Train2Game News Scottish Games Week Keynote Speakers Announced

The first Scottish Games Week has today revealed its initial keynote speakers: industry veterans Graeme Devine and Houston Howard

Tickets for Scottish Games Week, taking place across Scotland from 24th to 28th of October, are on sale now via Citizen Ticket, with early bird discounted tickets available until Friday 2 September. 

With decades of industry experience under their belts, both speakers have a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in the global gaming sector, having spearheaded titles such as Quake 3. Speaking at events across the whole of Scottish Games Week, including More Than Games in Glasgow (October 24th) and at the Scottish Games Week Conference in Dundee (October 27th and 28th), both keynotes will give insight into the global games industry. 

Scottish Games Week has been created to highlight and showcase the incredible creativity and technical expertise in Scotland’s rapidly-evolving games ecosystem, and demonstrate the potential of the sector to the country’s digital and creative economies.

Graeme Devine, formerly of id Software and one of the key designers behind the seminal game Quake 3, said: “I’m really looking forward to presenting at Scottish Games Week! Scotland has a long history of being a creative engine for the world and being able to return to encourage that endeavour is extremely humbling and exciting.

Houston Howard, leading transmedia storyteller and author of ‘You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Story: The 21st Century Survival’, said: There is so much opportunity, so many channels, and such an endless amount of tools for artists to launch and scale IP that I’m convinced that this is the most exciting time to be a creator since the invention of the printing press. It’s great to see Scottish Games Week is highlighting this.”

Brian Baglow, founder and director of Scottish Games Week, said: “Scottish Games Week will not only celebrate and showcase Scottish gaming talent working all over the world, but will highlight the enormous achievements, opportunities and potential of the games ecosystem to our digital future.

Graeme is a global scot, working on the world stage, while Houston is a pioneer and thought leader exploring our converged interactive future. We are truly delighted to have them involved and welcome them to join the first SGW programme.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot more happening and many more exciting announcements to make as this brand new video games event in Scotland.

Scottish Games Week takes place from the 24th to 28th of October 2022 across Scotland. Tickets are now available for all of the key events including:

More Than Games (Barclay’s Campus, Glasgow) – Video games are Scotland’s ‘secret weapon’ offering far more than ‘mere’ entertainment. More Than Games will open up this remarkable ecosystem and make games relevant to the wider digital tech, creative industries, media, public sector and government in Scotland.  

Education Symposium (Codebase, Edinburgh) – A special event bringing together key educational institutions across the country, exploring the potential for games education and games IN education. 

Scottish Games Week Conference (Malmaison, Dundee) – An industry-focused conference, discussing the future of the games ecosystem. 

Scottish Games Awards (Malmaison, Dundee) – Showcasing and highlighting the incredible talent, creativity and skills of the game creators, educators and community across Scotland.

Scottish Games Week is supported by the Scottish Government’s Ecosystem Fund, delivered as part of its Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review (STER) programme. 

Scottish Games Week has partnered with Citizen Ticket, the cutting-edge Scottish ticketing platform. Dedicated to the fight against climate change, for every ticket purchased Citizen Ticket will plant a tree – a cause fully supported by the team behind Scottish Games Week. 

For the latest updates, more information about Scottish Games Week and to purchase one of the strictly limited early bird tickets, visit Citizen Ticket.

Train2Game News RPG Maker Humble Bundle

The RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle, featuring 50 RPG Maker engines and resource packs, two games born from RPG Maker, and a 35% off coupon for RPG Maker MZ is available now through August 4th.

Offering over $800 worth of content, check out the full details here RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle.

The Bundle is being offered in parallel with the Indie Game Maker Contest: Rebirth, which offers a prize pool of over $10,000 (US). Contest details are available here: IGMC: Rebirth Contest

The Contest and the Bundle are being offered by Degica Games.

A portion of the proceeds from the bundle will be donated to the AbleGamers charity.

Train2Game News Square Enix Announced Mangas Based On Popular Games

SQUARE ENIX® today announced five newly licensed titles to be published by the company’s Square Enix Manga & Books imprints in 2023.

The upcoming publications include a book, novel, world guide, and manga for FINAL FANTASY®, NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139…, My Clueless First Friend, and Daemons of the Shadow Realm.

Chocobo and the Airship: A Final Fantasy Picture Book (English translated edition)
Journey with Cid and Chocobo on their quest to save their town after it’s been overrun by monsters. Written by Chocobo’s Dungeon 2 director Kazuhiko Aoki and illustrated by Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon character designer Toshiyuki Itahana, this heartwarming tale is perfect for FINAL FANTASY fans of all ages.

Chocobo and the Airship: A Final Fantasy Picture Book (English translated edition) is scheduled for release on March 21, 2023. It is available for pre-order from the SQUARE ENIX Store and other major booksellers starting today. (For more information:

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Project Gestalt Recollections – File 01 (English translated edition)
Recount the story of critically acclaimed NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… in the first volume of a two-book set. The novel is written by Jun Eishima with support from NieR series director YOKO TARO, featuring illustrations by artist and character designer Toshiyuki Itahana, as well as story content from the Grimoire NieR world guide.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Project Gestalt Recollections – File 01 (English translated edition) is scheduled for release on April 11, 2023. It is available for pre-order from the SQUARE ENIX Store and other major booksellers starting today. (For more information:

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Project Gestalt Recollections – File 02 (English translated edition) is scheduled for release in late 2023.

Grimoire NieR: Revised Edition (English translated edition)
This ultimate guide to the critically acclaimed NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… comes packed with art, strategy guides, information and lore. It features hundreds of full-color pages offering illustrations and information about the game, as well as bonus short stories, extras specific to this volume and an interview with the game’s lead developers.

Grimoire NieR: Revised Edition (English translated edition) is scheduled for release on April 25, 2023. It is available for pre-order from the SQUARE ENIX Store and other major booksellers starting today. (For more information:

My Clueless First Friend Vol. 1
This heartwarming slice-of-life comedy series follows the unusual budding friendship between gloomy Nishimura and cheerful Takada as they experience a fun and memorable summer together.

My Clueless First Friend Vol. 1 is scheduled for release on March 7, 2023. It is available for pre-order from select retailers later today. (For more information:

Daemons of the Shadow Realm Vol. 1
A new action-packed series from Hiromu Arakawa, the creator of the smash hit Fullmetal Alchemist! In a world where certain humans command mighty supernatural duos called Daemons, follow young Yuru as he is unexpectedly whisked away from his village and becomes aware of his supernatural birthright. Yuru soon unravels a conspiracy tying him and his twin Asa to a prophecy that threatens the world.

Daemons of the Shadow Realm Vol. 1 is scheduled for release on April 25, 2023. It is available for pre-order from select retailers later today. (For more information:

For the latest information from Square Enix Manga & Books, visit:

*Book cover art not final and subject to change.

Train2Game News RPG Stories Coming To Kickstarter

Brave Alice” studios, announced today that their 3D World-Builder / Virtual Tabletop, RPG Stories, is coming on Kickstarter on the 1st of September and for Alpha Testing via Steam this autumn.

RPG Stories is a new Virtual Tabletop software featuring a massive World Builder that will give you the chance to create your sessions in a fully 3D environment AND play with your party. Everything you need, all in one software!

In addition to its unique VTT features will contain 3D assets, heroes, and monsters for all kinds of RPGs; Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-fi ones, which you will also be able to 3D print.

With an amazingly easy UI/UX and full of auto and manual modes, RPG Stories, is coming to make any Game Master’s life easy when it comes to world-building and every Player’s dream come true when it comes to TableTop RPG sessions!

RPG Stories’ team wants this to be the “community’s VTT” letting the fans vote for the final features and models that will be implemented in the final version, plus giving all export files for commercial free use.    

  • 3D World Builder for all kinds of Role-Playing Games!
  • Absolute Creativity freedom and Quest writing!
  • Take your Storytelling and TT gaming to the next level
  • Homebrew Everything

Key Features:

  • Easy to build any indoor or outdoor environment. Fun to play with
  • Supports all Eras of Tabletop RPGs; Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-Fi
  • You play with 3D animated characters and monsters
  • Different pricing between the Game Master’s Version and the Player’s Version
  • Quest writing tools and notes within the software
  • Customizable options for lights, textures, colors, dice, and characters
  • All known VTT features included
  • Upload your own models, music, VFX, and SFX
  • Weather System
  • Personal camera for each user
  • Easy matchmaking with no…lag
  • Commercial Free exports (RPG Stories export file, Video export, 2D Export, 3D print

Watch the RPG Stories Kickstarter trailer, here:

Visit RPG Stories website here:

Follow the RPG Stories Kickstarter page here:

Train2Game News Oregon Trail Update

Gameloft, a leader in the creation and publishing of games, and HarperCollins Productions, are thrilled to announce an exciting new update to the smash hit, 2021 #1 most-downloaded Apple Arcade game, The Oregon Trail, integrating Apple’s Health App and launching The Oregon Trail: StepTracker Apple Watch app.

Tied to a theme of “The Oregon Trail – In Real Life,” players can now use their iPhone or Apple Watch to more tangibly experience the actual steps of the Oregon Trail experience through their day-to-day life.

In a first of its kind experience, players can load up The Oregon Trail on Apple Arcade and transform their daily walks and runs, or wheelchair pushes, into a westward journey across a digital United States. With the all-new The Oregon Trail: StepTracker app for Apple Watch, players can set their own pace, walking, running, or wheeling in a way that best suits their daily routine.

Players will find more than just a simple step tracker: other features include digital representations of real-world locations, statistics and progress data, daily summaries, avatar customization, in-game rewards, and more. Players can walk the full 2,000 miles of the Oregon Trail, with five journey legs, 64 locations, seven forts, 15 river crossings, and eight pony express stations, meaning there is a lot to see and do as they “journey” along the trail. The impressive graphics of The Oregon Trail are also front-and-center, with players able to see the animated environments change as they follow the trail from Independence to Oregon. If players walked 10,000 steps every day, it would take more than a year for players to complete this epic journey.

“By utilizing Apple Health, we can confidently say the original walking simulator branches out of being just a game, into a method for players to follow the path of The Oregon Trail with their own steps. We think it’s a great way for people to better understand those who made this journey, all while taking strides towards enhancing their own health and fitness,” said David MacMinn, Game Manager of Gameloft Brisbane.
More details about The Oregon Trail and The Oregon Trail StepTracker can be found here:

Players can download The Oregon Trail for Apple Arcade here:

The Oregon Trail StepTracker App for the Apple Watch can be downloaded here:

A trailer for the new “The Oregon Trail – In Real Life” content for The Oregon Trail can be found here:

Train2Game News Skull And Bones Release Date

Today, during the very first Ubisoft Forward Spotlight event, Ubisoft announced that Skull and BonesTM will release on 8th November, 2022.

The open-world pirate multiplayer game with survival elements will be available with cross-play and cross-progression on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X | S, Stadia as well as Windows PC through the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store. Players can also subscribe to Ubisoft+ on PC, Stadia and Amazon Luna.
Developed by Ubisoft Singapore in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios, Skull and BonesTM will invite players to chart their own destiny and rise from an outcast to becoming a pirate kingpin. To do so, they will need to build their Infamy through thrilling naval combat and rewarding expeditions in a treacherous world. 
Inspired by the legendary tales around piracy, players will get to experience the authentic pirate life. From accepting contracts, gathering resources, to navigating important trade routes and attacking wealthy merchant ships, each decision will influence their journey, with varying levels of risk and reward.  As they grow their Infamy, players will be able to fully craft and customise their naval fleet and unlock a variety of new items throughout the game. 
The game is inspired by one of the deadliest periods in history – the end of the 17th century. Considered to be the second Golden Age of Piracy, it sets the stage for a chaotic and ruthless era of pirates, warring factions, powerful organisations, and empires all vying for power in the untamed paradise of the Indian Ocean.  
Each journey in the Skull and Bones universe will be unique.  Players can expand their empire by joining forces with up to two other friends or players they encounter out at sea. For additional challenge, they can enable PVP and test their iron against aspiring kingpins, powerful organisations, local factions, or even rival pirates. 
Building on an ambitious, multi-year post-launch plan, the game will be regularly updated with new content, activities, stories, and challenges that will be free for all players. 
Skull and Bones will be available on 8th November, 2022 in two editions, Standard and Premium, on PS5, Xbox X|S, and Windows PC through the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store, Stadia and Amazon Luna. The Premium Edition will include “The Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection”, including a range of cosmetics items for both Captain and Ships, and additional digital content, including two extra missions, a digital Art Book and Soundtrack as well as a “Smuggler Pass” Token. 
Fans who pre-order Skull and Bones will get access to the “Highness of the High Sea Pack” which includes the “Notoriety Garb Captain Outfit” and “Coronation Firework”.  
For more information about Skull and Bones, please visit and follow Skull and Bones on Facebook at, Instagram at and on Twitter at 
For the latest news on Skull and Bones and other Ubisoft games, please visit 

Train2Game News Niantic Social App

Campfire gives the Niantic community a new way to experience the joy of real-world gameplay, meetups and events, providing a way for people to discover creations that make the world a magical and entertaining place.

In the coming days, the global rollout of Campfire, a new social app that helps Niantic Explorers discover new people, places and experiences around them will begin to appear.

Campfire gives the Niantic community a new way to experience the joy of real-world gameplay, meetups and events, providing a way for people to discover creations that make the world a magical and entertaining place.

Niantic have been testing Campfire in beta with Ingress Agents over the last several months and will soon start testing the experience with all Niantic games and players around the world soon, starting with select groups of Pokémon GO players throughout the summer. You can stay tuned to their social channels to learn about availability in your region.

When you open Campfire, you’ll see a dynamic map of your area with game experiences and activities from friends and other players dropped in specific locations nearby. On the upper right, you’ll see game icons that take you to each of your channels, or game-specific map views. You can switch between these channels as you move through different game experiences. 

Key features of Campfire include:


  • Nearby Communities: Easily find other players by checking out local communities around you. Open the discover page in your Communities tab to join new communities, coordinate events, and meet new players. For now, there will be a limited selection of communities available and more will be added over time.
  • Niantic Friends: Easily add and manage your friends across all Niantic titles.
  • Direct & Group Messaging: Organize all your chats with friends in one place. With Direct and Group messaging you can instantly share gyms/raids, drop your live location, post photos, and chat with your friends across any Niantic game. Sharing your location through messaging is optional and can last up to one hour, before turning off automatically.
  • Real-World Activities: Join and share official Community events, keep track of meetups with reminders, and easily invite your friends to play! Scroll around the map to discover and share content, coordinate at any gym or raid, and connect with your nearby communities.

Now when you’re playing a game, you can see if there are people playing nearby. If you’re traveling somewhere new, or just want to explore new areas of your city, the map is a fun way to explore. And if you meet up with others, you can send them a friend request and direct message to coordinate your next meetup.

In Pokémon GO, Trainers can also share Raid locations with friends in a direct message – or group chat – making it easy to get a team together quickly and efficiently. Or if you’re playing on your own, you can tap a specific place on the map and you’ll see the option to add a “Flare” to that location. Think of Flares like a call-to-action for everyone who sees it, encouraging other Trainers to head there and join in on the fun.

We’re excited to see the ways you use Campfire to foster the kinds of real-world connections that have always been at the heart of what Niantic does. Stay tuned as Campfire rolls out to your region over the coming months.

Train2Game News RPG Maker Bundle

Degica Games, publisher of the RPG Maker franchise, in conjunction with Humble, are pleased to announce the launch of the RPG Maker Resurgence Humble Bundle, and accompanying return of the Indie Game Maker Contest with IGMC: Rebirth.

About the RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle


Starting June 30th on Humble, the RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle features over hundreds of dollars in content with RPG Maker engines, graphics, music, sound effects, and more!

This Bundle comes with every RPG Maker from 2k3 to MV, plus a 35% off coupon to get the latest version of RPG Maker, RPG Maker MZ.

Also included in the bundle are a massive amount of resources to create their game, as well as two games, the RPG Maker game Skyborn from Dancing Dragon Games, as well as Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition from Stegosoft Games, an updated version of a game originally made in RPG Maker.

RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle Link

About the IGMC: Rebirth Game Jam

The Indie Game Maker Contest, held first in 2014, and subsequently held in 2015, 2017, and 2018 is the largest official RPG Maker event series ever held. Unfortunately, for many years it has been dormant.

And that is why we are happy to announce that the IGMC is back this year, running from June 30th to August 4th of 2022, as IGMC: Rebirth. Participants have 5 weeks to make the best game they can with any entry in the Maker series using the contest theme (Rebirth/Rejuvenation/Resurrection), and will compete for a prize pool worth over $10,000 USD!

Additionally, every sale of the RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle will raise the prize pool for IGMC: Rebirth.

IGMC: Rebirth Link

Train2Game News First Ever Scottish Games Week

Scottish Games Week, the first-ever week-long, Scotland-wide series of events focused upon videogames, will take place from October 24th-28th 2022.

Created and organised by the Scottish Games Network, with support from the Scottish Government’s Tech Ecosystem Review (STER) fund, Scottish Games Week will position the sector as a key part of Scotland’s digital future.

From design, development and publishing, to education and the application of games, the event series will showcase Scotland’s pioneering and diverse games ecosystem and act as a catalyst for a more connected and collaborative sector across Scotland, the UK and internationally.

In 2021 the global games industry was worth a staggering $192.7 billion USD, eclipsing many of the other key digital sectors such as cyber, data, AI, fintech and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Scotland has played a pioneering role in the evolution of the games sector since the late 1980s and continues to produce some of the world’s most popular games, including Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft.

The programme for Scottish Games Week will take place across the whole of Scotland, with events being planned in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, as well as the Highlands and Islands and Scottish Borders.

Events within Scottish Games Week will include:

More Than Games – An event designed for a non-games audience, to help explain the transformative potential of the tools, technologies and techniques from gaming to other digital tech sectors, the wider creative industries, education, healthcare, the media and beyond.

Education Symposium – With eleven colleges and seven universities producing graduates with skills in game design, development and production, Scotland’s talent pipeline is world class. In the first event of its kind, the symposium will bring together educators and stakeholders from across the education and academic landscape.

Scottish Games Week Conference – A two-day industry conference in Dundee, the heart of Scotland’s gaming heritage, focusing on the cutting edge of game design, development, publishing, funding, and more.

Scottish Games Awards – The first ever Scottish Games Awards will recognise, reward and highlight the incredible creativity, technical expertise, business acumen and pioneering work being carried out across the country’s rapidly evolving games sector.

Satellite Events – The programme will also include several events across the whole of Scotland, from the highlands and islands to the borders, focusing on local clusters and topics relevant to each region.

Scottish Games Week will bring together game developers, publishers and educators as well as the broader games tech ecosystem and streamers. All of the events will be hybrid, offering the opportunity to attend in-person, or join an online stream to put games created in Scotland in front of a global audience.

Brian Baglow, director of the Scottish Games Network, said: “Scotland is home to an incredible games ecosystem. We have over 300 developers and creators across the country, from the largest studios, to part-time indie developers. Eleven colleges and seven universities in Scotland are producing graduates with games design, development and production skills.

“The games sector proved to be not just resilient to COVID-19, it positively boomed. In 2022 the global games market is projected to exceed $200 billion dollars for the first time. 

“Scotland’s games industry is the country’s secret weapon. The games ecosystem is far larger and more complex than anyone gives it credit for, with much to offer the wider creative industries, as well as other areas of the digital technology sector.

“Scottish Games Week will give this incredible ecosystem a global platform, showcasing, highlighting and supporting the incredible work being produced here in Scotland, as well as exploring all of the ways in which the tools, technologies and techniques from games can be utilised in everything from education, to healthcare and Scotland’s future as a digital society.”

Scotland’s Finance and Economy Secretary Kate Forbes said: “Scottish Games Week builds on the industry’s reputation thanks to advances made in centres of excellence for the sector like Edinburgh and Dundee.

“The games industry will play a key part in Scotland’s digital future and in our economy as a whole and is receiving continued Scottish Government support through the Scottish Tech Ecosystem Fund.

“The Fund is providing support for organisations to deliver meetups and events like Scottish Games Week – which create the best environment for entrepreneurs to succeed.”

Louise Blain, journalist and BBC broadcaster, said: “Games are the most successful entertainment medium in the world but people just don’t know Scotland’s part in that story in 2022. I’m thrilled to be heading up the Scottish Games Awards jury to recognise Scotland’s talent and, importantly, show it off on the world’s stage”

The development of Scottish Games Week is supported by an independent Steering Committee representative of the diverse ecosystem the event aims to serve. Members include: Louise Blain (journalist & DJ), Dr Amanda Ford (West College Scotland), William Huber (Abertay University), Joanne Lacey (AdInMo), Gary Penn (Denki), Nazan Ünlütürk (Zappaty) and Jim Woods (Sumo Digital).

Anyone interested in being part of the programme, attending or sponsoring any of the events should contact the SGW team at:

For all of the latest news and updates on the programme, and to secure tickets, visit: You can also follow Scottish Games Week on social media:




Train2Game News W.A.S.D Careers For Games Industry Students

Roucan is delighted to announce W.A.S.D Careers, a new video games careers expo on 17th/18th November 2022 at Farnborough International.

The event will bring together the best-in-class UK student development talent and employers looking to work with them in the future.

W.A.S.D Careers will be for anyone interested in a career in the videogames industry. A perfect venue and opportunity for development talent to showcase their skills and for video games companies to meet and see their work. W.A.S.D Careers will be the first nationwide opportunity for development talent to meet prospective employers and network with other collaborators within the games space.

The showfloor will comprise of a few key zones;

  • Students showcase – students show their playable work 
  • Developer stands – developers meet talented students 
  • Recruitment area – recruiter booths to talk to candidates 
  • Technology focus – tech providers show off their capability on the event floor 
  • Educators – educators meet the candidates of the future, employers and government
  • Meeting/chat/networking – a free meeting system to match developers and students 
  • Esports and publishing – how to get into the business Charity – make something that makes a difference and meet the people involved

Event Director, Matt Styles, said, “There is a very clear games development skills gap in the UK and we’re excited to be providing the platform for everyone to meet, show their work and learn more about one of the leading employment opportunities in the world”

W.A.S.D Careers will feature multiple theatres running content for the duration of the event. The main theatre – seating 1,200 people – will be curated by education specialists within the games industry offering tips and advice for getting into the business.

W.A.S.D Careers guarantees a low ticket price, easy access and group discounts to ensure that students all over the country can afford to attend. Plus, early-bird discounts and deals for universities showing games at the event.

The launch event will be partnered with many other networks within the games market, to be announced over the coming months.

Farnborough International boasts 20,000sqm of flexible indoor event space, ample outdoor areas, the latest in-house technology and more than 70 years of event organisation experience. The venue will offer a dedicated drop off and pick up area for coaches, and due to expansive hard standing secure space on site coaches will be allowed to stay on site for the duration. Located in Hampshire, the purpose-built venue has strong transport links and is in easy reach by train, just 35 minutes direct from London Waterloo, or by car from the M3.