Train2Game the best thing I’ve ever done

Train2Game the best thing I’ve ever done

I have been on the Train2game Designer course since March which I must say was the best thing I’ve ever done. Since enrolling I have made some great friends and been involved with some fantastic projects, the biggest of which has been Soul Wars.
Since joining this project I have taken the Lead Designer role which is something I have never done before but is something I feel I have settled into well. I have written the complete background story for the game, designed the games mechanics and have organised a small team of designers from the Train2Game course whom have all followed the ideas I have put across and worked hard with me to get the games design to where it is, so far it has taken us approx 3 months to get this far, but things are all falling into place and the design is almost complete, from High Concept to GDD.
Throughout the design I have been working closely with a student on the Developer course, and although the project is a massive undertaking for a first game (especially considering it is an MMORPG It’s the most enjoyable thing I have ever done and it is extremely satisfying creating a living on-line fantasy game. It is fantastic to see your vision come to life and with a full time job and keeping my wife and four young children happy the course is definitely my biggest ever challenge and achievement.