About the Train2Game blog

Welcome to the official Train2Game blog – I’m Mark, Executive Editor of this fine domain and social media man.

The team will bring you through the latest news and conversations from the world of games and games development. At the same time, the Train2Game blog is a great place for people to learn more about our business, courses and students.

Whether you want to know more about the course for you, a member of your family or anyone else, we’re here to bring you information from the students, games developers, course tutors and everyone else that contributes to our shared success!

Find out more about me and the Train2Game course below.

About Mark

As a Train2Game student myself I am here to keep you informed on all the latest gaming news from your perspective.

I will try to help with questions about the course where ever I can and if I don’t know, I will know someone who does.

If you see me about come say hello!

If something is of interest or you have a news story and if there’s anything you want us to cover that you aren’t seeing – let us know


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Train2Game Radio

Head to Audioboo to hear hours of testimonials from current students – What’s it like to be on the course? Why did they sign up? What advice would they give people looking to get into the industry? All this can be found on Audioboo, and more. Also, check out our SCRIBD account for these in writing if you don’t have the time to sit down and hear straight from the horse’s mouth. Whatever works for you, there’s an option to learn more about Train2Game.