Train2Game news: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare exists because Remedy devs told “Do what you want.”

Train2Game students may be interested to hear that Alan Wake’s American Nightmare came about as a result of Remedy developers being told to do what they wanted following the release of Alan Wake.

That’s according to comments from Remedy Head of Franchise Development Oskari Häkkinen, who was speaking to The Train2Game Blog in a soon to be published interview.

“This was definitely a case of telling the team, “Do what you want. Every thought and crazy idea you’ve had, now is your time to give it a go in these white box levels.” Häkkinen told The Train2Game Blog about the origins of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

“And of course there was a tonne of ideas that have always been brewing there, and those ideas came out in those levels. Those were things that were a little bit too wild for the original game, but fit in here perfectly.” he continued, before adding that allowing game developers to let their creative juries flow can be a great thing for a studio.

“I think giving people the opportunity and the freedom to show skill is something that we at Remedy are very conscious about allowing, and I certainly think that it spurs very good and creative things.” said the Remedy man.

And as part of The Train2Game Blog’s huge interview with Remedy, Häkkinen suggested that developers need to see games as a service rather than a one-off product.

“Think a video game more as a service that you’re constantly providing, it’s a gift that keeps giving and if you keep giving, the gamers will keep giving back to you too.” he said.

The Train2Game Blog interview with Remedy Head of Franchise Development Oskari Häkkinen will be published soon.

What are your thoughts on Häkkinen’s comments? How important is the occasional opportunity to go wild to game developers?

Leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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