Train2Game news: Party games “important to the console market” says We Sing Rock dev

Train2Game students, or at least a large percentage of them, are likely to consider themselves hardcore gamers.

And while they get enjoyment out of playing the latest titles, it could possibly be difficult for those around them – parents, partners, children – to join in playing likes of Portal 2 or Minecraft.

It’s because of this party games like We Sing and We Dance are important to the console market. At least that’s according to Wired Productions Kevin Leathers, Senior Producer of We Sing Rock for Nintendo Wii.

“I think party games are quite important for consoles.” he told the Train2Game blog in a soon to be published interview.

“While it’s fun to play single player games – your RPGs, shooters, things like that – you do need something else every so often that everyone else can join into and this is what we try and do with our We Sing and We Dance range of games.”

“They’re games that everyone can play – everyone can pick up a Wii remote and start singing – and it’s just nice and easy and fun.” added Leathers.

The full Train2Game blog interview with We Sing Rock Senior Producer Kevin Leathers will be published tomorrow morning, and it should make interesting reading for Train2Game students.

What are your thoughts on Leathers comments?  Are party games important to consoles? Would you consider working on them?

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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