Train2Game News Game Services Forum Bringing Industry Professionals Together

Registration is now open for VIP studio and publisher executives and external services providers to attend the Game Services Forum.

  The Forum ( is a highly focused event that brings senior games industry professionals together for matched one-to-one business meetings and educational seminars.

  Throughout this two-day event delegates will meet with trusted vendors who will be able to talk through projects, concerns and obstacles, offering the best advice as well cost-saving solutions.

  From Tools, External Development and QA to Analytics, Data and Ad Networks, the Game Services Forum has everything in one virtual place, saving studio professionals time, research, travel and money.

  Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend seminars hosted by industry thought-leaders.

  The Game Services Forum is brought to you by Forum Events & Media Group, a pioneer of the unique concept of face-to-face meetings events, based on matching the interests of procurement decision-makers with suppliers.

  The company boasts a portfolio of over 30 highly-focused events including the Smarter Payments Summit, Security IT Summit, Digital Marketing Solutions Summit and Contact Centre & Customer Experience Summit.

  The Game Services Forum is supported by MCV/Develop.

  For more information, visit

Train2Game News Square Enix work potential

Square Enix® Montréal, the award-winning and critically acclaimed mobile games studio, has announced that it is attending Casual Connect in London on May 29-31, 2018, and will be located at booth #206.

The studio will be a Gold Sponsor of the conference and has recently made the move to the freemium mobile game development model. As a result, Square Enix is actively looking to fill new positions within the Montréal and London mobile studios. Key members of the Square Enix Montréal and London mobile teams will be available at the booth to discuss any of the available positions, spanning Creative, Analytics, Product Management, and beyond.

As well as sponsoring this year’s ‘Best Kids and Family Game Indie Prize Award’, Square Enix Montréal’s Head of Studio, Patrick Naud will join fellow industry experts to discuss Live Operations on the ‘Live Game Ops Power Panel’ at 4pm on May 30, 2018 in the St. James’s suite. Senior Producer Dominic Allaire and Lead Game Designer Jean-Francois Dugas will deliver their ‘Live and Kickin’ presentation covering the evolution of Hitman Sniper at 11am on May 30, 2018 in the St. James’s suite.

“We’ve always strived to provide the highest quality experience for mobile players and premium was the most appropriate format for us to do so initially in order to prove our know-how,” said Patrick Naud, Head of Studio at Square Enix Montréal. “While we remain absolutely committed to delivering innovative experiences to our existing IPs, we also want to make original games that are accessible to all players, hence we are now fully embracing the freemium format, while being mindful that we continue to provide the mobile gaming community with unforgettable experiences; a value central to every Square Enix Montréal title.”

For more information regarding the ‘Live Game Ops Power Panel’ and ‘Live and Kickin’ presentation:

Casual Connect will be held at The Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE. Square Enix Montréal will be located at booth #206.

Train2game Multiplay Job Opportunity


Multiplay, organiser of the UK’s largest gaming festival, Insomnia, and a subsidiary of GAME Digital plc (“GAME Digital”), the UK’s leading video gaming specialist retailer, is challenging job applicants to prove their online gaming knowledge and abilities against Craig Fletcher, Founder and CEO of Multiplay, in return for potential employment at the high-tech company based in Blackfield.

Craig Fletcher, a former medical student, abandoned his studies for his hobby, online gaming, and developed it into a highly successful business that he is passionate about, located in New Forest, Hampshire, UK. Insomnia Gaming Festival, which started out as a LAN party between friends and family, has rapidly grown and now attracts crowds of over 37,000 gamers at one time. Multiplay are recruiting new staff as the company continually develops, and in a form of unique interviewing, the CEO is personally challenging applicants at online gaming which integrates with one of Insomnia’s key pillars, LAN gaming.

Craig Fletcher, also known as Wizzo in the gaming world said; “a head-to-head game is a great way to get to know if new recruits are passionate about online gaming and the games they will be working with. At Multiplay we like to work hard, but play hard too, and we are always looking for the most talented individuals to join our family of ardent online gamers.”

For more information on career opportunities, please visit  or

Train2Game News Jobs for Devs in Denmark


Employment opportunities in Denmark at major companies and indie developers.

The Train2Game team is always on the lookout for employment openings for students and possible job opportunities in the future. We’ve recently been in touch with Copenhagen Capacity, an employment drive for jobs in Denmark and heard about the incredible opportunities available to IT and gaming professionals.

We spoke with Anders Peter Kierbye Johansen about job opportunities in Denmark and his role as HR Director for Unity. We also managed to get our hands on a video that shows Australian Wayne Johnson talking about his experiences working as an Indie Developer in Denmark.

”My name is Anders Peter Kierbye Johansen, I am 40 years old and an HR Director for Unity. I am currently responsible for HR in Europe.  In my role I organize the HR team in Europe which consists of six employees and six recruiters. I studied Psychology, worked as a Psychologist, then went into Recruitment, Business support and then heading up HR for Unity.”

“I ensure we solve the key challenges which Unity needs to get right, concerning:”

“Recruitment:  We need to hire 200+ people before end of the year. So recruitment of highly technical talent is a difficult challenge and we aim to hire some of the best we can.”

“Onboarding: Ensuring all new employees are introduced to the company and the way we work; methods, best practice and a clear definition of their job, so they can become productive asap.”

“Data Quality: When we grow as rapidly as we do (50% growth per year in employees) it is critical that the basic data is in place. Otherwise the organisation will become messy and this will affect everyone in the company. So we need to get it right the first time around.”

“Talent Management: Making sure we know the talents of our employees and that we provide the right challenges for them, while ensuring there is never a chance they will consider leaving us!”

“Performance Management: Making sure our employees receive the feedback and support they need to become successful in their jobs. This requires clear goals and constant feedback so any employee at any time will know exactly if the work he or she delivers is what it should be.”

“Organisational development: Ensuring flexible structures which are continuously adapted to fit the current state of the organisation. Reviewing how to best organise teams and work so the company is able to grow while being able to deliver results.”

“It is rare you get an opportunity to be part of a company with a mission that makes complete sense. Unity Technologies wants to democratise games development. This purpose is still as valid today as when it was decided almost ten years ago. Unity is actually fulfilling its mission and is making a difference for people all over the world, both people who are building games but also people that are playing games, for example; playing Hearthstone on various platforms against each other.”

“It is exciting to be in a company which is going through a hyper growth phase. This is very challenging as we are hiring highly talented employees that need to be hired and relocated from all over the world, at the same time managing a complex organization which needs to absorb these new people while at the same time remaining productive.”

“We recruit for all areas. Software Engineers are always welcome and people who have tried building games, we will always be interested in. We are at any time ready to do some opportunistic hires. Meaning when we meet great people we are ready to hire them even though the right job may not be immediately available. However we are able to offer so many hard problems to solve that we can absorb every talented engineer we encounter.”

“I have been in the Games industry for two years now. It is an exciting industry, filled with small independent entrepreneurs and start-ups. It is exciting to work with people who truly have a passion for what they do. Of course people are people and what Software Developers need to be empowered is only slightly different from how you need to support other types of professions.”
“In general Denmark is an easy place to live. You basically only have to pay your rent and other than that everything else is paid for. It is a safe and truly pleasant place to live. In Copenhagen there are many quiet and meditative places to relax and hang out and the quality of life is high. Almost all developers which we have working here enjoy their life here and the attrition is close to zero so we must be doing something right, both in Unity but also in Copenhagen. Also, industry statistics say that Games Development is growing here.”

“At Unity we look for people with an inherent passion. People who prefer to spend their evenings hacking away on their pet projects. We most often see these people as successful at Unity. So when they apply they can often attach a nice portfolio which is a testament to their skills and achievements and also show us what they could do for us in regards to some of the hard problems we are trying to solve.”

Interview with games developer Wayne Johnson, living and working in Denmark

For more information and to apply for jobs in Denmark, visit:

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Train2Game News Women in creative industries falling


The number of women in the digital and creative industries are falling.

Just one quarter (26%) of those working in the digital sector are female, new research shows.

The findings, released today by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), show the proportion of women is down from 33% in 2002 – far below the UK average of 47%.

The shortfall comes at a time where skilled staff are in high demand: the research found there were a higher proportion of vacancies in digital and creative than across the economy as a whole, with high-level roles such as programmers and web developers remaining unfilled.

The industries now face a battle for talent, as projections suggest that 1.2m people will be needed to fill jobs in the sector by 2022.

Karen Price, Director of the Tech Partnership, a network of employers working on digital skills, said:

“The UK is a world leader in the digital and creative industries. Our software development, visual effects and computer games companies are some of the best there are, and we want to keep them that way. That means that we need to make sure talented people fill the jobs that we’ll need to keep growing.

“The news that female entrants to the digital sector are falling is very disappointing. We want to show women and girls that there are great opportunities in the digital sector, and that the rewards are great too.

“It’s key that we influence girls from a young age  and our TechFuture Girls programme aims to get girls of 10 to 14 engaged with computer skills and IT through after-school clubs. In 2022 these girls will be making choices about further study and careers, and making sure they know how important digital skills are is vital.”

The research suggests such a high volume of vacancies cause more than just increased workloads for employees, with 40% of employers reporting that they had lost business due to not being able to fill posts.

More than 2 million people are employed in digital and creative industries, with the sector worth £137bn to the UK annually.

UKCES research also finds jobs within the sector to be highly productive and well paid, with average earnings up to 25% higher than the UK average.

Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey said:

“The UK’s Digital and Creative Industries are amongst our biggest success stories, but for them to continue to flourish we must make sure the next generation of talent is being taught, trained and nurtured. Initiatives like TechFuture Girls that encourage young women to consider a career in this dynamic sector will play an important role in addressing this issue.”

Train2Game News Tester Job Available


A new job is available for Train2Game students who are interested in games testing.

F2P GAMES QA TESTER – Based in Milton Keynes

Games tester required to join a proven industry leading mobile games
developer. We need a few pragmatic and self-motivated individuals who can
work on their own initiative and function well within a team.


   – _ Write and run custom and bespoke test routines as required
   – _ Compile games test results and data into concise bug reports
   – _ Complete test report tickets


   – _ 1+ years experience, preferably in games or related field
   – _ Strong team player, eager to learn and share with others
   – _ Bright, flexible and able to work to deadlines and under pressure
   – _ Tech savvy with an interest in F2P game on mobile and console
   – _ Strong written and oral communication skills
   – _ Excellent attention to detail
   – _ Ability to follow processes and suggest improvements
   – _ A good understanding of the software development and testing


   – _ Professional development experience of mobile and console platforms
   – _ An understanding of the F2P games market
   – _ A passion for playing games, particularly on mobile
   – _ Initiative and drive for problem solving

Please send job applications to

Train2Game News Insight into working at Universally Speaking


Insight into working for Universally Speaking for Train2Game students applying for professional QA positions

As a follow up to our post last week calling for Train2Game students to apply to Universally Speaking , we’ve spoken to students currently working at Universally Speaking to gain their insight into working at the company. We’ve also spoken to Vendor Manager Paul Lambert gives some guidance on what the company are looking for from applicants

Train2Game student Kieron Baker, 24, from Cambridge
It feels fantastic to be working professionally in games! I love coming to work and no day is even remotely the same. When I look at the industry as a whole and realise how big it is and how much is going on, it makes me feel proud of my profession, my position within it and the work that I do while here at Universally Speaking.
The variances in projects and the working environment are what allow me to enjoy working at Universally Speaking so much. The team we have are really close knit and yet so welcoming and open minded, and the clients that we work with are so varied. One day we could be testing functionality and compatibility on a new mobile game, to then moving on to consoles, and even eLearning the day after. That’s the most fulfilling thing about Universally Speaking, the variety of projects and experience gained that comes with working with many different Developers from all over the world.
I really enjoy the working environment and being surrounded by like-minded people, also the abundance of experience that can be gained from working in such a diverse company with some amazing people.
Long term goals. If you had asked me a year ago I may have given you a different answer, but I have always wanted to move into design with a view to perhaps becoming a Producer. But for now, I am enjoying my time here at Universally Speaking that I can see myself here for quite a while yet.

Train2Game student, Evaldas Oleinikas, 25, from Lithuania. Currently residing in Bedford UK.
It is great to be working in an area that you are still studying. Gaining experience before qualification, in my opinion is very vital part of the good career, although not everyone can do so.
Universally Speaking is a superb company to work for, there is always plenty of work to do and one of the main positives is the great work experience gained.

It’s an excellent opportunity to test products before they reach the customers. Ensuring it meets the desired design quality. I enjoy working on projects, seeing how the development becomes the final product.
My long term goals are to get qualified at testing and become Senior/Lead tester. Also after my testing course I plan to take developer course and eventually get my own apps developed.

Patrick Lambert, Vendor Manager, Universally Speaking

The current Train2Game students at Universally Speaking brought along very good skills and enthusiasm for testing. Although they originally were only in for a single shorter project they have been with us now for half a year and 18 months, respectively.

At Universally Speaking clients and projects vary a lot, schedules have to be juggled, positions filled at short notice … it is not your standard 9-to-5 job and never gets boring or becomes routine. And that is something I enjoy.

Successful applicants can look forward to being in the company of fellow video game nerds (feel free to ask me about strategy games or RPGs) and free doughnuts every now and then. Jokes aside, it is a good start into work life. You will gain valuable skills like time management and communication skills. The work environment is friendly yet professional and we are always open to suggestions on how to improve ourselves.

Long term, we believe in filling positions from within; our QA manager started as a tester, as did one of our Directors. So I’d say the career prospects are very decent indeed. A sense of humour is needed indeed. While we take our jobs seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

To receive more details and apply for a position at Universally Speaking contact:

Train2Game News Roll7 require testers for OlliOlli 2

roll7Roll7 are looking for some people to test the sequel to the hit game OlliOlli.

Roll7 require someone who would be available to test the game at their offices in New Cross in London over the next couple of weeks from 10am to 5pm. They are willing to pay up to £30 travel expenses with food and drink provided for the day.

This is an excellent opportunity to get some experience at an established studio. You also never know what will happen as Train2Game student who previously tested games for the studio is still working for the company to this day and has had his contract extended in to next year.

If you want to get some hands on experience with some very talented lovely people then drop an email to Tom to book a time in at

Good luck to all those that attend.

Train2Game News Babcock Job Vacancies

Babcock-logoBabcock have a numerous amount of jobs available for several different levels and areas of development.

Babcock is the UK’s leading engineering support services organisation with revenue of over £3.5bn in 2014 and an order book of circa £12 billion. They manage critically important assets that help to bring power to homes and businesses, keep trains running safely, ensure mobile phone networks stay operational and help our armed forces defend national interests.

Based in Milton Keynes they have jobs available for Developers and 3D Artists among others. What better way to end this year and begin 2015 with an exciting new career that will give you great experience readying you for heading into games development.

If this sounds like the right move for you then you can view a list of the jobs available here.

For all of those who apply I wish the very best of luck!

Train2Game News Game Salary Survey


Leading game industry website Gamasutra, a UBM Tech property, revealed the results of its annual Game Developer Salary Survey.

Results can be viewed in PDF format, as well as Gamasutra’s dedicated Salary Survey page

The survey showed that, overall, salaried game developers in the U.S. made $83,060 on average in 2013, down 2% from 2012. Business and management salaries topped all other disciplines once again this year, averaging $101,572, followed by audio professionals ($95,682) and programmers ($93,251). Quality assurance professionals earned the lowest average salary at $54,833.

Conducted in May 2014 for the period between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013, Gamasutra gathered well over 4,000 unique responses worldwide, with help from market research company Audience Insights.

“There were major transitions in 2013 that affected the way game developers make a living,” said Gamasutra editor-in-chief Kris Graft. “Whether talking about the advancements in the democratization of game development, or the release of a new generation of consoles, it was a year in which the disruption and chaos of prior years settled in just enough for game developers to identify and adapt to a new reality. Despite the challenges, there’s still an undercurrent of enthusiasm.”

Key findings from the survey:

– Average annual pay among U.S.-based salaried game developers in 2013 was $83,060 (down 2%)

– Worldwide, solo indies made an average of $11,812 (down 49%)

– Worldwide, members of an indie team averaged $50,833 (up 161%)

– Per discipline, average U.S. salaries were:

            Programmers: $93,251
            Artists and animators: $74,349
            Game designers: $73,864
            Producers: $82,286
            Audio professionals: $95,682
            Quality Assurance: $54,833
Business and management: $101,572

– Canadian developers averaged USD $71,445 (up 9%)
– European developers averaged USD $46,232 (flat)

Download the full Salary Survey results in PDF form here: