Welcome to Steam Mac users!

So, the date that Valve’s digital distribution service Steam will be released on Mac’s has finally been revealed. On May 12th, Apple users will finally be able to join PC gamer’s in spending countless hours not only playing classics such as Half Life 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2, but a wide variety of independent titles as well. (Perhaps one day Train2Game students will see their work released through Steam!)

So, what does the release of Steam on Apple systems actually mean? Well, firstly it’ll allow staunch Mac users – you probably know one…the ones that refuse to use Microsoft products – to play a wide variety of quality games. Now, I’m not a Mac user but some of my best friends are and on countless occasions I’ve had to hear them complain about either the lack of decent games available on Mac’s or the fact that they appear to be a lot more expensive than PC games. Hopefully the release of Steam on the Mac will leave these chaps with nice warm feeling in their tummies.

So, will the introduction of Steam onto Mac’s have any benefits for the traditional PC gamer? Well, if you only own a PC then probably not. But if you own say, both a PC and a MacBook, the digital distribution service means not only can you install your games on both systems, but it’ll also allow you to play on your PC then pick up where you left off on a Mac. It’s therefore probably a good thing that I don’t own a MacBook then…that’d cause another crippling addiction to Football Manager for sure.

Now, quickly moving on before I have a relapse:… Another that the introduction of Valve’s digital distribution service to a new system will have, is that Mac gamers will be able to play online along side their PC gaming counterparts. There won’t be any form of segregation, it’ll be Mac and PC owners living peacefully together  as they attempt to shoot each other in the virtual face. Sure, you might get the odd pro-Mac or anti-Microsoft spray in an online game,  but that’s hardly going to cause World War III. Or are some of you out there  that are really, really against including Mac users in your games?

So there you have it Mac users, you have just under two weeks to wait before you get to join the largest digital gaming community around. And PC gamers…make them feel welcome will you?

Ah Gordon Freeman, it’s good to see you…

Wait a minute, I’m not called Gordon! Perhaps I’ve played a bit too much Half Life over the years… let’s start over.

Hi there! My name’s Danny and I write for Train2Game. I’m here because I’m very fond of gaming, which I’ve been doing I got a Master System when I was about 7 years old. Since then, I’ve owned a Mega Drive, various Game Boys, Playstation’s 1,2 and 3 and last but not least PC’s – I remember when 200 was considered to be a great ping, back in the day when Counter Strike was still just a Half Life mod. Ah memories…

Anyway, enough of my past endeavours, ‘What are you playing right now?’ I hear you ask, well I’ll tell you.

When it comes to my PS3, I’m currently ploughing my way through Final Fantasy XIII in addition to playing Batman: Arkham Asylum (Yes, I know I’ve been a little late joining that particular party)

My current PC favourites include Team Fortress 2, which I spend far too much time playing but that’s what happens when a game occasionally provides you with a free virtual hat! I’m a massive RPG enthusiast (re: geek) with Dragon Age: Origins still managing to occupy large portions of my time. I also occasionally play Football Manager…but as a recovering addict I know I shouldn’t be doing that!

Basically, I mostly enjoy action adventures, shooters, RPG’s and sports games….but every genre has top-notch games right? And I’ll be talking to you about all of them, along with discussing what’s happening in gaming industry.

I’m looking forward to it very much.

Train2Game Designer Student Jon’s Video Diary

Part 1 of Train2Game Games Designer student Jon’s video diary
It’s been a dream of his to get a career in the games industry, ever since he was visited by a Careers Advisor at school who asked him what he wants to do with his life and he said all he wants to do his make computer games.
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Train2Game on BBC 1Xtra Rampage Blog

“Train2game is the name of a new educational course that sets you up for a career in the gaming world. The course has been given the thumbs up by important men in suits and you could end up with a properly recognised qualification. (Bonus!!).”

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