Train2game News 3D Scene Creator


After 3 years in development Sceelix has finally been launched.

This software allows you to create 3D scenes – and other content – more efficiently and with less hassle using procedural generation technology. After you can export or integrate your creations directly into Unity game engine – support for other engines coming soon.

Procedural generation technology consists of creating digital content from algorithms, rules and parameters, allow you to simulate the growth patterns of vegetation or mimic the architectural style of a city. Because of its parameterised nature, it makes it easy for you to change the size of your seen to something 10 times bigger with a simple change of a parameter. Sceelix lets you define all the aspects of your scene through its very own visual language, making it easier to manage and control.

Procedural generation can also be used to generate scenes at runtime, method used in several game types like roguelikes and infinite-runners, and specific games like Diablo 3, Minecraft and the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky, that is coming out this June.

The Early Access price is $75 with 20% off until the 15th of May with the promo code ‘RELEASE20’. More information at and check the video here