Train2Game News EGX 2014

EGX 2014It has been just over a week since EGX, formerly known as Eurogamer Expo, at Earl’s Court has finished and for those of you who weren’t there I will share my experience.

This is my fourth year at the event and each and every year I am over whelmed with a sense of happiness as I enter the venue and see EGX in front of me. This year was no different from the moment I enter the moment I leave I have a smile plastered on my face.

The first game to catch my eye was Batman Arkham Knight. As I walked towards the area, I noticed a very short line and thought my luck had come in. As I entered the building I realised it wasn’t the game to play but a short video showing off the next game about the caped crusader. I would have rather played the game but the video was still incredible to see. The game has evolved to a new level to make you feel like you are wearing the cowl more than ever before. This is one of my most anticipated games for next year.

The first game I got to play my self was The Evil Within. The horror story from the original creators of the Resident Evil series and you could certainly see the essence of Resident Evil shine through. From the chapter I played through I was stuck in a huge mansion with puzzles and grotesque monsters to battle through. If you are a fan of the original Resident Evil game this should certainly be on your radar.

Speaking of Radars, I then played Alien: Isolation. This was the biggest hit of EGX for me this year. I had heard all the hype for the game which always makes me wary of how a game is. I can happily say though this game delivers on the hype that it has been getting. The atmosphere, the call backs to the original film, the graphics; they all add up to an incredible game which had me jumping more than any game has before. I’m hoping to get my hands on this game as soon as I can.

The Train2Game stand this year was the best it has been in the years I have been attending the event. Following last year where it was difficult to locate, this year it was hard to miss. Once you got to the top of the escalator you were greeted by an enormous booth filled with students working hard on their projects. With the growth in size of the Train2Game area it is a nice reminder that we are constantly growing.

I finished off my day by watching a Killer Instinct competition at the Xbox stand. I got the pleasure of seeing an incredible player, who was picked randomly from the crowd, remain undefeated and achieve a one hundred and ten hit combo. It was an incredible site to behold and you can definitely see why competitive gaming is on the rise. The presenter at the Xbox stand was one of the most charismatic performers I have ever seen.

The final year at Earl’s Court was a good one and hopefully when the event moves to the NEC in Birmingham next year it will be even better. See you all there next year!