Train2Game news: Skyrim mod tools coming next month

Train2Game students will get their hands on official modding tools for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from next month.  Bethesda’s Creation Kit contains the tools used to develop Skyrim itself and will be available to download for free.

In a post on the Bethesda Blog, the studio also say  they’ll be producing a Wiki and videos to help aspiring Skyrim modders get started.  The Elder Scrolls developer also revealed that they’re going to be working closely with Valve to integrate Steam Workshop into the creation kit.

Using the Workshop, you’ll have free user content with the push of a button. The Creation Kit will bundle your mod and upload it to the Workshop, where everyone can browse, rate, and flag mods for download.” read the Skyrim mod tools post.

“You’ll be able to do this from any web device, including your smartphone. Like a live Netflix queue, when you fire up Skyrim, mods you flagged will be automatically downloaded and installed. Everyone here is really excited about the opportunities and possibilities this opens up for our entire community.” added Bethesda.

Not only is modding an excellent way for those on Train2Game courses to practice their skills, but it can also provide that extra experience needed to get into the games industry.

“It’s a really good way for someone to get noticed because it shows that you’re able” Valve’s Chet Faliszek previously told the Train2Game blog on the subject of modding.

“Normally modders have to work as a team and that’s important, and they also have to be able to finish something and that’s really important. So those two things together are a really good way to demonstrate that you’re ready to work in the industry.”

Faliszek’s comments echo those of id Software Creative Director Tim Willits, who as someone that started their career as a modder, also believes it’s a good way to get into the industry.

“Modding is a great way to get into the industry. Most of the key guys at ID come from the mod community – myself, Matt Hooper, Robert Duffy, Jan Paul Van Waveren – and we have numbers of other guys” Willits told the Train2Game blog in an extensive interview.

“What I suggest to people who want to get in the industry is find their favourite engine – Unreal, Source, it doesn’t matter, id tech – find whatever engine they like, what games they like to play, get the mod tools and make a mod. And make sure they complete it!”

“Lots of times we have people who send resumes’ in with 20 half completed mods; we don’t want that, we want a handful of one’s that are actually done, and that’s really important” said the RAGE Creative Director.

So Train2Game, will you be using the Skyrim Creation Kit? How positive is it that Bethesda are releasing it for free? Have you tried modding before?

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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