Train2Game blog modding news: GTV IV Vice City mods in the works

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

While the reports of a leaked casting called for Grand Theft Auto V has sparked some interest on the Train2Game forum, the news that not one but two remakes of the classic Grand Theft Auto Vice City are on the way in the form of mods may be of more interest to some.

You see, not only was the game highly enjoyable when first released in 2002, but the remakes are yet another reminder to Train2Game students how popular mods can potentially become. In turn this means modding could potentially provide a skilled Train2Game student with a way to get a product they’ve produced out there and do it for free. The Grand Theft Audo mods are being produced using the Open IV mod tools.

It’s a reminder of how the PC and modding could provide and excellent platform for Train2Game students to produce work.

Interested readers can also see an older Train2Game blog post from January about the benefits of modding and community Game Design.

And while the two Grand Theft Auto IV mods – Vice City Rage and Vice IV are far from complete, there are still plenty of excited comments about the first glimpses of footage on YouTube.  You can see the two trailers below here on the Train2Game blog.  (‘In game’ footage of Vice IV begins about 9 minutes in)

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on bringing Vice City back to life through modding? Would you play the game? What game would you like to bring back through building a mod?

Comments can be left here on the Train2Game blog or on the Train2Game forum.

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Interview with Train2Game Game Jam organiser Dave Sharp during the event

The Train2Game 48 hour Game Jam took place from March 25th through to March 27THDuring the event the Train2Game blog caught up with both students and crew. The following is an interview with Train2Game Jam organiser Dave Sharp which took place half way through the event. The interview is also available to listen to at

UK Charts: All change as Crysis 2 takes No.1

Crysis 2 is top of the UKIE GFK-Chart Track All Formats top 40 and is one of six new games in the top ten. Three of them are Nintendo 3DS exclusives.

Over half of Crysis 2 sales were for the Xbox 360 while the PC version accounted for 14% of boxed sales.  The original Crysis was a PC exclusive, and last week the Train2Game blog asked are consoles ruining PC gaming? which in turn sparked debate on the Train2Game forum. Nonetheless the success of Crysis 2 means EA has secured another UK Number 1.  (See the Thoughts of Train2Game blog for the Crysis 2 launch trailer)

Multiplatform Lego Star Wars III: The Clone wars takes No. 2 for LucasArts while last week’s No.1 Homefront drops two to No.3

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for the newly launched Nintendo 3DS is the highest placed exclusive title for the handheld at No. 4 and is one of nine 3DS titles to make the top 40.  Pokémon White for the ‘old’ Nintendo DS drops two places from No.3 to No.5 while it’s Black counterpart  drops to No. 7. They are separated by 3DS title Pilotwings resort.

The Sims Medieval for the PC takes No. 8, Rayman 3D for the 3DS is No.9 while FIFA 11 drops to No. 10 in its 26th week on sale.

The UKIE Gfk Chart-Track All Formats Top 10 for the week ending 26th March is therefore as follows:

1. Crysis 2 (EA)
2. LEGO Star Wars III (LucasArts)
3. Homefront (THQ)
4. Super Street Fighter IV 3D (Capcom)
5. Pokemon White (Nintendo)
6. Pilotwings Resort (Nintendo)
7. Pokemon Black (Nintendo)
8. The Sims Medieval (EA)
9. Rayman 3D (Ubisoft)
10. FIFA 11 (EA)

Releases in the coming week include WWE All Stars, Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed and Darkspore. Will any of those take No.1 next week? Or will it be something completely different?

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on the big changes to the chart this week? Will the 3DS titles stay in the top ten long or will they quickly fall? And Crysis 2 manage two weeks at No.1?

As usual, you can leave your thoughts here on the Train2Game blog or on the Train2Game forum.

[Souce: Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2011 UKIE Ltd]

A reminder of the achievements available here at the Train2Game Game Jam


The Train2Game Game Jam attendees are in full swing producing their games. To add an even bigger challenge to the event – an even greater one than creating a working game from scratch in 48 hours! – the participants can attempt to add certain features to their games in order to earn achievements. All of the achievements that can be earned at the Train2Game Jam are listed below. Which ones are the most appealing to you?

The achievements that can be earned at the Train2Game Game Jam are listed below:

Instant Online Gratification
Game requires no file downloads (browser objects are OK), and has been verified to work on IE8, FF3, Latest Safari and Latest Chrome

Singing the Body Electric
A game that uses only sound effects produced by the body, stomach gurgles, vocalisations, clapping, etc.

The Hack
integrating external gadgets not normally associated with games (e.g. radio, electronic weights, lamps, toasters, barbells, staplers, etc.) as part of the game. This achievement requires that they upload a video of the game to YouTube and link it to the upload (they still have to hand in their game), as well as describing the construction in detail

Take Five
Game can be played to completion in less than 5 minutes

Game has an interactive tutorial

Over Achiever
Implemented the main constraint with 3 or more different game mechanics

Game behaviour is dependent on how many people are playing it simultaneously at the same time

Alternate Control
Game runs on a pc (Win/Mac/Linux) and is controlled with (a) device(s) other than mouse, keyboard or console controller

Universal Language
Game has absolutely no text or numbers

EGA Lives
Game uses a maximum of 16 different colours in all, including light and shading

For a full run down of the rules, see the the Train2Game forum

What Train2Game Game Jam participants are saying on Twitter

As we’ve mentioned before on the Train2Game Blog, the Twitter hashtag for the Train2Game Game Jam is #t2gjam. Of course, there are many of you who aren’t on Twitter so we thought we’d give you a roundup of some of what’s being said about the Game Jam by those who are at the Game Jam on the Twittersphere.

davywavy A very good way of following twitters and other social media based on a single hashtag: #t2gjam

IndiPlays This Week At @train2game will be returning this Wednesday. I’ll have plenty of coverage from the #t2gJam 🙂

davywavy New Train2Game Game Jam 2011 videos up at #t2gjam #train2game #t2g

ashiitaka  Officially been awake 24 hours now, game coming along nicely! Plenty more to do but we have a great team 🙂 #t2gJam about 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

ashiitaka 24 hours already too much for some ? #t2gJam

Hopefully that provides a little insight into what’s going on here and of course the Train2Game and Train2Game Jams Twitter accounts are also using the #t2gjams hashtag

So if you’re on Twitter why not adding a hashtag to your Game Jam Tweets and let everyone else know what you’re up to?

The pre-Train2Game Game Jam event coverage across the BBC

While we’re providing live coverage of the Train2Game Game Jam, there’s also been plenty of coverage from other sources in the run up to this weekend. 

A number of Train2Game students have featured during primetime shows on their local radio stations eagerly talking about their expectations for this weekend. Links to the audio interviews as listed below and they’ll provide interesting listening during any breaks Train2Game Game Jammers may (or may not!) have during the event. They go from the first to the most recent interviews about the Game Jam and come from across the country.

BBC Radio Nottingham spoke to Train2Game student Iddy Murray about what she expected from the Train2Game Game Jam.

BBC Radio Lancashire chatted to Train2Game student Joe Parker about what he thought would happen this weekend.

Train2Game student Andrew Goodchild (aka Vampire Duck on the Train2Game forum) appeared on his local station, BBC Radio Suffolk to talk about the Train2Game Game Jam and was also asked about the launch of the Nintendo 3DS too

Meanwhile, Train2Game student Brogan Lovatt was on BBC Radio Northampton where she talked about the Game Jam and encouraged more women to get involved with the games industry.

Text versions of all of the interviews are also available here on the Train2Game blog or alternatively on the Train2Game Scribd website.

So if you get some time to rest, why not read up on what your fellow students had to say about the Train2Game Game Jam. If you’ve found our ‘celebrities’ here at the event, how are they holding up?

Remember, you can keep up to date with what’s going on here at the Train2Game Gam by searching for the #t2gjam hashtag on Twitter. If you’re a Twitter user, remember toad #t2gjam to your tweets!

Previously at the Train2Game Game Jam…


Gabe is going for some well earned rest so I’m taking over coverage of the Train2Game Game Jam through to tomorrow morning – Yes, I’ll be awake at ungodly hours too.

In case you missed Gabe’s blog posts last night, here’s a roundup of what they were:

Like everything – including the Sherlock Holmes books that are the theme of the Train2Game Game Jam – Gabe’s blogs started with an introduction revealing the theme

Gabe then offered a little inspiration by listing every previous video game which featured the great detective. There have been 18 Sherlock Holmes games since the first one arrived in 1984, and you can read about them on the Thoughts of Train2Game blog.

Next up was a blog post – penned in advance by yours truly – detailing the various skills of Sherlock Holmes. Detective work isn’t the only thing he’s good at, and you find out about his various abilities in this post. Useful if you’re stuck over what Holmes should be able to do in your game.

Gabe also took a look at the man behind Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – and as you can see, he lived rather an exciting life. Perhaps some Train2Game Game Jammers will take this as inspiration for their game?

Some of the Train2Game Game Jammers had some very interesting ideas during their brainstorming sessions with some including Sherlock Holmes games based around titles including Grand Theft Auto, Pokémon and even a Violin version of Guitar Hero! Check out the Thoughts of Train2Game blog for a bit more of an insight.

The final update on the Thoughts of Train2Game blog before the Train2Game blog took over was a little different. Gabe took a look at some manga inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

Now stay tuned to the Train2Game blog for future updates. You can also follow what’s going on through Twitter by looking for posts with the hashtag #t2gjam