Train2Game blog modding news: GTV IV Vice City mods in the works

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

While the reports of a leaked casting called for Grand Theft Auto V has sparked some interest on the Train2Game forum, the news that not one but two remakes of the classic Grand Theft Auto Vice City are on the way in the form of mods may be of more interest to some.

You see, not only was the game highly enjoyable when first released in 2002, but the remakes are yet another reminder to Train2Game students how popular mods can potentially become. In turn this means modding could potentially provide a skilled Train2Game student with a way to get a product they’ve produced out there and do it for free. The Grand Theft Audo mods are being produced using the Open IV mod tools.

It’s a reminder of how the PC and modding could provide and excellent platform for Train2Game students to produce work.

Interested readers can also see an older Train2Game blog post from January about the benefits of modding and community Game Design.

And while the two Grand Theft Auto IV mods – Vice City Rage and Vice IV are far from complete, there are still plenty of excited comments about the first glimpses of footage on YouTube.  You can see the two trailers below here on the Train2Game blog.  (‘In game’ footage of Vice IV begins about 9 minutes in)

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on bringing Vice City back to life through modding? Would you play the game? What game would you like to bring back through building a mod?

Comments can be left here on the Train2Game blog or on the Train2Game forum.

[Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

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