Train2Game News OlliOlli being ported


Notorious street thugs Curve Digital and the pushers of intense digital experiences over at Roll7 are pleased to announce a collaboration that sends finger-skate-em-up OlliOlli kick-flipping over gamers’ couches and grinding all up on their Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS consoles in early 2015!

For the seriously out-of-touch, OlliOlli is a 2D side-scrolling skateboard game crafted by Roll7 from a solid block of pure raditude. This ain’t your grandpa’s skating game  – OlliOlli throws you feet first into high-risk, high-reward skate lines where ‘just one more trick’ can mean the difference between pulling off a gnarly combo and becoming just a smear on the concrete.

Fresh from its critically acclaimed debut on the PC and PlayStation consoles, players will be tearing up over 250 challenges across 100 levels, utilizing the 120+ tricks at their disposal as they compete for the highest score amongst their peers and other skater strangers.

All of the wild features return in full for the new versions, such as all four game modes, including the nails-hard RAD mode and the Daily Grind, which sees players worldwide competing on the same line for the highest score possible.

The game’s release is scheduled for early 2015, when you can finally pop shove-it into your console of preference.

Train2Game News Roll7 require testers for OlliOlli 2

roll7Roll7 are looking for some people to test the sequel to the hit game OlliOlli.

Roll7 require someone who would be available to test the game at their offices in New Cross in London over the next couple of weeks from 10am to 5pm. They are willing to pay up to £30 travel expenses with food and drink provided for the day.

This is an excellent opportunity to get some experience at an established studio. You also never know what will happen as Train2Game student who previously tested games for the studio is still working for the company to this day and has had his contract extended in to next year.

If you want to get some hands on experience with some very talented lovely people then drop an email to Tom to book a time in at

Good luck to all those that attend.

Train2Game News More Roll7 Testing opportunities

roll7Our friends at Roll7 have asked for Train2Game students to visit them and test their port of their hit PSVita game OlliOlli.

The studio are currently porting OlliOlli to PC, Mac, PS3 and PS4. They are interested in finding students at Train2Game to attend and give feedback regarding how it plays on the new platforms.

The details for the testing are as follows:

Location: New Cross, London
Dates: Between June 9th and June 20th , Monday to Friday
Duration: 2-3 hours
Times: Slots of: 9:30am-12:30pm or 2pm to 5pm

We are ideally looking for students who are relatively close to New Cross, London
Any students coming in to test from London can claim their travel expenses back from us
Anybody who wishes to travel further is welcome to but travel cost will not be provided.

Anyone who has an interest in signing up with us should email: with the Subject: OlliOlli testing. Leaving their name, location, current college course, preferred gaming platform and contact number so we can get back to them on available days/slots.

Train2Game News Testing opportunity at Roll 7

roll7Roll7 have an opportunity for some Train2Game student’s to play test one of their up and coming projects. If you are chosen you would be one of the first in the world to lay eyes on it.

On March 19 Roll7 are inviting a few select Train2Game students to there studio to test their next game. The game is a side scrolling 2D shoot-em-up with a cover system that needs fine balancing before the game is shown at Rezzed this year.

This is a voluntary, unpaid position but it would be fantastic to put on to your CV, you would get to visit Roll7 studios to talk with the developers and you may also be considered for future, paid, testing rolls at the studio.

Roll7 studio is based in London on Arklow Road. You would need to be able to get to the studio under your own intiative on March 19.

If you are interested in testing the game for Roll7 you can email Tom at

To find out more about the studio visit

Train2Game News: OlliOlli coming to PSVita this month

OlliOlli LogoSkateboarding game OlliOlli, developed by Roll7 – who employed some Train2Game students, is coming to PlayStation Vita on January 22 in Europe.

OlliOlli is a 2d skateboarding game that mixes addictive one-life gameplay with over 120 tricks and grinds with 100 deviously crafted levels & 250 challenges across four gameplay modes.

OlliOlli rewards the most skilful and riskiest of players, always tempting you to go for that massive 360 Inward Heelflip and ludicrous chain of combos. Leaving you to time your landing to perfection – or risk losing your score!

The whole game is hand-drawn in pixelly loveliness, which is no mean feat considering the number of tricks, grinds, slams and stages.

“At PlayStation, we’re delighted to be working with the talented Roll7 to bring the savagely addictive genius of OlliOlli to the PS Vita” said Shahid Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE). “We loved OlliOlli from the first prototype and can’t wait for PlayStation fans to play this beautifully crafted game on their PS Vitas”

OlliOlli is developed and self-published by Roll7 and was QA tested by a couple of our very own Train2Game students! This is a big triumph for them and will do wonders for their CV’s

You can enjoy the trailer for OlliOlli below:

Train2Game News: Another Roll7 position available

roll7I get to share some wonderful news with you all this morning! A Train2Game Student named Sam has been employed at Roll7.

Sam obtained his job at the company after reading about the position on the Train2Game blog and we recently received an email from Roll7 detailing how very happy with Sam they are! They reported that he is now basically head of QA.

Roll7 now have another small time position available and have sent this message:

Hi there!

If you haven’t already done testing with us –

Any chance you can make a Testing Session on Friday this week?

We can pay expenses of £15, we only need you in for an hour



This would be a great opportunity for a London based student to meet a well organised team and get to work with them, gaining valuable experience.

If you are interested in the position and you haven’t tested for Roll7 before email Simon at with your CV.

Train2Game News: roll7 hiring Train2Game QA Testers

roll7roll7 are hiring Train2Game students to be QA Testers at their London based studio. This could be the start of your career!

Due to the response and quality of the students that responded to the first roll7 request for student QA testers, the company are now offering two students an opportunity to get “proper hands on QA experience.”

roll7 are curently looking for candidates that:

  • Are diligent and hard working
  • Can keep attention to detail when performing similar tasks again and again
  • have good written communication skills
  • are SERIOUS about working in the Video Games Industry
  • Must be London based

The position will ideally be fully time between 19 August to 18 October. QA Testers please look out for more opportunities in August and September.

For full details of the positions, London based, please initially email including your contact and Train2game college details. Full details will be sent to you.

Don’t delay and apply today to start your journey deeper in to the games industry!

Train2Game News: roll7 are hiring!!

OlliOlliroll7 are hiring and Train2Game Students have first opportunity at the positions available.

roll7 are a small indie games developer in New Cross, London. They have previously worked on titles such as the upcoming skate game for PS Vita – OlliOlli, Mobile Adventure game – Get to the exit and Focus Pocus – which was developed to help change the behavior of some seven to thirteen year olds.

They are doing testing of one of their upcoming Indie titles and they need Testers ASAP!

– Testers are needed for individual slots of 4 hours

– Testers need to be gamers and ideally own a PS Vita

– Testers need to be able to get to our offices in New Cross

– Testing will be in the form of a game play though, no repetitive gaming or bug searching!


This would serve as a great addition to the CV for anyone looking to get into the games industry.

Slots are open from July 3 until Mid-August and are set at 10-2 / 2-6 / 6-10

Simon Bennett, who works in production at roll7 said that good work on these titles could lead to even more opportunities for the right person.

If you want to take part, please contact