Train2Game News: Train2Game Radio talks to Domm Young

Domm YoungI got the pleasure of talking to Domm Young who is Icey Montys new developer. You can hear how Domm started coding and how he got involved with Icey Monty.

You can listen to the interview here:

Or read the transcript below:

Hi I’m Domm Young, I live in Portsmouth and I’m on the Developer course with Train2Game.

Hiya Domm, how you doing mate?

I’m not bad thank you. Yourself?

I’m alright cheers bud. So tell me a bit about yourself then?

I came out of college when I was 19. I’ve always wanted to be a Developer. I worked on a lot of stuff during my college time. I did Visual Basic to start with, it’s not the language I had in mind but it’s the only one they taught there at the time. From then onwards I’ve just been doing jobs that I didn’t really want to do and in my own time I’ve just been working on my own thing, but about a year ago or so I decided to join the Train2Game course because I needed a little bit more structure and discipline in my learning and that’s basically what’s brought me to here, really.

What started off your want for coding and stuff like that?

It was basically all down to the fact that when I was younger and playing games and stuff, I always thought it would be cool to implement my own things and I always had an imaginative way of thinking. So when it come to the PC I started playing a game called Vice City at the time, I’m sure everyone knows that!


There was stuff you could do by changing some of the scripts like replacing some of the models in the game but you could also add predefined scripts that were already done, you could put them in to the game and see how they worked. I thought that was pretty cool. From then onwards it was just basically researching and seeing how that all worked.

So were you doing a lot of Game Mods and stuff like that during your college years?

A little bit. When I started learning Visual Basic I thought, I’m going to be learning Visual Basic through the three years I’m at college I might as well get comfortable with using that. Obviously it got constraints when it comes to making games like the fact you can’t, you know, it misses an API basically. I was playing around with that and making little games on screen. When I left college, I started learning C++ as a full time thing and then obviously I found out that the Train2Game course also teaches C++ so it works out really well.

Now you’re with Train2Game you said you were working on other projects. What are you working on now?

I joined a company called Icey Monty. I found Nick on the Train2Game forum and then through Nick I met John. Within that company we do a lot of client work, primarily, that’s mainly our focus. We put our clients first and then we work on our own thing during the evenings or at weekends. Most of the time it’s just ideas we throw about, we get together in a call, we write a few documents and then we see if we can implement it and then if it actually works out, we’ll go ahead and do it. If it seems like it’s going to be boring or it’s not going to work out we decide not to bother with it any more. We’ve got a few projects we are playing around with it at the moment, one being a sort of racing game where you start off and you’ve got to see how far you can get whilst being obstructed by various types of Zombies, it’s just an idea we are throwing out there but at the moment it’s all in the works.

Yeah. So is it a few time job for you now working with Icey Monty?

It is now, yeah. I worked in retail, prior and then I got the chance to join Icey Monty, doing something I really like doing and no one would turn that down.

That’s gotta be a bit of a relief hasn’t it!

Yeah exactly. I’ve been working in jobs I hate for most of my life, since I left college. I’ve worked in stuff like Warehouses and Call Centers and Retail and all that sort of stuff. As soon as I heard Icey Monty were interviewing, I inquired more about it and managed to get hooked up with an interview, that’s where I met John, and it happened straight away. He asked within a couple of days if I wanted to start and I handed in my notice at work.

Excellent. So what was it you think they liked about you so much then?

It was more the drive. I didn’t care how much it was more the fact I wanted to do what I like doing and that’s all I really cared about. As soon as Nick told me they were looking for someone to be a developer for them, he told me what they were using like Unity and C# and stuff. Straight away I started getting straight on to it, started learning Unity, obviously told him about it and both of them were quite shocked about the drive that I had. So I think that played a big part in the reason why I got the job.

Excellent so with this full time job then you can pay the bills alright then?

Yeah, it’s fine. I am happy as long as I can make ends meet and do what I love doing really.

You sound like you’ve got a real love of all things code.

Yeah, that’s right, yeah. Like I said, it’s the only thing I ever wanted to do and I’m sure it’s the only thing I’ll ever want to do.

Excellent. So what are your ambitions to move on to or go forward to in the future?

Icey Monty is my first ever game industry job, working with programmers full time so I hope to stick with those guys. Working with John and Nick is really laid back, you couldn’t ask for a better set of managers to be honest with you.

Excellent! So I think that’s all we’ve got time for today Domm. So thank you very much for your time.

Not a problem at all. Thanks for having me!

My pleasure.

Train2Game News: roll7 are hiring!!

OlliOlliroll7 are hiring and Train2Game Students have first opportunity at the positions available.

roll7 are a small indie games developer in New Cross, London. They have previously worked on titles such as the upcoming skate game for PS Vita – OlliOlli, Mobile Adventure game – Get to the exit and Focus Pocus – which was developed to help change the behavior of some seven to thirteen year olds.

They are doing testing of one of their upcoming Indie titles and they need Testers ASAP!

– Testers are needed for individual slots of 4 hours

– Testers need to be gamers and ideally own a PS Vita

– Testers need to be able to get to our offices in New Cross

– Testing will be in the form of a game play though, no repetitive gaming or bug searching!


This would serve as a great addition to the CV for anyone looking to get into the games industry.

Slots are open from July 3 until Mid-August and are set at 10-2 / 2-6 / 6-10

Simon Bennett, who works in production at roll7 said that good work on these titles could lead to even more opportunities for the right person.

If you want to take part, please contact

Train2Game News: Train2Game Radio talks to Tarnya Smith

Tarnya SmithI got the pleasure of talking to Train2Game student, Tarnya Smith, who already has a years experience in the games industry after leaving university and she now works at Distinctive Games who have just released the popular Rugby Nations ’13. You can find out what she has worked on and how she got to where she is now in the interview.

You can listen to the interview here:

Or read the transcript below

My name’s Tarnya Smith, I live in Sheffield and I’m doing the Designer course.

Hiya Tarnya, how you doing?

I’m good thank you, how are you?

I’m alright thank you very muchly. So tell me a bit about yourself then?

I started off playing games when I was a kid, with my brother, that’s how I got in to it. I did creative kind of stuff through university and things like that and when I finished university last year I was given the chance to work as a tester for Sega in London, so I kinda took that with both hands and that’s where it started really. Then I got the opportunity to come up to Sheffield, up here, to work for Sumo, which was doing the Sonic game at the time and I got a job here at Distinctive, as a tester as well, and I moved up here permanently because I was living in London at the time.

You’ve had quite a wealth of experience already then?

Yeah, I’ve been very lucky. I’ve had a years experience straight off the bat, which is quite hard to come by but I work hard so I think that shows and I’ve always wanted to do, creative stuff. I didn’t really want to go back to university because I didn’t really enjoy it the first time around and I’ve always wanted to be a games designer so I thought I would do the Train2Game thing and see how that went.

Did you finish your university course then or did you just think that’s enough once you got the job opportunities?

No I finished, I finished back in May, but the testing job came straight up. I got given that at the end of July so I went straight into that after university.

Is that one you applied for or did they come and seek you out?

No, I know quite a lot of friends who work there and I never really thought about it before but then they started taking on a big bunch of testers so I went for it and got the job.

Very nice. What Sonic game was it you worked on?

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed.

Oh was it? I do like that game, it is fun!

Well I’m glad because we worked hard on it! Yeah I really enjoyed working on it, it was great fun and I still play it from time to time.

Excellent. It does certainly have replayability a lot.

Oh god yeah!

So, you said you’re at Distinctive Games now. What are you working on there?

We’ve just completed the Rugby Nations ’13 that’s just come out. At the minute I’m just working on patches for old games that need updating for the new iOS and so on, but there are some projects coming out in the future that obviously, I can’t talk about but there good, I’m enjoying it.

Excellent, so are you a fan of Rugby then or is that just something you ended up working on anyway?

I was actually a big fan. I used to live near Twickenham, so I used to go to Twickenham Stadium when I got the chance but I’m not really a big fan of Sports all round but it’s fine!

Just what ever you can get your hands on really?

Yeah pretty much, it’s all good!

Are you a tester at Distinctive now?

Yeah, I’m a tester, yeah.

So do you think they’ll be an opportunity for you to move up to a designer instead soon?

Well I hope so, at some point.

Is that the main aim? I assume

Well, I’m quite happy to be a tester for a while, it’s not that it’s a problem but obviously my aim long term is to be a designer somewhere. So if I can get in here that’ll be awesome but you know, where ever life takes you.

You seem very relaxed with it all

Yeah, I just think I’m really lucky to get into something I’m really passionate about so I am just enjoying whatever I can get out of it, I’m not going to start stressing that I’m not getting the job I want straight away because that never happens.

That is a very good attitude to have

Yeah, so I am enjoying it and I am just going to try and enjoy it for as long as possible.

Excellent. So it sounds like you’ve had quite a good life already then!

I just think, the last year or so, I’ve been quite lucky and I’ve got to know some people that know people. It’s who you are that opens paths for you. I’ve been in the community a few years now and you do get to know people.

Perfect, well I think that’s all we’ve got time for today


So thanks very much for talking to us!

You’re very welcome!

Train2Game News: Deadpool launches

DeadpoolThe brand new Deadpool game launches tomorrow in the UK and this is what the Maniac, Merc with a Mouth had to say about it.

Mission accomplished! I, Deadpool, have created the ultimate Deadpool video game masterpiece! I call it…wait for it…DEADPOOL! It’s pretty much the greatest thing I’ve made (besides my ill-fated root beer float hot tub incident of ’93) and is available now in popular retail establishments and most major chimichangerias (like a taqueria…but with chimichangas!) across the UK. Oh yeah, and those video gamey and comics guys at High Moon Studios, Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc and Marvel Entertainment kind of helped, too.

I’ll never forget the day I threatened convinced Peter Della Penna, the head of High Moon Studios, to make a kick-ass, third-person comic book video game with extreme combat and bikini-exploding action, starring me,” said Deadpool, Big Chief and Head Honcho of Things & Stuff regarding DEADPOOL at High Moon Studios. “Peter looked me lovingly in the eyes and said in return, ‘Deadpool, I’ll do whatever you want; just please stop filling up my kitchen with pancakes!’ It was that first moment where I really felt like Peter and I had a connection – an understanding that has stuck with me to this very day. Coincidentally, his family dog stuck with me too, you know…for leverage.”

Fans can rest assured that the first order of business while making DEADPOOL was purchasing a life-size replica statue of me for High Moon Studios, so that my outstanding team of talented, dedicated nerd types could gaze endlessly at it in order to make the digital me look as good as real-life me. I also instructed them in the art of building a fast, fluid combat system that mixes all my upgradable bang-bangs with my mad kung-fu-chop saki skills and mutant abilities, so the Deadpool in DEADPOOL (i.e. that’s me…heh…), is a one-stop wrecking machine, perfect for stealth and balls-out explosive frontal assaults alike.  Forget walking away from explosions in slow motion – I jump right into them to see how hot they are…REGENERATIVE HEALING FACTOR, baby!

I also filled a windowless room with terrifying spiders and locked…er…hired veteran Deadpool writer Daniel Way and provided him with really, just a stupid amount of spiders a “package” to convince him to pen a script that would befit Marvel’s most lovable character’s debut as a leading man. DEADPOOL is the rare game that plays with you while you play with it, delivering a $#!t ton (it’s just a better system of measurement, people – I can’t stress that enough) of fourth-wall-eviscerating humour voiced brilliantly by yours truly, doing a bang-up imitation of what it would be like if a young up-and-comer I discovered named Nolan North were trying to sound like me (Got that?…).

I am currently available and accepting dating offers – please send full-body shots. In other news, my DEADPOOL video game is also now available for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and on Windows PC. If you’re not into hard, packaged goods, the digital me is also available for digital download (Did you think I wouldn’t diversify my distribution network?  In this economy? Newbs!) on the PlayStation Network for the PS3 and Steam. I will also be available later this summer on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the Xbox 360. And of course, I…DEADPOOL, am rated PEGI 18! Because if there’s one word that describes Deadpool, it’s “mature.” Want more information? Well, let your fingers inappropriately caress your keyboard over to, or follow along at or on Twitter @RealDeadpool.

You can enjoy my AMAZING trailer, lovingly crafted by yours truly, below!

Train2Game News: Cat Forsyth makes her mark on Big Brother

Cat ForsythOn Big Brother tonight you will get to see the artistic skills of Train2Game student, Cat Forsyth, who has helped turned people into Zombies for the show.

This series of Big Brother started almost two weeks ago and this week has seen the house mates in quarantine for the weekly shopping task.

If the house-mates thought the morning wake up alarm they normally get was bad, they sure were in for a shock as this morning they had zombies banging on the bedroom windows.

They were hastily gathered in the living room and played an emergency news bulletin showing  the virus wreaking havoc on the Big Brother studios, before green smoke poured from the ceiling indicating the virus had hit the House.

With only six gas masks between them they had to decide who would get one and they chose Hazel, Charlie, Wolfy, Joe, Daley and Callum. The rest became infected and were sent to quarantine (the large task room).

In order to return to the House those in quarantine must be cured through ‘treatments’ or remain until the end of the task. Those who are virus free need to cure them so they can help in the task and earn luxury shopping items.

The quarantined house-mates will only be fed liquid food, be sprayed down by the other house-mates from time to time and have to crawl through a tunnel if they want a cigarette break.

The “Zombies” make up was applied by Train2Game Art & Animation student, Cat Forsyth and the company she works for, Silent Studios. She has been using her Art skills to make these people very “Un-life” like and utterly terrifying, you can enjoy Cat’s handy work below.

Cat Zombie BBBe sure to tune in to Big Brother tonight on Channel 5 at 10pm to see the horrific action unfold!

Train2Game News: Train2Game Radio talks to Lee Pearson

Lee PearsonI got the pleasure of speaking to a very ambitious guy who has been working incredibly hard to get noticed. Train2Game student, Lee Pearson, has worked through many obstacles to get his character designs noticed.

You can listen to part one of the interview here:

Part two is here:

Or you can read the transcript below:

Hello my names Lee Pearson, I’m on the Train2Game Radio forum, talking about my work I’m doing for the indie game scene, in the USA.

Alright Lee, how you doing mate?

Yeah not too bad mate

Excellent. So, tell me a bit about you then buddy?

My name’s Lee Pearson, I come from Ashford originally, I was born and raised in Ashford, Kent. I spent the last thirty years in education full time and all that. I’ve been drawing since I was born. My obsession with monsters began when I was watching Ray Harryhausen films and I started drawing loads and loads of monsters, loads of gory stuff. My Father used to bring home loads of the old VHS Videos and I got inspired by drawing that and that’s how it all started.

Yeah, the good old video nasties?

Yeah the good old eighties, I was probably only about five but that’s what inspired me to draw really and I just used to do it for my own enjoyment and just kept doing it and doing it. It was extremely violent, it worried my dad a little bit, and I just kept drawing and drawing them because I loved doing it. It’s what I have gone back to doing today now.

I’ve always had an interest in working on Movies and Video Games but I haven’t found the exact thing to get there at the moment. I’m still needing a little bit more experience yet. I did courses after I left school. I spent from 1994 to 2008 doing all these art courses and all that but I just felt this isn’t exactly what I want to do. I want to do something in Video Games and Movies because I’ve got such an imagination designing creatures.

I’ve had it hard with my courses because I’ve had special needs, I had to deal with a lot of family problems helping friends out, mental health problems and a lot of other things I’ve had to cope with.

I finally graduated in 2008, with an HND in fine arts with nine distinctions, including photoshop, and I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in 2008.

I left college from 1998 to 2008 just doing stuff for DJ scenes, just to calm myself down a bit. I always wanted to do Video Games though and my mate called James Sacker had this little card for Train2Game calling out all the Games Designers, I thought this looks interesting. I looked into it and my Dad said, “don’t do the course Son because it’s going to cost you a lot of money”. So I had some guys come around to my new flat that I am living at at the moment and we spoke about it and watched the Video and I thought to myself, it’s something I really want to do because I love Monsters and I love Gore and I love all that stuff. Without telling my Mum and Dad, I signed on to Train2Game.

I assume they now though, do they, you parents?

Not yet at the moment, just keeping it a secret

OK Lee, that’s all good that you did all that before so it’s 2013 now. What are you up to now?

At the moment I’m just working in some indie game companies in America, just doing it online. I decided to grab a copy of Photoshop CS 5, I’ve spent an awful lot of my money on computer equipment out of my benefit money, I had to sacrifice food for it. I bought Graphics Tablets, Scanners, Printers and all sorts of stuff. I’ve been practising and practising with the Graphics Tablet and over time I’ve mastered it in about ten months really, my graphics tablet.

I’m doing mostly Horror games. I did one last year before I started learning the Graphics Tablet. I went on the concept art OEG and I was flicking through all the games adverts and there was one that caught my eye, called Richard Lee, he was a guy looking for a guy to do his art work for a cult Horror game in America based before Jesus Christ. I applied for it and he liked my work so much that he said, yeah I’ll give you the shot.

It wasn’t done by a graphics tablet, it was done with A4 paper and pens and I started drawing all these really gory demonic characters. We worked on it together for a couple of months and then sadly he gave me an email saying he had to stop to go back to Trucking because of money. It’s a shame because I thought it would be a fantastic project to work on.

You’re getting some good work experience out of this projects now then?

It’s mostly just one on one really. It’s mostly just Indie stuff really and I just got my work out there by Facebook. I was just getting all my art work and spamming it and spamming it. I was then talking to someone on the Train2Game course and they said, why don’t you try deviant art?, so I got all the recent work I’ve done and spammed it and got it out there and it caught the eye of another guy in America called Mark Wemm, which I am working on at the moment. He told me to create my own character, so I created a Teddy Bear that got possessed by an Alien, Demonic Spirit that turns it into a hideous monster and it’s really really gory. I’m working on that at the moment and I don’t know how long it will take but I’ve been asked to do all of it by Photoshop and I’ve been doing all the landscapes and all the concept art and all the weaponry, it’s just great fun, it really is.

Yeah. It sounds like your enjoying yourself.

Oh I love it! Loving it to bits, it’s really, really good fun

Excellent, so you mentioned before that you had Aspergers so how is it studying and working with that, do you find you get prejudice against it or what?

No, I’ve got to the stage now where I don’t really care about my disability. I just have a laugh like my dad does, just enjoy it. I don’t really care about money I just love and enjoy doing it, it’s great fun.

So what are you wanting to do in the future then Lee?

Well before I go to America, I’m going to America just to have a holiday with my Step Mum, Dad and my family. I want to come back home, get a bundle of computers and PC’s, get a load of Photoshop, all the packages, Zbrush, 3D Max and I just want to go completely character mad. Create characters in Photoshop, to 3D Max and draw them, hand paint them, everything. Bring it all together and that’s the sort of thing I want to do with the rest of my life really. I can’t think of anything else.

I’m going to have obstacles that I am going to have to over come, like the Train2Game course, I realised because I was pushed behind a year, I am going to have to do this course. I am going to have no choice but I definitely want to do more, more, more character designs. I really enjoy doing it, that’s the future for me. I want to try and expand all over the globe. Doing the stuff in America and I sent some stuff off to Japan. I did a picture of Cammie on wall paper and sent it off to Japan, but I definitely want to start doing lots of characters, monsters, vehicles just for games really.

That’s beautiful. You sound like you are incredibly ambitious and just want your art work to be seen absolutely everywhere.

Yeah, definitely. It’s just good fun, just enjoy the ride! I just love doing characters, back in the day it was all done by hand and I was just fascinated by characters. I had them in my head everyday, sometimes even talk to them! I think the future for me now is definitely the Video Game industry.

Well, I think that is all we’ve got time for today Lee, it’s been a pleasure talking to you!

Yeah, it’s great, it’s fantastic!

And I will talk to you soon mate, alright?

Yeah will do mate

Cheers mate, Bye!

Thank you, bye

Train2Game News: Put a TARDIS in to orbit!

TARDISAs it is the middle of the week, which can be a depressing time, I have an interesting Kickstarter for you. How would you like to send a TARDIS in to Orbit?

2013 is the 50 year anniversary of Doctor Who and so a group of fans have built a small TARDIS to be sent up in to Earth’s Lower Orbit.

They are not talking about sticking a little, plastic TARDIS on top of a model rocket and shooting it really high into the sky and they’re not going to tie a TARDIS to a weather balloon, no, they are putting a TARDIS into the payload bay of a real, actual, honest-to-goodness, rocket, and launching it into a Low Earth Orbit.

This is not a joke, this is being carried out!

The TARDIS it’s self is already built and was created using memorabilia from the show, a blue print of the TARDIS.

The satellite is constructed from really light weight aluminum and it is a scaled-down version of the actual TARDIS. Our satellite is only about 1 foot tall, however, the light on top functions, powered by solar cells in the windows.

Housed within the box is a camera, a GoPro Hero 3, regularly recharged by the solar panels, which will take photos of the Earth from orbit. A magnetic, passive attitude control system is in place which will keep the TARDIS’s camera pointing toward the planet. All the images taken will be stored on SSDs as HDD’s don’t work in Zero Gravity.

The Kickstarter has already reached it’s funding goal so will definitely be launched but there are still a few days left to pledge.

The more money they get the bigger they can make the TARDIS!

As with most Kickstarter campaigns there are backer rewards. If you back this project; not only will you know that you helped put a TARDIS in to space; but you will also be able to send up personal information about your self on the SDD cards, letting anyone know who finds it, years in to the future, that you once walked the planet!

This is one of the craziest projects I have ever seen on Kickstarter but also one of the most interesting. The limits of Kickstarter truly know no bounds!

You can pledge and find out more by going to

Train2Game News: Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina DLC released today

Tiny Tina DLC2K and Gearbox Software announced today that Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, the fourth and final add-on content campaign for Borderlands 2, is available for download today for all available platforms.

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep features the popular Tiny Tina as she takes on the role of Bunker Master in a game of “Bunkers and Badasses.”

Players join the vault hunters on an epic quest of revenge and redemption through dynamic and fantastical settings filled with castles, dungeons and magic forests. Borderlands fans will also fight off more new unique enemy types in Dragon Keep than in all three of the previous add-on campaigns combined, including sorcerers, wizards, orcs, dragons and more.

“The Borderlands franchise has set a high bar for the quality and value of add-on content,” said Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K. “Today, that bar is raised even higher with the release of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, the most substantial add-on campaign in the franchise’s history.”

“As Bunker Master, Tiny Tina can change the game scenario however she wishes, making Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep the most dynamic add-on campaign Gearbox Software has ever produced,” said Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software. “The Borderlands 2 development team here at our studio really pulled out all the stops to create what we think is the best value in DLC ever offered.”

Critics exclaim that Dragon Keep is the most ambitious and impressive add-on campaign for Borderlands 2, with IGN calling it “The biggest and craziest DLC yet.”

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is the fourth and final add-on content campaign included in the Borderlands 2 Season Pass. The Season Pass, which also contains the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack, is still available for purchase and provides nearly $45.00 worth of content for $29.99 (2400 Microsoft Points), including:

  • Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty;
  • Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage;
  • Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt;
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack;
  • Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep.

Players can also individually purchase Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep and the three previous add-on campaigns for $9.99 each (800 Microsoft Points) as well as the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack for $4.99 (400 Microsoft Points).

Additionally, there’s never been a better time for new Vault Hunters to jump into the world of Pandora and experience the critically acclaimed shoot-n-loot mayhem, as the base game of Borderlands 2 is now available for $29.99 MSRP. When combined with the Season Pass, players will get nearly $75 of content for $60, offering hundreds hours of gameplay for an outstanding value.

You can enjoy the trailer for the new DLC below if you are over 18.

Train2Game News: Train2Game support React

ReactTrain2Game are supporting the React Initiative in their plans to cut down drug abuse and teach children the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse, antisocial behavior, violence and crime seem to be an ever present menace in our communities, and the problems only seems to be getting worse. Highlighting issues such as these is of paramount importance to the React initiative, and through education and awareness, React aim to help reduce this worrying trend.

Official Home Office statistics show that the UK illicit drug market is estimated to be worth between $4 billion and £6.6 billion, and Class A drug use generates an estimated £15.4 billion in crime and health costs each year, of which 99% is accounted for by problem drug users.

Between a third and a half of all theft and burglary is estimated to be drug related. Worrying figures indeed, and a problem that is most effectively solved through education at a grass-roots level.

The React initiative aims to raise awareness of these and other issues relating to public safety in the form of a printed journal that is distributed nationally to educational establishments, public awareness groups and support groups for the emergency services. It is also sent directly to individual police forces, ambulance and fire services, for onward distribution.

Although React is a national initiative, the publication is region specific for each area of the nation, to ensure that sponsors receive the maximum thank you for their support.

Train2Game believe that this is a very worth while cause to spread the word about and will continue to aid React in their plans and ambitions.

Train2Game News: UK Top 20 Games – 24.06.13

The Last Of UsSony and Naughty Dog’s PS3 exclusive, The Last Of Us, remains at number one for a second week and Nintendo’s big new 3DS release from last week, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, remains at number two. Max Payne 3 re-enters the chart at number five thanks to huge price promotions on PS3 and Xbox360. The only new entry to the top twenty this week is Moto GP ’13 which enters the charts at number number fifteen.

All formats

Week ending 22 June 2013

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Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2013 UKIE LtdThese charts cannot be reproduced either in print or online without obtaining permission from Ukie. If you wish to reproduce the charts in print or online, please contact for the appropriate license.