Train2Game news: “Everybody has to get comfortable with throwing their stuff away” says Bioshock dev

Bioshock Infinite developers Irrational Games have given an interview to Gamasutra that Train2Game students will find very interesting.

Not only do they talk about the highly anticipated – and previously featured in an in depth piece on the Train2Game blog – Bioshock Infinite, but also about the trials and tribulations of game development. This includes goals moving all the time.

“You have to get comfortable working with the ground shifting underneath your feet a lot,” Bioshock Infinite Creative Head Ken Levine told Gamasutra.

“At the end of the day, it’s about, ‘is this going to be awesome?'” Although for cost efficiency team members must endeavor not to take an excess of risk, ultimately “you can’t care about sunk cost.”

Then speaking about Bioshock Infinite, Levine added “For a long time, it looked like ‘BioShock 1 in the sky”

And according to Irrational Games product development director, Tim Gerritsen, Bioshock Infinite “had a very European look; it was very art-nouveau.”

“That’s when we came to the conclusion we had to do some aggressive change to make it a distinct look,” added art director Nate Wells. It’s a process some Train2Game students may be familiar with, re-designing a game that has already got a distinct look through its development.

“It was uncomfortable for us,” said Lead Artist  Shawn Robertson on the redesign of Bioshock Infinite.

“Ken started literally pushing back the clouds — ‘bluer, bluer!’ We were really uncomfortable with it, our initial reaction is it’s a little bit cartoonish…. but when we saw it in context, that was our a-ha moment.”

“That searching and that failure was absolutely essential” Robertson continued.

“By spending some time muddling around… by failing, you find it. That was an idea that I don’t think that we could have landed on; we wandered to it. You need that galvanizing idea, but you can’t… just do nothing until you have it.”

And with Bioshock Infinite looking very impressive, it looks like the development process is going well for Irrational Games, but who knows what else might change. “Everybody has to get comfortable with throwing their stuff away,” said Levine

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on the comments from Irrational? Are you prepared to throw your work out and start again? Is it an essential part of game development?

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[Source: Gamasutra]