Train2Game News Big Brother The Game

Award winning game studio, 9th Impact, announce the release of Big Brother: The Game on App Store, Google Play and on October 15th.

Players can become virtual housemates, experiencing life as a Big Brother contestant. They must make strategic choices in order to remain in the house and ultimately become victorious.

The skill of the game is social, psychological and interpersonal.   Introducing a new genre of reality gaming, Big Brother: The Game will be available worldwide for mobile devices and online through a dedicated website.

With a life changing prize fund up for grabs, anyone, anywhere can win the world’s first massively multi-player online reality TV show.  Big Brother: The Game has 2 modes – Housemate and Spectator. The game is free to download and the Spectator mode is free with optional purchases.

To become a Housemate the player must use a Token to enter the House which is an in-app purchase. 

Last year marked twenty years since Big Brother first aired in the Netherlands. Since then, 480 series have aired across 62 markets, producing an over 28k episodes. 7,153 housemates from around the globe have spent over 35,000 days in the house, with over 5,000 live evictions. 

The format continues to deliver hit primetime ratings in long-running markets such as the US, Canada, Brazil, Israel and Australia.

Train2Game News Endemol Job Opening

EndemolTrain2Game spoke to Endemol UK on behalf of the students and they are looking to hire Digital Creative’s to help conceptualise and build amazing apps and games.

Endemol UK is one of Britain’s largest independent production companies and is behind some of TV’s biggest hits including Big Brother, Pointless, 8 out of 10 Cats and Ripper Street to name just a few.  Endemol Games have a proven track-record in creating TV show branded games and are building an exciting and original portfolio of products for worldwide distribution.

They are looking to hire two creative individuals who are passionate about games and other forms of digital media to join our digital creative team. The contract will initially be for 3 months. The work is full-time and paid at a monthly rate of £1300 gross income.

What are you looking for in an employee?

We’re looking for friendly individuals who have creative flair but also the technical ability to back it up.

What advice could you give to an applicant?

Any games you can show us that you’ve worked on in the past would be a huge advantage.

Can you tell us anymore about what the successful applicant will be working on?

We have some great IP’s at Endemol, from  Deal or No Deal to Mr.Bean, if you have an idea that fits any of our brands we’d be keen to look at developing it further. That said, we’re also offering the freedom to come up with completely original and unique IP’s. Have an idea for the next Instagram or Candy Crush? We’ll work together to make it happen.

What skills are you looking for?

We’re looking for someone with any level of programming skill, however if you can show us a game or two you’ve made in software such as Construct 2, GameMaker or Stencyl, we’ll be more than happy to consider you for the role!

Where will the job be?

Endemol UK is based in West London

To apply and get further details for this exciting opportunity to further your games career visit

Train2Game News: Cat Forsyth makes her mark on Big Brother

Cat ForsythOn Big Brother tonight you will get to see the artistic skills of Train2Game student, Cat Forsyth, who has helped turned people into Zombies for the show.

This series of Big Brother started almost two weeks ago and this week has seen the house mates in quarantine for the weekly shopping task.

If the house-mates thought the morning wake up alarm they normally get was bad, they sure were in for a shock as this morning they had zombies banging on the bedroom windows.

They were hastily gathered in the living room and played an emergency news bulletin showing  the virus wreaking havoc on the Big Brother studios, before green smoke poured from the ceiling indicating the virus had hit the House.

With only six gas masks between them they had to decide who would get one and they chose Hazel, Charlie, Wolfy, Joe, Daley and Callum. The rest became infected and were sent to quarantine (the large task room).

In order to return to the House those in quarantine must be cured through ‘treatments’ or remain until the end of the task. Those who are virus free need to cure them so they can help in the task and earn luxury shopping items.

The quarantined house-mates will only be fed liquid food, be sprayed down by the other house-mates from time to time and have to crawl through a tunnel if they want a cigarette break.

The “Zombies” make up was applied by Train2Game Art & Animation student, Cat Forsyth and the company she works for, Silent Studios. She has been using her Art skills to make these people very “Un-life” like and utterly terrifying, you can enjoy Cat’s handy work below.

Cat Zombie BBBe sure to tune in to Big Brother tonight on Channel 5 at 10pm to see the horrific action unfold!