Train2Game News: “The most important thing, even more than raw skills, is social skills” – Day Z creator

Good social skills are a real bonus for those aspiring to work in the games industry and are perhaps more important than being good at a particular discipline.  That’s according to creator of incredibly popular Arma II mod Day Z, Dean “Rocket” Hall

“I think the most important thing, even more than raw skills is social skills, you need to have social skills, you can’t just be good. If you’re very good it probably doesn’t matter, but if you’ve got social skills than you can be a real asset to the team.” Hall told The Train2Game Blog at PC and indie gaming show Rezzed.

The full interview, exploring the unconventional way the Day Z creator broke into the industry and his other pieces of advice for aspiring game developers will be published soon.  During the interview, Hall reassert’s his view that modding is a great way to explore new ideas and gain experience.

There’s more advice from games industry professionals on getting your foot in the door here on The Train2Game Blog. Meanwhile, be sure to keep reading for further interviews and updates from our time at Rezzed.

What are your thoughts on Hall’s advice?

Leave your comments on The Train2Game Blog, or here on The Train2Game forum.

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