The pre-Train2Game Game Jam event coverage across the BBC

While we’re providing live coverage of the Train2Game Game Jam, there’s also been plenty of coverage from other sources in the run up to this weekend. 

A number of Train2Game students have featured during primetime shows on their local radio stations eagerly talking about their expectations for this weekend. Links to the audio interviews as listed below and they’ll provide interesting listening during any breaks Train2Game Game Jammers may (or may not!) have during the event. They go from the first to the most recent interviews about the Game Jam and come from across the country.

BBC Radio Nottingham spoke to Train2Game student Iddy Murray about what she expected from the Train2Game Game Jam.

BBC Radio Lancashire chatted to Train2Game student Joe Parker about what he thought would happen this weekend.

Train2Game student Andrew Goodchild (aka Vampire Duck on the Train2Game forum) appeared on his local station, BBC Radio Suffolk to talk about the Train2Game Game Jam and was also asked about the launch of the Nintendo 3DS too

Meanwhile, Train2Game student Brogan Lovatt was on BBC Radio Northampton where she talked about the Game Jam and encouraged more women to get involved with the games industry.

Text versions of all of the interviews are also available here on the Train2Game blog or alternatively on the Train2Game Scribd website.

So if you get some time to rest, why not read up on what your fellow students had to say about the Train2Game Game Jam. If you’ve found our ‘celebrities’ here at the event, how are they holding up?

Remember, you can keep up to date with what’s going on here at the Train2Game Gam by searching for the #t2gjam hashtag on Twitter. If you’re a Twitter user, remember toad #t2gjam to your tweets!

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