Train2Game news: £15 million fund available to Yorkshire game developers

Train2Game students will be pleased to hear that Yorkshire game developers are eligible for a slice of £15 million worth of investment thanks to a new initiative, The Yorkshire Content Fund.

The funding from Screen Yorkshire will offer cash to games, films, television and other digital content produced in the Yorkshire Area.  Revolution Software’s games industry veteran Charles Cecil is on the Screen Yorkshire board.

“The advent of ubiquitous broadband has opened up huge opportunities for video games developers to self-publish their titles and, in doing so, retain the lions’ share of the revenues – Yorkshire, in particular, has a large number of successful, independent developers who find themselves in a fantastic position to grasp these opportunities,” said Cecil, who spoke to The Train2Game Blog in a video interview at last year’s Eurogamer Expo.

“To capitalise on these opportunities upfront investment is required and can be very challenging to secure in this tough financial environment. The Yorkshire Content Fund will address this issue and also lead to significant job creation.” he added.

The Yorkshire Content Fund could create jobs in the games industry, and is therefore could potentially provide Train2Game students with future job opportunities.

“The Yorkshire Content Fund marks a new era for the region’s creative businesses and for Screen Yorkshire as an organisation,” added Screen Yorkshire CEO Sally Joynson.

“These are difficult times and access to capital is still limited so to secure such a major pot of investment for the creative industries in Yorkshire and Humber is an incredible win for the region and for Screen Yorkshire. The fund will also create hundreds of jobs across the supply chain, which is so critical at the moment.” she concluded.

Train2Game students who want more information about the Yorkshire Content fund should see the official website.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on the initiative? Do you see it as a boost for the games industry?

Leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.


1 thought on “Train2Game news: £15 million fund available to Yorkshire game developers

  1. This is a fantastic oportunity for those that are in the position to do so. I’d grab it with both hands and not look back! We need more companies like screen yorkshire. The amount that they’re offering is incredible and hopefully it will create many jobs which is what the UK games industry needs! Now for that tax break….

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