Train2Game Videogames Courses Awarded Full City & Guilds Qualification Status

Train2Game Games Development, Games Design and Industry Specific Art and Animation for the Computer Games Industry – now City & Guilds accredited

The UK’s leading vocational education organisation, City & Guilds, has today approved Train2Game courses, designed to develop videogames industry professionals, as recognised qualifications. The courses, offered exclusively by Train2Game, are specifically designed to provide people seeking to pursue a career in videogames with an unrivalled, yet affordable, combination of blended learning and practical experience.

Train2Game will now offer qualifications in: Industry Specific Games Development for the Computer Gaming, Industry Specific Games Design for the Computer Gaming and Industry Specific Art and Animation for the Computer Gaming. The enhanced status qualifications are available to all students who enroll on Train2Game courses as of the 1st March 2012.

Train2Game, Principal, Myra Smallman, said: “To have the Train2Game qualifications recognised by such a reputable organisation as City & Guilds is a testament to their quality. We are fully committed to equipping our students with the very best skills and experience to help them fulfill their dreams of a career in the videogames industry, and this accreditation is a significant milestone in realising this goal.”

Portfolio Manager for ICT at City & Guilds, Ken Gaines said: “We were impressed with Train2Game’s blended learning program and their huge emphasis on helping people gain employment on completion of their training. It was a natural fit with the City & Guilds approach to vocational education. We hope that this industry-oriented programme, backed by a City & Guilds qualification will help attract a new generation of talent to drive the videogames industry in the UK to new heights .”

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1 thought on “Train2Game Videogames Courses Awarded Full City & Guilds Qualification Status

  1. This is brilliant news or train2game and there new students, shows how well the course are designed and how well they function! However what happens to the pupils already enrolled for march 2012? What qualification will the receive and will that cause issues getting work with employers looking for the city and guilds qualification first?

    Great course loving it, great work train2game

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