Train2Game News Insight into working at Universally Speaking


Insight into working for Universally Speaking for Train2Game students applying for professional QA positions

As a follow up to our post last week calling for Train2Game students to apply to Universally Speaking , we’ve spoken to students currently working at Universally Speaking to gain their insight into working at the company. We’ve also spoken to Vendor Manager Paul Lambert gives some guidance on what the company are looking for from applicants

Train2Game student Kieron Baker, 24, from Cambridge
It feels fantastic to be working professionally in games! I love coming to work and no day is even remotely the same. When I look at the industry as a whole and realise how big it is and how much is going on, it makes me feel proud of my profession, my position within it and the work that I do while here at Universally Speaking.
The variances in projects and the working environment are what allow me to enjoy working at Universally Speaking so much. The team we have are really close knit and yet so welcoming and open minded, and the clients that we work with are so varied. One day we could be testing functionality and compatibility on a new mobile game, to then moving on to consoles, and even eLearning the day after. That’s the most fulfilling thing about Universally Speaking, the variety of projects and experience gained that comes with working with many different Developers from all over the world.
I really enjoy the working environment and being surrounded by like-minded people, also the abundance of experience that can be gained from working in such a diverse company with some amazing people.
Long term goals. If you had asked me a year ago I may have given you a different answer, but I have always wanted to move into design with a view to perhaps becoming a Producer. But for now, I am enjoying my time here at Universally Speaking that I can see myself here for quite a while yet.

Train2Game student, Evaldas Oleinikas, 25, from Lithuania. Currently residing in Bedford UK.
It is great to be working in an area that you are still studying. Gaining experience before qualification, in my opinion is very vital part of the good career, although not everyone can do so.
Universally Speaking is a superb company to work for, there is always plenty of work to do and one of the main positives is the great work experience gained.

It’s an excellent opportunity to test products before they reach the customers. Ensuring it meets the desired design quality. I enjoy working on projects, seeing how the development becomes the final product.
My long term goals are to get qualified at testing and become Senior/Lead tester. Also after my testing course I plan to take developer course and eventually get my own apps developed.

Patrick Lambert, Vendor Manager, Universally Speaking

The current Train2Game students at Universally Speaking brought along very good skills and enthusiasm for testing. Although they originally were only in for a single shorter project they have been with us now for half a year and 18 months, respectively.

At Universally Speaking clients and projects vary a lot, schedules have to be juggled, positions filled at short notice … it is not your standard 9-to-5 job and never gets boring or becomes routine. And that is something I enjoy.

Successful applicants can look forward to being in the company of fellow video game nerds (feel free to ask me about strategy games or RPGs) and free doughnuts every now and then. Jokes aside, it is a good start into work life. You will gain valuable skills like time management and communication skills. The work environment is friendly yet professional and we are always open to suggestions on how to improve ourselves.

Long term, we believe in filling positions from within; our QA manager started as a tester, as did one of our Directors. So I’d say the career prospects are very decent indeed. A sense of humour is needed indeed. While we take our jobs seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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