Train2Game News: Cheat Mode author Dan Jacobs on what makes a good QA Tester

Good QA Testers needs communication skills and an explorative nature. That’s according to industry veteran Dan Jacobs, author of Cheat Mode: The definitive guide for getting into and surviving the industry, who was speaking to The Train2Game Blog as part of a soon to be published interview.

“A good QA Tester has to communicate clearly, concisely and well all the time, and has to keep that level consistent.” said Jacobs.

“They have to have an explorative nature, because I can hire anyone to play a game, but hiring someone to break a game is a subtle but key difference. If all they do is just play the game, they’re not going to find the problems.”

“When you release a piece of software, you end up with millions and millions of possibilities from every position that character is in, and we need to test those possibilities.” the Cheat Mode author added.

Our full interview with Dan Jacobs about Cheat Mode, the industry and QA Testing will be published soon. Meanwhile, keep reading The Train2Game Blog for the latest QA Testing news.

What do you think makes a good QA Tester?

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