Train2Game news: Devs need to be ‘surgical’ and ‘creative’ with next gen games – Bleszinski

Train2Game students will see fewer Triple-A titles when the next generation of consoles arrives, and they’ll need to be developed in a surgical manner.  At least that’s according to Epic Games Cliff Bleszinski, who wants the next gen to have Avatar style visuals.

“The six-to-eight hour triple-A game might be going away, maybe there’s only three or four that come out a year, and those are the established brands.” he told OXM when asked about next gen hardware.

The Gears of War designer argued that the key for game developers to survive is to understand the market, both from a business and development point of view.

“The key is to bet on people who understand technology, but also understand creative and business. Too many games are made just because somebody says ‘A bullfighting game sounds cool!’ And you’re like ‘That would only play in Spain.’ said Bleszinski.

“People just get these random things they want to make, and other people throw money at them without looking at the business. We need not only to be creative but also to be surgical in terms of the games we make.” he added.

It isn’t the first time Bleszinski has commented on what’s needed to get by in the games industry. Indeed, as previously reported by the Train2Game blog, he’s given advice on what games industry professionals should do to make a name for themselves.

And while Bleszinski has previously hinted he has knowledge of next-gen consoles, the Train2Game blog has previously reported that he believes there’s much more to come from the current crop. It looks like Triple-A titles still have some time left then!

What are your thoughts on Bleszinski’s comments? Are the days of huge Triple-A titles numbered? Will developers have to think more about the games they produce?

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

[Source: OXM]

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