Train2Game News: “I really enjoy making games, it’s just fun” – Sid Meier

Even after 30 years in the games industry, Civilization creator and Firaxis co-founder Sid Meier still has fun making “very cool” things.

“I really enjoy making games, it’s just fun. It’s like taking a lumpy piece of clay and turning it into something very cool. Every day is part of that process. Not knowing exactly where we are going and figuring it out step by step is just a challenge. It’s almost like the “one more turn” phenomenon in Civilization.” the games industry veteran told, adding that the element of surprise is something he’s very fond of.

“ It’s looking to that next thing we are going to add to the game and seeing how we can just make it better. The fun for me is really not knowing from week to week what cool thing we are going to add and getting a chance to play with it and tweak it and the constant process of seeing a game grow before your eyes.” said Meier.

His enthusiasm for developing games after so long is sure to be an inspiration to Train2Game students.

Earlier this week, The Train2Game Blog reported that Meier believes the first 15 minutes are key to enjoyable game design.

Meier’s Firaxis Games are currently working on a reimagining of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and there’s more about the studio here on The Train2Game Blog.

Is the fact that Meier is still so enthusiastic about creating games after 30 years encouraging for you?

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