “It’s the full AppGameKit BASIC, which has the IDE, can compile and broadcast (includes broadcasting to iOS and Android devices that have the player app on them) and allows access to the GPIO pins so you can code input and output to external add-ons (LEDs, devices etc).”

The Game Creators Development Director, Rick Vanner, said “We’re very excited to be bringing our AppGameKit game engine to the Raspberry Pi community. AppGameKit is ideal for anyone who wants to code cross-platform apps quickly and easily. We’re certain the creative Raspberry Pi community will make some amazing projects with AppGameKit.”

The Game Creators developed Driving Test Success Theory, Hazard Perception and Highway Code apps for UK publisher Focus Multimedia, deploying them onto the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Mac Store and Blackberry World – all from AppGameKit’s executable code. These Driving Test Success apps are now one of the UK’s #1 ‘Learning to Drive’ apps.

Train2Game News One Special Day


Video games community announce One Special Day to support gamers’ charity SpecialEffect.

Leading games publishers First Touch Games and New Star among the first to pledge 100% of their daily revenues to support charity initiative.

Some people would give everything to play video games. On 15th July 2016 some games companies are giving everything to help them. The One Special Day initiative will enable games companies of all shapes and sizes to give everything to help SpecialEffect level the playing field for gamers with disabilities.

On that day, games companies can donate 100% of that day’s sales of one or more of their games, or 100% of their advertising revenue, or 100% of the in-app purchases or maybe 100% of their DLC. Or it could be 100% from a dedicated activity or promotion. Or 100% of something else!

As well as games developers and publishers, SpecialEffect will be working with well-known YouTubers and Streamers to highlight and promote all the games that are part of One Special Day.

Charles Chapman, CEO of First Touch Games said, “One Special Day is an opportunity for the games industry to follow other industries by uniting on one day to help a cause that is so close to our work and I would urge other developers to join us on One Special Day and donate 100% of revenue from the day to SpecialEffect.”

Founder of New Star Games, Simon Read added, “When you spend your life creating and playing games it’s easy to take them for granted, so when I try to imagine having this hobby and passion taken away from me it makes it all the easier to see what wonderful work SpecialEffect are doing.  New Star are long term and passionate supporters of SpecialEffect and are delighted to be part of One Special Day which will be a life changing day for the charity and the people they help to game.”

Dr Mick Donegan, Founder and CEO of SpecialEffect said, “We’re asking the games industry to be loud and proud about supporting our work in helping people with all kinds of physical disabilities to play video games. It’s a great opportunity for companies to demonstrate CSR in a way that resonates with their own communities, and we’ll be promoting One Special Day to the national media with the message that this is an industry in unity for a worthwhile cause.”

Ian Livingstone CBE, Co-Founder Games Workshop, and Founder and Chairman of the Livingstone Foundation added “I was excited to hear about One Special Day at the VIP opening of the SpecialEffect Centre in February, and would urge people to back this exciting project in support of the life-changing work of the charity.”

All the proceeds from One Special Day will be channelled into the work that SpecialEffect do to help gamers with disabilities. Gamers like Tom, a 26 year-old who has Spinal Muscular Atropy and very little movement in his fingers. “With SpecialEffect’s help I was able to play for the first time in years”, he said, “And nothing can describe the feeling that gave me. So many things in life are limited because of my condition, but when I play a video game I’m in a world where the only limits are the ones I allow to be there.”

Other companies who have backed the initiative so far include Ripstone Games, Nomad Games, Tag Games and nDreams.

One Special Day is open to all companies working in the games industry. To find out more, visit

Train2game News Train2Game student joins UK studio


Looking to make next step into the Games Industry Muir Halleron is volunteering with Games Development studio Atom Republic.

Muir who’s originally from the US now lives in Leeds with son and cat, has been with Train2Game for three years. At this stage coming to the end of the course and looking at City & Guilds qualifications.

Muir is volunteering with Atom Republic as a moderator, working on its Atom Universe social world, a project which is now available on PS4 and Steam.

Muir sees networking and working with professionals as a huge plus and has learnt a great deal from the experience. Now plans to use the experience to get into making games or as a foot in the door as a moderator or QA.

Train2Game student, Muir Halleron ‘I’m an American ex Pat and have been living in the UK for 15 years. Currently I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire with my teenage son Paul and our cat Felix. For the last 3 and a half years I’ve been studying T2Gs Computer programming and Game Design course.’

‘I’ve finished the programming part of the course and am on the last optional module that I’ve chosen (Design module D15 – Seeking Employment). In addition to this, I am currently working on the C&G diploma assignments. I’ve met lots of other students through my time on the course which is a huge positive. Another highlight is meeting some of the T2G staff a few years ago at a gaming convention in London.’

‘With only one month left of the six months extension I was given to do the C&G assignments, I am definitely feeling the pressure right now and have been all year. Out of the four assignments, I only have two of them complete, with another nearly done and the fourth about at the halfway mark.’

‘Working between 8 – 10 hours per day, 7 days a week, I should be able to get the last two remaining assignments working well enough to turn in on time though. I am 100% looking forward to finishing and will be taking at least a month off to unwind once it’s all done.’

‘Currently I’m working with Atom Republic as a volunteer forum moderator. Atom Republic is made up of a small team of developers and they are currently working on Atom Universe, a social world much like PS Home was before Sony retired it.’

‘So far, it’s been a good experience. I’ve worked with their Community Manager before, which is good, as it allows a bit more rapport. We know how the other works and have similar work ethics, which really help us to work together well.’

‘Through volunteering, I’m learning the different ways to manage the gaming community and how to develop and encourage a healthy community. The moderation team is larger than I’ve worked with previously, but I would say it’s just the right size, allowing everyone to get to know each other. ‘

‘Atom Republic is currently developing Atom Universe, as I said above. It is Free to Play and is currently available to the public on PS4 and Steam, where it’s in Early Access.’

‘As for personal projects, I have a few that I’d like to work on, but they’ve been put on hold until after I’ve completed the C&G assignments.’

‘I don’t think I’ll be applying for a job with Atom Republic, just because they live outside commuting distance from where I currently live. However, the experience will most likely serve me well when I do start applying for jobs around the Leeds area.’

‘Once I’ve finished the C&G assignments, my plan is to flesh out and improve on my knowledge and ability in C# and Unity as well as C++ and DirectX 11. I plan on doing this by designing and making a game or two in each language. These will then become a part of my portfolio, with which I hope to use to get a job in either the gaming industry or in a non gaming specific programming position, if any are available. If not, I should be able to get in on the ground floor so to speak in either QA or community management.’

Atom Republic, Atom Universe
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