Train2Game News: Train2Game support React

ReactTrain2Game are supporting the React Initiative in their plans to cut down drug abuse and teach children the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse, antisocial behavior, violence and crime seem to be an ever present menace in our communities, and the problems only seems to be getting worse. Highlighting issues such as these is of paramount importance to the React initiative, and through education and awareness, React aim to help reduce this worrying trend.

Official Home Office statistics show that the UK illicit drug market is estimated to be worth between $4 billion and £6.6 billion, and Class A drug use generates an estimated £15.4 billion in crime and health costs each year, of which 99% is accounted for by problem drug users.

Between a third and a half of all theft and burglary is estimated to be drug related. Worrying figures indeed, and a problem that is most effectively solved through education at a grass-roots level.

The React initiative aims to raise awareness of these and other issues relating to public safety in the form of a printed journal that is distributed nationally to educational establishments, public awareness groups and support groups for the emergency services. It is also sent directly to individual police forces, ambulance and fire services, for onward distribution.

Although React is a national initiative, the publication is region specific for each area of the nation, to ensure that sponsors receive the maximum thank you for their support.

Train2Game believe that this is a very worth while cause to spread the word about and will continue to aid React in their plans and ambitions.

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